Zinc Anodes For Swimming Pools

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  1. Which choice would work best? I like the drop in skimmer, easy. But will the inline work better?

      1. Hi,

        I’ve read different things on the placement of the inline sacrificial anode. Any thought’s on this.
        From the pump -> Filter -> Heat Pump -> Cholorine generator, my pvc is 2.25 diameter.

        I’ve heard that it should go before the heater, but I don’t see any anodes that work with that diameter. On the other hand going into my pump, and coming out of my salt generator back to the pool, my pvc diameter is 2″.


  2. A sacrificial anode needs TWO things to work as intended. Firstly it must be electrically connected to the metal to be protected, or to the pool earth system AND in direct contact the pool water.

    Attaching a zinc anode directly to a light fixture or ladder rung will work, provided both metals are submerged. Connecting an inline or other anode to the pool grounding system will also work, provided that the anode and other metal objects to be protected are submerged and electrically joined.

    A loose anode, no matter where it is placed will not protect any other metals. It will over time dissolve slowly, but this is not an indication of protection at work, merely the natural reaction of zinc to a chemical solution (your pool).

    1. This makes sense…I didn’t know a zinc anode just laying in the skimmer basket doesn’t do anything unless it’s attached to the bonding wire of the pool. I will have to change the way my anode is installed.

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