Pool Pump Tripping Breaker?

Pool Pump Trips Breaker / GFCI

Electrical problems can be among the most mysterious and frustrating that pool owners experience.  They are also dangerous to the untrained DIYer so great caution – or a licensed electrician – is required when attempting to diagnose.  Here are the most common reasons we see when it comes to pool pumps tripping.


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MoistureBlog Image - Water Drop (200 x 200)

GFCIs are quite sensitive to moisture so if your breaker trips after a storm, you might just need to let the sun do its thing for a day or two.  If it’s not summer, you can probably just leave the pump off for a day and try again once everything has had a chance to dry.  In the summertime, you can still get by with your pump not running for one or two days but it will require some extra chlorine (shock) and manual circulation with a pole or paddle a couple of times per day.

Keep in mind that rain isn’t the only possible source of water.  A misdirected sprinkler, spray from power washing, even high humidity can affect a GFCI.

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Sometimes breakers just fail due to age or inferior quality.  If the problem does not appear to be with your pump and/or motor, try replacing the breaker.

You could also have the wrong size breaker if you recently bought a new pump or motor that was not an exact match to the previous model.  Confirm you have the correct breaker size by checking how many amps the new motor requires.

Short in Pump

You might be able to spot an obvious pump motor short by disconnecting power and taking off the motor end cap.  Make sure all wiring is properly connected and nothing appears obstructed or burnt.  Insects who decide your motor makes a really cozy home can create an electrical short by blocking contacts.

Wrong Voltage

Most complete pumps and replacement motors leave the factory set at 230v to prevent installers from accidentally running 230 volts to a motor that is set to 115v.  This has saved many motors from premature frying but it also results in many confused homeowners.  Typically in this scenario, the pump will initially come on, then shut down, repeat.  Check to see which voltage your motor is set to and what voltage you have running to it.

A Quick FixBlog Image - GFCI (200 x 200)

One quick thing to check is if the “reset” button on the GFCI simply needs to be pressed back in.  If the GFCI trips, then you will need to press the reset button to restore electricity back to your equipment.  Watch this helpful GFCI outlet video for more details.

Always remember that addressing electrical issues requires proper knowledge and safety precautions.  If you are in any doubt, enlist the help of a qualified pool professional.


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  1. Mine has tripped after every major storm in Louisville this summer(making me think it’s directly caused by the rain). But didn’t trip at all the prior two years, and we had similar big storms. I haven’t changed anything with the system this year… HFCs is only three years old- any ideas? Thanks!

    1. The first thing that came to mind was, water getting in somewhere to pop the circuit. When you first open the breaker box after a rain do you see any residual water? Or have you tried checking the wire/conduit going to your pool equipment for open wires or cracked insulation?

      1. Hello Matthew. I recently installed a intex pool and up graded the pump with sand filter. I also put in a salt water Eco system. I ran 2 12-3 electrical cables in the attic and installed a dual pole 15amp breaker for each unit. The plug s are in the attic and out of the elements so I just used the gfi plugs that came with the units.

        I have the units inside a weather proof cabinet away from the pool. The filter pump will run on selected time as required but it trips its protection breaker at the plug. Is the pump getting hot and doing this? or do I have the wrong breaker? I did the math and the pump pulls 4.6amps and a 15amp breaker should provide the power as required? Please help as this is driving me nuts…

        Best regards,

      2. Our pump stopped working..we opened the plug water ran out..so we are waiting for it to dry out. We can’t open the top part of the plug. We need a weird screwdriver.

    2. I am having the same problem in Louisville. It think my breaker box got soaked. Can you shed any light on what you did to fix problem. Last big rain really kill both of my pumps. Good lord it never ends.

    3. I am having the exact same issue. The pump only trips the GFCI when it rains. I’ve check all components of the electrical circuit and the rest of the pool. Issue only occurs with the pump plugged in.

      1. Rain is reaching the circuit somehow. It is not a coincidence the pump is tripping only when it rains. I would call an electrician to find the issue.

