4 thoughts on “What is the minimum VS pump speed for a salt system?

  1. You say set rpm a couple notches above closing the flow switch, in case dirty. What is a couple of notches? 50 rpm 500 rpm?

  2. My T-cell 15 is 2 years old. It is not producing enough chlorine. The salt readings on the meter and when taken into a pool store for sampling is about 3200. I have inspected and cleaned the cell with the recommended acid rinse. The cell is clean, the knob is turned all the way up to see if that would help(doesn’t) and I’ve tried super chlorinate . All the other test results are fine. I always have to shock the pool to get the chorine numbers up. Without shocking, the test numbers are: Free Chlorine .13ppm, Total .2ppm and combined chlorine .07ppm. Is the cell bad already? Help!

    1. When you go into the Diagnostics Menu, what do the cell voltage and amperage sections show? Also, make sure that the correct cell type si is selected on the same menu. You can also do more troubleshooting using the following article.

      the silverling in all of this is that it is only two years old, so the cell should be under warranty still.

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