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  1. I have a Symphony Series steel pool, The Paradise 6” frame x 48” high. Do you have the top ledge for this model?

  2. I have a 21′ round pool from Branch Brook Pools, purchased about 9 yrs ago.
    Someone told me it’s most likely made by Namco.
    The top rails are rusting out underneath and need replacing

    Any ideas?

  3. I purchased my house back in August 2006 and it came an above ground pool made by Clark. I am trying to find some top caps for it. I don’t know where to go to get them. Any help is appreciated.

  4. I need help finding out my pool manufacturers so that I can get proper parts to get it back up and going again. I’m not sure how this messaging thing works so if you can please try and help me identify my pool.

  5. Hello, I cant seem to find the manufacturer of a used pool. It needs bottom rims and plates. It is a round 27’×48″ thank you.

  6. Good morning, My name is Al. I have a Sharkline Silhouette pool 15′ x 30′ oval 52″ wall. Purchased this pool in 2002. I am in desperate need of some top rails which are rusted out and have been all over the internet and several stores trying to find them. The only thing I have found is that they no longer stock these top rails. I am hoping you can point me in the right direction.

  7. The house we bought (three years ago) has a pool. No idea what the make or model is, but it says “elite” at the bottom of the walls, it’s 21″, and has 17 uprights. It either needs many parts, or more likely, needs to be replaced. Problem is, there is a deck built completely around the pool and we don’t want to tear that down. So we need another pool that has 17 uprights, but I’m coming up empty handed. Suggestions?

      1. I believe you may be correct. The rail caps look identical, as do some of the other parts (can’t seem to find a picture of the wall though to be 100% certain). At any rate, buying the identical pool to is obviously not an option anymore. Same for most of the parts. I can’t afford to tear down the deck and have another one redesigned and built around a new pool. Any suggestions as to another 24′ pool I can buy that has 17 uprights and nearly the same dimensions as the Monaco Elite?

        1. The wall pattern doesn’t matter when it comes to above ground pools. They use the same wall pattern on different pool models. Unfortunately, we do not have any 24′ models with 17 uprights. However, the Aqua Leader Escape uses 17 uprights. We do not sell that pool but you may be able to find a retailer who does.

  8. Hello. Matching the images of the caps above and the original pool paperwork listing the manufacturer as Seaspray/Wilbar (lucky us that the previous home owners kept most of the papers) it looks like we have an Aegean II. Two of the uprights are completely rusted away from the ground and one of those two is slightly bent, the others have some rust at the ground level but are in otherwise good shape for now. We are thinking of replacing the two that are completely rusted but I have not been able to find anyone selling replacements. Otherwise are there uprights from another pool model that we could use?

      1. I couldn’t get a measurement of the outside because there is a significant amount of soil around the base (We have been working on removing the soil to replace it with sand). The measurement from the top of the curve on the inside of the pool to the top of the wall cap is 4 ft so I assume the wall itself is 47-48″ without the cap.

  9. Yes. I also have another question as well. As you will see in the pictures I am sending above the ground line the pool is in pretty good shape (below the drain there is some rust but there is now silicone around the edges which seems to be keeping that area dry). However, the bottom is surrounded with soil and I can see the pool has a ring of rust which it appears to have been halted from moving upward with rust spray. Our plan was to remove the dirt and replace it with sand around the bottom but as I troweled down below the dirt line the rust began to flake away if I touched it. Since it is still intact I am wondering if removing the dirt will do more harm than good and I should just add sand and larger rocks over the top of the dirt. Thank you.

  10. I dont see you have Radiant Pools on this list. I have one and the kids will soon be out of the house and maybe time to sell this pool.

  11. I need help identifying my 24′ pool. It has ELITE written all the way around the bottom of the outside wall. I need to find some replacement top caps for it. I do have pics I can send. Please help. Thanks! 😊

  12. I have a 24’ round Home and Roam pool installed in 1992. I’m in need of some 7” top rails. I realize that H & R is out or business. Any suggestions? Thank you, Chuck

  13. I am so glad I came across your website. We purchased a used pool and had no idea who the manufacturer was. I was able to determine who made our pool and get further information.

  14. Wow! Thank you for this site. Bought our house 5 years ago. Previous owner installed pools as a side business. We found ours to be “Frankenstein”: pump from one company, sand filter another, sump from a fourth. Pool itself was a take down and reinstall here. Even the pool tools they left were miscellaneous as was the pool chemicals. We got things figured out, I know water, due to my degree in agriculture irrigation, ( dealt with systems that can pump the contents of our pool in less than 2 minutes) but the brand of pool, had our local retailers guessing what brand.

    It’s # 38, Evolution, 16 x 32, in brown/tan.

    I am book marking your site.

    Thank you!

  15. Hello, we have a 21ft round Rio II and need to replace top plate and coopings. We had the pool installed six years ago and they have rusted. I don’t see a Rio II listed above, can you please send me in the directions to get these replacement parts? Thank you

  16. I have the vogue resin pool. We are missing the clips that hold the legs to the top ledge.. any ideas where we can get them ?

    1. If you need help with identifying which Vogue you own or the parts that go with it, we request that you provide pictures.

      Excerpt from the beginning of the article:

      If your above ground pool is not pictured below, email us at or post to our public forum and we’ll identify your pool. Pictures of the outside pool wall, top cap, top rail, upright, and plates will be needed.

  17. I need the stabilizer rails for 18×33 Key West oval above pool. Also need some top plates. Can you help me.

    1. Unfortunately, the Buster Crabbe brand has gone the way of the Esther Williams and Johnny Weissmuller pools, no one makes their replacements parts any longer. You may be able to find used parts online but they are few and far between.

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