        Or buy the pump an umbrella. 🙂

  2. I have a Hayward Super Pump and it’s about 4.5 years old. I was away on vacation for 3 weeks and I had the pump turned off during the time. When I got back last week I turned it on but it tried to run a second or two and trips breaker. My breaker box is inside garage so there is no moisture problem. Can anyone help?


    1. The first thing I would do is put the motor on a different breaker; this will help you isolate the issue, whether it be motor or breaker related. Once you figure out which is bad, then the real troubleshooting begins.

      If you put the motor on the new breaker and it doesn’t flip, then you would replace the busted breaker and be done with it. If you switch the motor to a different breaker, and it still flips then you have a motor issue that requires a deeper look.

      Is there any humming/buzzing from the motor, before it trips?

      1. I have a motor that does that buzzing noise and when it does I turn the shafts little and the motor goes on but after an ahore or so it trips off . And l have to wait for buzzing noise to turn shaft again .. what do you think the problem is ?

      2. I have the same issue. Its dry as a bone here and the pump humms for about 10 secs then trips the breakers. I let it sit a day and same but it did start finally and the pump runs fine once it starts??

        1. Did you do any of the troubleshooting mentioned in the article, first? In situations like these, not everyone’s pool equipment is the same. It always helps to give some insight into what you have already checked for, so time is spent suggesting troubleshoot methods that have already been covered.

    2. I plugged mine into a non gfci outlet in the house Got the heater to work and fire up. Once it bakes out water residue plug it back into the gfci again.

  3. Hi, I have an outdoor pool and when I plug it into my garage it trips the breaker. But when I plug it into a GFCI outlet inside my house using an extension cord it works fine.. obviously this isn’t safe so if anyone has any ideas as to what is wrong please reply.

    1. Hello, Nathan, with the facts you gave me it sounds like there is an issue with the breaker tied to the plug in your garage. Have you tried changing the breaker? Also, just as a precaution, test your GFCI to make sure it is working properly. It may not be tripping because it is faulty too.

  4. I was wondering if you know of any way to better insulate an outdoor breaker. Our electrician installed an emergency breaker (as required by law for an outdoor spa) within the specified distance from the spa. It looks like he did a good job. It is inside a metal box with a hinged cover. The spa works fine and stays on until we have a big temperature shift during the night. (If you have ever lived in Texas, you know this occurs quite frequently during our twice a year shift in seasons from summer to winter and back to summer). I know the breaker is tripping because of the moisture in the air during these shifts (usually around 35 degree shift within a 6-7 hour time frame).
    We had the electrician come back out to check it, and he said it was most likely this moisture, or condensation causing the problem and there was really nothing to be done about it.
    I would love to hear if you have any insight on possible solutions to this. Thank you

  5. Hi, we just purchased a 1.5 HP In-Ground Pool Pump With Strainer Basket Dual Voltage 110V/220V and when we installed it it trips the breakers for the whole house. What are we doing wrong? Please help.

  6. I have an aquarite salt chlorine system. The power and generate lights were not coming on and pool was turning green. I purchased the quarter sized resistor thing from digikey and had it saudered on by a computer technician. He noted some burned marks on the board around the resistor and another area. I reinstalled the board and as soon as I turn on the pump it trips the breaker (runs for about a second then trips it). This was not happening before. Do you think this could be the PCB board? It was burnt before but the capacitor thing was broke so it didn’t trip. Now capacitor thing is fixed so burnt marks are causing the breaker to trip?
    I would troubleshoot pump and breaker but none of that was the issue before. Fuse is not blown either. Thank you for your time

  7. Thank you in advance of any advice you can give me. I have breaker that operates a single line going to a GFCI attached to my deck, and then continues to run to a pole with another GFCI to operate my pool pump, which also has a GFCI built into the plug itself. When I plug into the GFCI on the pole the pool pump never trips, but when I attach an outdoor timer to have the pump come on at specific times, it ALWAYS trips but ONLY at the pool plug GFCI that is built in. Can you please help me figure why and what I may need to do (if anything can be done)? Also, I considered cutting off pool pump plug end and attaching a normal plug to it. Considering I would still have two GFCI to protect the pump, can this be done? Thanks!

