Variable Speed Pool Pump Buying Guide

Variable Speed Pool Pump Buying Guide

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  1. Mathew,
    I am trying to decide on the purchase of a new pool pump to replace my 28 year old Dura* Glas Pump (made by Sta-Rite/Pentair) Mdl # P2RA5E-124L. My pool is a large in-ground vinyl pool and holds approximately 33,000 gallons of water. The dimensions are 42″ X 20″. The pump location is 45 feet from the skimmer and the elevation from the pool to the pump is 6.5 feet. My current pool piping is 1.5″ in diameter. I have suction from the skimmer and a creepy hose line which are controlled by a three-way valve at the pump; the pool does not have a main drain and I have three return jets . I am not sure how many elbows are installed. My math skills are not great, therefore, can you suggest a few possible pumps from Pentair or Hayward that would best do the job? Thank you.

    1. The replacement I would lean towards is the Pureline Prime 1.65. Flowrates are similar and it is a great price for being able to switch to a variable speed. I would also consider the Pentair IntelliFlo, but it is it a 3 HP, and unless your filter is one of the larger ones and your PVC is 2″ then you couldn’t exploit to upper reaches of its RPM range.

  2. Matthew – I need some advice. I need to replace my ancient old 2hp single speed pump and I was intrigued by your article outlining the benefits of the Pentair IntelliFlo VF. My pool is 32’x16.5′ – about 23,000 gallons with about 40′ from skimmer to pump. My current pump is 2hp and the Pentair IntelliFlo VF is 3hp. My current filter is a Hayward model C5030 cartridge based filter. Would the 3hp Pentair IntelliFlo VF be too large for my pool? What is the difference between INTELLIFLO VSF and INTELLIFLOXF VSF?

  3. Hi Matthew – filter case broke (Pentair Triton II TR60) and 3/4 HP (service factor 1.27, MPRA6D-146L Sta-Rite) pump is (almost) at end of life (noisy and it shuts off due to heat related issues) – time to replace both. Suction and discharge pipe to 36000 gallon in-ground pool (approx 25-30 feet with approx 5×90 and 1×45 elbows to filter and the same back to pool – no elevation) is 1.5″. All equipment came with the house and it functioned relatively well esp after we replaced the sand three seasons back. Currently we have tall trees (leaves) around 50% of the pool circumference.
    Since we can configure the system fresh what do you recommend?

  4. Hi Matthew-

    Great article. I have an old 3/4 HP single speed pool pump that just died on me. It’s a MagneTek 8-165198-06 115V rated at 3450 RPMs. Now this is my first pool and I have only had it for a year. The MagneTek must be very old. My pool dimensions are 40ft x 20ft with an average depth of 5ft.
    What variable speed option would you recommend? Another 3/4 HP or should I go higher?
    Thank you very much

    1. The information provided is only motor related. Do you want a replacement variable speed motor or pump? If it is the latter, I would need to know the model number of the pump housing to get an idea of the system’s flow rates.

  5. Hi Matthew:

    Thanks for the great articles. I’m a huge fan of Inyopools. I’d also appreciate your advice. I’ve got a 20k gallon pool, 2 skimmers and a single drain, 2” pipe, 60sf Pentair DE filter, and no fountains, heaters, or accessories other than a Polaris 280 with boost pump. My current Pentair High Pressure challenger pump w/ AO Smith 1081 motor 1.5HP (1.6SF full-rated) worked well for many years but is getting old, and I am planning a replacement to a more efficient dual, or variable speed pump. DE filter is getting very brittle too, from Texas sun. How many HP will I need in a new pump, and might you have any specific model recommendations for my setup. Thanks again!

  6. Would you recommend a Jandy Variable speed pump using the iQPUMP01 controller instead of the JEP-R? To me it looks much more user-friendly as long as you don’t mind using your phone instead of physical buttons.

    1. We have not gotten hands-on with the iQPUMP01, and unfortunately, I don’t think we ever will because Jandy “left the internet”. But there may be some credible online reviews elsewhere on the net.

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