Variable Speed Pool Pump Rebate Center

Variable Speed Pool Pump Rebate Center

Did you know that your pool pump can earn you extra money in your pockets? That’s right. Depending on your state, local power companies are offering rebates to pool owners who are choosing equipment that leaves a smaller footprint on our environment. Think of this article as your variable speed pool pump rebate center.

Local power companies offer rebates to variable speed pumps that are Energy Star Certified. In short, that simply means the pool pump meets the strict energy performance standards set by the EPA. In fact, these pumps are guaranteed to use less energy, are cheaper to operate, and emit fewer greenhouse gas into the atmosphere.

If you currently have a variable speed pump but aren’t reaping the benefits, check the list below. We have a list of utility companies, by state, who offer rebates for purchasing energy efficient pool equipment like variable speed pumps. Rebate amounts, program due dates. and eligibility requirements vary by the utility company. Please visit the specific utility website for specific program details.

Utility Companies With Rebates


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Tucson Electric Power (TEP)


UniSource Energy Source



Entergy Arkansas

AEP-SWEPCO Arkansas 



Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)

Anaheim Public Utilities

Glendale Water & Power

Roseville Electric

Lost Angeles Department of Water and Power

City of Pasadena Pump Rebate Program

City of Riverside Public Utilities Pump Rebate Program

Southern California Edison (SCE)

City of Burbank



City of Tallahassee

Gulf Power

Lakeland Electric



Hawaii Energy


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Duke Energy 




Entergy Gulf States Louisiana



Potomac Edison

Delmarva Power



Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE)



Efficiency United (13 Different Utilities)

Lansing Board of Water & Light



City of St. Louis PACE Financing

Ameren Missouri Residential Electric 



Mississippi Power Com



Connexus Energy



NV Energy


New Mexico



New York

PSEG (Formally known as Long Island Power Authority)



North Carolina

Duke Energy

South River EMC



Duke Energy

Efficiency Smart



Pacific Power

Portland General Electric



PECO Electric Utilities

PenElec/ PennPower/ West PennPower (First Energy)

PPL Electric 


Rhode Island

National Grid Pool Pump Rebate Program


South Carolina

Duke Energy



Austin Energy


CPS Energy (San Antonio)




Rocky Mountain Power



Efficiency Vermont


If you do not see your local utility company on this list, give them a call. Sometimes, without advertising, they may still offer rebates or special pricing. If your local company is offering rebates and it’s not on this list, let us know. We’d love to add it to this list.


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