  8. Last week I replaced my pump motor. The motor ran great for 4 days then it tripped the breaker. I tried to flip the breaker but nothing happened. I went back through troubleshooting and rechecking everything. After waiting a couple of hours I tried it and it came back on. The next day it tripped the breaker again. This time when I tried to restart it, there was a humming sound. I removed the “cap” to see if anything was arching or burnt looking. When I tried to restart it again it made the humming sound. I took a screw driver and tried to spin the shaft. It was hard to turn. After it moved slightly I tried again and the pump restarted. I don’t know if it is getting too hot, the capacitor is bad, or just a bad pump motor?!?

  9. I am recently having problems with my pool breaker circuit tripping. I tried to reset it and as soon as I turn on the pool pump it tripped. I don’t have this problem before. It has not been raining in Houston Texas and it’s hot here for the last few weeks. Also, the bump motor is less than 2 yrs old.

  10. i turned off/on the pool power breakers and now the jets/waterfall/and lights are not even recognized, but everything else does (filter pump, spa, heater). Any suggestions on what may have happened?

  11. Hi, my pump has ran just fine for three years, and this summer by mistake I turned the pump on without opening the inflow and outflow valve…(yeah…oops). It tripped the breaker. The pump I have is a 2-speed. When I reset the breaker, the pump runs on low without any issues, however when it is on high, it trips the breaker within a matter of minutes. Does it sound like there is damage to my motor and is somehow drawing more power than usual or is it more likely that there is damage done to the breaker? Thank you in advance.

    1. My apologies for the lag in reply, Kyle.

      It’s possible that that the motor is drawing more amps on high speed causing the breaker to trip. I don’t think that because failing to open the valve caused this problem because the motor still works on low speed.

  12. We have a 4 year old hayward pump that keeps tripping the breaker when the pool starts first thing in the day. A couple times we were able to get it to come on after waiting several hours and then resetting the breaker. However, because it kept doing it, we took the pump to the pool place and they put it on their equipment and it worked fine. Fired right up. They didn’t seem to think it was the pump. They said maybe the breaker or plug. So, we changed the breaker. It worked fine for about 4 days and then tripped again upon start up. We got it started again and thought maybe it was the timer panel so we turned off the timer and tried just starting it manually. That didn’t work either. Again, we were able to start it after a few hours. It worked for another day or 2 and did it again, so we change the actual plug. Got it running yesterday and this morning when it tried to turn on, it tripped it again. Any suggestion on what else it could be? I would be surprised if this pump is bad after only 4 years, but we are kind of at a loss on what could be going wrong.

    1. We have seen pumps last only a year, or less, so we can’t go purely on the age of the motor. Have you changed the wires that connect the breaker to the pump? Excuse me if that is what you meant by “replacing the plug.”

      Outside of having an eletrician come in and inspect everything, I would replace the motor.

      1. We changed the outlet…sorry I wasn’t clear on that. Our next step was to change the actual plug that goes from the motor to the outlet. My husband is leaning toward a new pump too, so maybe we will go that route instead. Thank you.

  13. Just replaced a 1.5 hp above ground motor. Plugged into garage and it worked. Put on Pool trips breaker. Plugged and extension cord in from garage and trips breaker there too. What else could it be?

  14. Brand new pump. Hooked it up. 2hp, 2speed. Runs fine on 110v but when I switch to 220v it trips breaker. Running 100amp power from the house for the salt system. Any chance I have wires wrong?

  15. When I turn on my filter and the central air is running it trips my breaker,, but if I turn off central air and turn on filter it runs ok

    1. This sounds like a classic case of a breaker being overloaded or needing a replacement. The two electrical units are pulling more than the breaker can dish out, put a larger breaker on the circuit or put them on separate breakers.

