Variable Speed Pool Pump Buying Guide

Variable Speed Pool Pump Buying Guide

10 thoughts on “Variable Speed Pool Pump Buying Guide

  1. I’m having difficulty sourcing technical specifications on pump port size and tread specifications. One manufactured sent a drawing that indicated the details as ‘matches supplied adapter’. For the record there were no data on the supplied adapter.

    Where can I get accurate specifications as this seems to be common with both pump manufactures and vendors.

  2. I bought a variable speed pump and had a intermatic timer from my old pump .well the plastic broke and stopped working can I bypass the old timer .because the new pump as you know has its own timer built in .

  3. Mr. Simmons,
    You are the pool Guru! I have never seen such usefull and practical information regarding pools and pumps in any one place for any trade that I have experienced, in over 40yrs in the field from aircraft to nuke power plants to restaurants! Very well done, light years ahead of I!
    If in the Raleigh, NC area, may I recommend a reputable full service, pool/pool maint/pool service company? That would be “Rising Sun Pool”, a very quality pool company, personally used and never a negative word.

  4. How do you determine what size pump you need for a given pool? My pool is just shy of 19K gallons and currently has a 1HP single speed pump. I purchased the house a few months ago and realized that the filter the previous owner recently installed was too small. It was a Pentair Clean and Clear 75. I have since replaced that with a Clean and Clear 150. My problem now is the filter is not staying full of water during operation. I can purge the filter until its full, then come back and house later and 1/3 of the filter is full of air again. Is this due to the pump being too small for the filter or could there be another cause? I do not have bubbles coming out from any jets.
    Any assistance would be much appreciated!

  5. Matt.
    I am not a rocket scientist.
    I am comparing a Hayward TriStar sp3202vsp and a speck super pro 111 CVS. Both 1.65 I think.

    I have a 20 x 40 inground, with seven spouts and 3 returns,. With a d.e. filter, and piping layout is near the pool.
    I am replacing a jandy stealth 1.5 , which they don’t make any more. ( It currently whines high and will shut off if pushed above 2500 . – another story) .
    I read about different effect on different pumps from the d.e getting dirty, I read about flow curves, etc. My pool is only used by family and we are in an area of long island new York which has expensive electric.
    I have used your advise for chemical and cleaning.
    Can you help me compare pumps?

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