replacing an above ground pool

Top Reasons an Above Ground Pool Needs Replacing

15 thoughts on “Top Reasons an Above Ground Pool Needs Replacing

  1. Hello , I’m looking to replace my pool liner, It’s an in ground pool ,,, L shaped
    it’s ripped on one of the corners, just getting worst.. the liner is
    at least 10 years old … any thoughts on replacement .

  2. I had a fist sized rust spot in my pool at the bottom (worst possible spot)

    I drained the pool and removed the liner. My son spot welded a piece of sheet metal to the area of the hole, then, I took fiberglass and did a patch halfway up the wall on both sides.

    We haven’t yet installed the liner, is fiberglass even a viable repair?

  3. My pool is bending away from the center. It is an oval pool.
    18x 45
    Above ground

    Now it looks like the sides are pitching outward

    Should I take down the pool and start over or repairs it?

    1. More then likely the outward part of the buttresses don’t have strong enough blocks or something underneath to keep them from sinking down. Or they don’t have anything supporting them at all. You’ll have to drain the pool and see about leveling the buttresses with thick pavers or something. Then you can re-fill and you should be good. You’ll probably need to get a new liner for it too.

  4. I have a 28 foot above ground pool and the side has separated from the side posts at the bottom by 5/8″ in two spots. Should I take the pool down? It is 17 years old and no signs of rust or other damage. It is the original liner and filter

  5. I have a 15 foot above ground pool liners about 10 plus years.. noticed little dark spots at the bottom of the pool. Have to vacuum particles. The day can the liner be deteriorating from inside out

  6. Opening green above ground pool last two days. Filled it up today. Put liquid chlorine and bicarbonate in. Changed to aqua green. Just went outside and noticed water level has significantly dropped. Grass flooded on right side. How can I determine exactly where leak is from outside of cloudy green water? PH is high. Could chlorine and bicarbonate have torn liner in that short amount of time (4 hours)? Also, is it correct to assume that the tear will be in the same area the water is leaking from the pool into the grass? Not sure how old liner is or the pool for that matter. It was here when I purchased house. This will be my third summer here. Thank you.

  7. My dad wants to get a old pool with dents and rust holes the man he wants to get it from said he has put 2 or more liners in it is it safe to take down

  8. my pool has a leak 24′ round is about half full and leak stops liner is 9yrs old going to replace it in the spring, my question is should I bother covering it and wasting a new winter cover I usually get two seasons out of a cover so I bought a new one this year but developed a leak end of season. liner replacement in May of 2021 planned. so leaving it uncovered I think the only reason to cover would be to keep leaves out ?

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