  16. This is strange, my intex sand filter pump runs fine but only when I push the reset button. As soon as i turn off the power supply I hear a click on th eplug which is the plug tripping. when I plug it back into the extension cord the motor does not start until I push the reset button then the pump runs fine. I want to set it up a timer and not use the timer on the Intex pump. Could it be moisture that is causing it to trip when I turn the power OFF every time? My concern is that the pump won’t turn on every day because of this. It has rained a lot lately and the kids splash water around the pump area, but I do have the plugs somewhat covered. Any ideas? Thanks.

  17. On the pump motor cord. The GFCI on the outlet works fine. It’s the fat plug on the end of the pump cord that has the two buttons, one is test the other is reset. I always have to press the reset every time i turn off the power.

    it used to work fine, now it doesn’t so I have to manually turn on the pump and keep it on until; I turn it off. I used to run it on teh cheap timer the intex sand filter pump has built in and wanted to have that switch on all teh time and work the pump off a adjustable timer I got. Every time the power goes out the pump doesn’t auto restart when I had it in the timer posirtion, thanks.

    1. GFCIs can go bad whether they are wall mounted or in a cord, I would try it with a different cable to see how that works out. you may also want to use a thicker gauge cable to make sure the motor is not pulling too many amps.

      pump motor wire gauge guide

  18. Hey Matthew
    I have a Hayward PSC2100. It has run well for as long as I’ve owned the house. A few days ago I couldn’t get the filter pump to run. The water feature pump runs fine. After testing fuses a bond the pump itself, I removed the circuit board and found that the back of the board had a burnt spot on one of the lower fuse connector spot. I cleaned the spot out then resoldered it. Put a new fuse and it ran for around three hours but then it popped the spot again actually blowing my solder joint and burning again. Any idea why this would be happening? I rather fix this than spend 2k on a prologic.
    Thanks. Mike

  19. Hello. I replaced my pool motor and changed the voltage to 110 in error. It turned on for about 10 seconds then tripped the breaker. I changed the pump switch back to 220v, but the breaker won’t reset. Did I fry my motor or do I need to replace the breaker? Thank you in advance.

    1. When you say, the breaker will not reset, is the switch locked in place does trip immediately? If it is locked, that sounds like a breaker problem, instead of a motor issue. Try changing the breaker.

  20. A read all the post and did what I read . Pump trips the breaker as soon as I turn it on. Mind pool was working fine for the last couple years. I check the imprellear and its fine the motor spines so it’s not stuck. What can I do? I shocked and cleaned connections tested again and same no results.

    1. So you have changed breakers? Checked the wires ends for correct voltage coming from the breaker? Changed the wires?

      If you have truly done everything other than change the motor, then you probably just need to change the motor.

      1. I had taken it apart and put it back together and breaker started tripping. I’m still not sure but that was one possible reason a rep gave me hear. Evidently those shaft seals must be put in 100% correctly or it’s an issue.

  21. My pool stop working change the breaker I went to turn the timer on the breaker that I change the timer thinking that was the problem and it still makes the breaker trip I change the Outlet GFCI and the breaker still Trip no motor pump does not come on do you think it’s the capacitor or the motor

  22. I have and outdoor circuit breaker . had the filter pump and booster pump all night shocking the water. Woke up this morning the booster breaker was off but everything else was not off but not working. I turned the booster back on but there is no current anywhere not even the display. I turned all circuit breakers off then back on still no current anywhere. If I change only the booster breaker, the only one off would it all get back to work?

  23. My breaker box located at the pump got wet. In reading your comments I see that it can cause it to trip. It’s running fine now on “filter”, but when I switch it to “backwash” it works a sec a trips. The power box for the switch is right beside my pump. It never trips the big breaker on the house, just the one beside it. Why would it only trip on backwash? Do I need to let it dry out some more?

    1. Does the waste water from your backwash splash on the pump or electrical components? Is your making any unusual noises during regular filtering or when you backwash?

      Also, try putting the pump on a different breaker. If backwashing doesn’t trip the new breaker then the original breaker may have been the issue.

  24. I have had a pool for 30years. When I started the pool this year, the two year old pump ran for about 8 hours and then the GFI breaker tripped. I restarted and the pump ran for about two hours and then the breaker tripped. This variable time for the breaker to trip went on for a few days. Impeller seemed to turn easily when I tried to move by hand. I finally changed the breaker and same result. I had decided I needed a new motor. When I finally took the motor and impeller apart I found a small rock that was bouncing around in the impeller compartment. I removed the rock, put everything back together and the pump is now running fine.

  25. We just moved in to a house with a pool th ighys we’re working properly until the last two days the gfi breaker keeps shutting off???

  26. So it hasn’t rained in over a day; today very sunny so good day to open the pool. Everything went fine until I flipped the switch for the pump. Heard a pop, nothing happened. Found the breaker (a 20) and it was tripped, so I reset it. Tried again and same thing. Worked fine all last year, rarely tripped the breaker if at all, even during heavy rains. Now just nothing. I’ll let it sit in the sun, reset breaker, and try again. Not sure what else to do but call in an electrician….sigh.

    1. As I have said in a few other comments, it is all about eliminating suspects. start at the breaker and work your down the circuit to the pool pump.

      Switch the pump’s power to another breaker to determine it’s not a faulty breaker. Then use a voltmeter to test the voltage of the wires on the pump end of the circuit, and so on.

  27. Hey there, I just replaced my Hayward super pump 1hp motor. The new motor makes a clicking sound then eventually gets super hot and turns off…any thoughts

    1. What voltage do you have wired to the pump? And is the motor set to the cotrrect corresponding voltage?

      The clicking sound may be the centrifugal switch that is opening and closing repeatedly because the motor is no getting to the full 3450 RPMS. A major reason for that in new motors is the motor is pre-wired for 230 voltage, but you only have 115 volts wired to it. The motor is not able to get enough juice to fully open the switch. This may also cause overheating because the motor is trying to pull too many amps in the single hotline.

  28. Hi, we just had our Hayward pump for unground pool replaced with a Hayward 1.5 hp by our pool guy, since replacing the pump it keeps tripping the fuse and therefore cannot turn pool on. Our pool guy reassured us that the hp and voltage are all the same as our old pump. Do you know what could be causing this?

    1. Could be a bad breaker. Could be he is not telling the truth and he overloaded the current breaker. Or the motor could be a dud. The only way to know for sure is to either follows the steps we list or have him troubleshoot it on-site.

  29. Great thread! Thx for sharing! I think I have moisture issues, but will change the breaker as you duggest. When I use an extension cord to another outlet all is good! Already swapped out new receptacles and both looked fried.

  30. Hello Matthew,
    We have one of those economical blue blow-up pools that has a pump with a gfci built in. I have had this and other pumps of the same type on a timer and when the timer turns on the gfci always trips. This has happened on 4 other timers as well. Is there any kind of special prog. timer I can buy to prevent the gfci from tripping?

    1. A GFCI is meant to interpret slight changes to the circuit as a sign of possible danger, causing it to flip the circuit. The blow-up pools are not known for the study engineering, so the GFCI may be interpreting the timer’s on/off as something nefarious. This is my guess on the subject, I wouldn’t know how to fix it. You might want to get a handyman to come take a look at the circuit.

  31. My pool pump runs on a timer. almost every time it kicks on it triggers the GFI. If I plug directly into outlet it is fine. Whats the problem. Changed timers and same thing happens. tried plugging into diff outlet and it did the same thing

  32. Hello … recently I went a week without running the pool … when I went to turn the pool on finally breaker tripped. Troubleshot everything had electrician come over switch breaker now the breaker don’t trip with motor not plugged in. Once I plug the motor in and flip the switch it automatically trips no noise or anything. Do I need a new motor or is there something else I can check first?

    1. Did the electrician change the breaker-to-motor circuit wires? It could be that circuit wires have a short, causing the GFI to trip.

      If the breaker and wires have been changed, you can try taking the motor to a motor shop for an inspection. Before you buy a new motor, I would at least the wires from the breaker have been checked for continuity, and/or changed.

      1. The wires were check asking as the motor wasn’t plugged in the breaker didn’t trip … so it’s motor to outlet.

        1. I do not completely understand that last reply.But if the motor is still flipping after the breaker and wires were changed and respectively, I would have a motor shop inspect the motor or just have it replaced.

  33. Hello, Hoping you can help. When We first opened our in ground pool in late May, the pool pump wouldn’t turn on. The circuit breaker switch was bad. I replaced it & the pump turned on immediately. Now all of a sudden , 1.5 months later, when I turn on the breaker switch for the pump, it runs for about 2 seconds then trips. This just started happening recently. The first time it did it, I had to flip the switch about 3 times and it eventually turned on and ran fine but now, about a week later after that first incident, it wont stay running, it keeps tripping the breaker switch. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

      1. There is a likelihood of two things that could be wrong, the wires from the breaker to the motor are shot or are wet. Or the motor has gone kerplunk and you need to replace it.

        The wires are the cheapest fix, either test the voltage at the motor leads or just run new wires. If that fixes the problem then, YAAAY. If the problem persists, the motor may be the issue. How old is the motor?

  34. This is the 3rd pool pump that I have had my warranty replace. I was told that it is because the motor is flat on the ground and water is causing it to short circuit. I was told I need to raise my pool pump but it doesn’t seem like an easy task. The whole unit seems to be attached together. Is it possible for me to purchase some pvc pipes and add an upward extension for it, so the motor doesn’t sit directly on the ground.

  35. We live in Cypress, just outside of Houston. Before Harvey hit, my husband turned of the main breaker to the pool because everytime we have a storm the breaker trips anyway. Now when we turn the main breaker on, then turn the breaker on at the pool pumps, it pops immediately. It almost gave me a heart attack this morning. We did not flood here at our house. Any tips for me that doesn’t require spending money on an electrician?

  36. Pool breaker was tripping intermitently, then tripped and would not reset at all. Took pump out of circuit and still tripped, took freeze protection device out and it worked ok. So bought new freeze protection device wired it in runs ok. Tested freeze protection with ice water and as soon as the freeze protection switch closed it tripped breaker. What ideas come to mind that might be the root problem?

  37. I am having a problem with pool pump coming on. New pump and relay in June. Now the relay does not trip. I can push down the contactor and pump come on. My freeze guard thermostat is 25 years old and is wired into relay. I unplugged it and the pool still does not come on.

  38. My pool started tripping the breaker (Just it’s fuse, not the entire house) last October after rain. The pool runs for about 5-10 minutes, and then trips the breaker again. After the first rainfall, it was still over 75 degrees outside, and the pool filter began running all day a few days later. After the next rainfall and the temperature dropped, the pool trips it’s breaker again every 5-10 minutes. Logic makes me think water is in the system causing the short, and the problem may resolve itself once Spring hits. The motor does not feel particularly warm when it trips. Any ideas?

    1. Unless it doesn’t rain in springtime where you live, you’re going to have the same issue. It also doesn’t matter the temperature outside or the temperature of the water; if there is water introduced to an electrical circuit it is going to be a problem.

      I suggest hiring an electrician to either find the leak in your electrical conduit and/or rerun wire to your pump.

      1. Thank you for responding Matthew.

        I’m trying to understand the logic of why it fails when it fails, so the details provided were for evidence.

        We’ve had abnormally high temperatures for the past week – around the 70s without rain. The pool filter will run almost exactly 4 mins before it fails every time.

        I may try to just replace the breaker the pool runs off.

      2. FYI I replaced the breaker – and the pool started running normally again.

        Inside the old breaker were char marks on the wire and inside the breaker.

        $20 to replace it – much cheaper that the alternative!

  39. Hi, I’ve seen quite a few posts about tripping breakers that are associated directly with the pool pump. In my case, I have a new house + new pool with, varying by day, 1 or 2 so-called “3-way” (Schneider Electric Square-D brand overload/arc/ground fault detect) breakers that are tripping. After some detective work and data collection, we see a very high correlation between the time of the pool pump turns on and begins priming and when the other house breakers trip. We have a Hayward SP3400VSP EcoStar Variable Speed Pump. It was set by the pool company Aquatech to prime for 2 minutes at the maximum speed of 3450 rpm, which appears to cause the trips in other part of the house panel. We altered the turn-on time of the pool pump, and indeed the time of the trips are following this time exactly, so we have high confidence at this point in the cause-and-effect of the correlation seen. After some time invested with the nice support engineering staff at Schneider Electric in North Carolina, have learned further that these trips are uniformly due to ground fault interrupts (vs. overload or arc conditions – these breakers have a way to discover type of last trip). We have as of today started an experiment to reduce the maximum prime/turn-on speed from 3450 rpm to 3000 rpm in an effort to reduce the inrush current demand/surge to see if this reduction helps in the ground fault, will update later on if this helps. I should add that the run from the main house panel to the pool pump junction box is about 60′ but may have up to 80′ of wire, and runs through an under-slab conduit put in prior to house foundation (wire pulled later of course and was sized to 60A / 220v – not sure as to exact gauge; pool pump is about 11A supposedly). The pool pump is grounded along with the control electronics on the side of the house. In my pre-retired life in engineering of micro-circuits, ground shifts in PCBs were a constant challenge requiring extensive capacitive filtering, so I am wondering if anyone has heard of whether this kind of problem could require some added high-voltage capacitor / filter at the pool pump itself; Schneider Electric thought this might interfere with the correct performance of the circuit breakers. After I’ve collected some more data I will go back to my builder or another independent electrician but wondering if anyone else has seen this? My pool company/electrician has not seen it before and I’m not finding this case on the web as yet… Appreciate any thoughts or insights! Thanks

  40. Good morning everyone!

    I have an inground pool, and every time I turn the pool light on, it’s trips the GFCI. It doesn’t ever trip the breaker though. Any thought?

  41. I just got thru checking why my GFCI kept tripping . hot tub that is.
    first checked the GFCI first, it was okay.
    Than checked all wiring connections, Found a couple of loose ones, tighten them .
    Next unhooked the pumps and the heater. Turned the GFCI to on.
    Computer came on and went thru its program. Connected the heater first , no problem.
    Connected pump 2, no problem. Connected pump 1, started the pump and tripped.
    Thus pump one had a problem. checked the wiring on the pump all was good. Unhooked the capacitor and since I had a same capacitor on a spare pump installed it and switched the GFCI breaker to on and everything is working normal again.
    So if you have tripping problems follow and do the above and you most likely find the culprit.
    Also check your fuses there are 4 in my panel.

  42. Pump keeps popping the breaker outside, switched to a different breaker, it popped that one. Moved pump to inside and it pops the gfi in the garage. Took the pump to the pool store and it works fine. Any suggestions?

    1. Also let me add that all outlets have been checked. 124 volts and the pump itself is set on the inside at the factory preset of 115 volts.

      1. These breakers you are testing the pump on at your house, what is their amp load rating? Look on your motor label to find the amp draw of the motor. The go check to see how many other devices were on and operating on the breakers when you added the pump to them.

        It could be you were overloading the breakers that were not able to handle the extra draw.

  43. Hi I have a Aqualink rs one touch outdoor panel and a jandy one touch indoor panel, yesterday my pool filter was on and then I shut off the pool side from my main house breaker(due to an outdoor light being installed), and when I turned the breaker back on, my pool filter is not turning on, No power to either outdoor or indoor panel (no lights are lighting up in either one so I’m assuming no power) . The only power I see available is to the gfci on the side of the outdoor panel but It doesn’t do anything when I push reset. What could be the problem? I know I should’ve turned off the pool first but it slipped my mind and now this mess is happening. Any help would be appreciated.

  44. Last week my above ground pool pump began tripping the breaker. I have a dedicated breaker with an underground line to a dedicated outlet. Pump is 2hp 2 speed 115v Waterway. I had an electrician come out, changed breaker and outlet box. Checked wires no short. Also bought new pump. Old pump was 5 yrs old. Pump is still tripping the breaker. I did a bypass test and connected pump to extension cord and plugged into an outdoor outlet. Pump runs fine and doesn’t trip breaker. Any suggestions?? I’m at a loss.

  45. Correction to my post above. What I meant to say is that the extension cord is plugged into a GFCI outlet and doesn’t trip the outlet. It’s not running from the breaker so of course the breaker wouldn’t trip. Sorry

  46. Hi. I have a Hayward 1hp powerflo matrix pump, the cord was plugged in but the pump wouldn’t turn on, I thought maybe the connection was loose so I pushed it in, there was a spark and some smoke. Now one of the prongs on the pool pump power cord is burnt. Should I just replace the cord?

  47. I have a Hayward heater and system…when I switch the heater on from the remote or the prologic main board or remote, the 3A fuse pops and the heater won’t work. Replaced the fuse and I can manually work the heater from the heater itself. Any idea why the remote/board causes the fuse to blow and the heater not to work?

  48. Hi Matthew,
    Ok, brace yourself. I was electrocuted in my apartment swimming pool 2 years ago. I am in a lawsuit and it is not my intention to use any of your professional knowledge for legal matters. When inspected, the City department of Housing found Pool pump was leaking and in addition to pool owners not having a working GFI or grounded wiring, they had done a lot of illegal electrical work. The incident severely damaged my spine and nervous system. Anyway, I saw the ground wire and it was completely melted and about a dime size hole in the metal box that housed it. There was no electricity in the water when I was found. My thought is that the surge completely melted the wiring so there was no longer a conduit of electricity into the pool. Can you explain the mechanics of that to me? You can email me too if better: Shannon_colhoun@yahoo.com. Not many Drs have helped understanding my injuries and I’m still researching the internet with key words trying to understand what happened to me. Thank you;)

  49. Hi,
    The 240v breaker for my pool pump trips only in cold (<45degree) weather. Breaker has been replaced and unit will normally start upon weather warming up. Sometimes banging on the pump helps to allow it to start. Never has a problem in warm weather. Protected from rain,etc. Could it be capacitor…..? Or what?

    1. I checked with one of our more experienced Century Motor techs and he had not heard of this issue. The only thing I could think of would be there is a problem with a freeze protect circuit. A freeze protects only kicks on when air temp sinks below the temp you set it for. Usually freeze protects are set between 36 to 42 degrees Fahrenheit. Do you have a variable speed with a built-in freeze protect or a separate freeze protect box?

  50. I have a murray 60amp main outdoor circuit breaker that keeps tripping. The pool power has a 30amp circuit breaker tied into this 60. After the 30amp circuit, there is wire that leads to the outdoor pool control box. This box has 15 and 20 amp circuit breakers for each item, pool pump, hot tub pump, lights, etc. I have turned off all the circuit breakers. When i pull the main 60amp it holds. When I pull the 30amp breaker it immediately pops and trips the 60 amp as well. I just replace the 30amp breaker and have the same problem. The power from the 60 to the 30 trips both? They are literally on opposite sides of my garage wall. The 60amp is next to my outdoor meter. The 30amp is on the opposite interior wall tie to a sub panel with conduit leading to the pool controls. This problem just appeared out of no where? Any suggestions?

    1. My apologies, but the explanation is confusing and I can’t follow all the different breakers and their locations. You may need to bring in an electrician, or someone with more experience to be onsite to review the wiring.

  51. Hi Mathew,
    We just had our liner replaced in our inground pool. They unhooked everything at the equipment when they installed it. Wires to the pump and all. Why would they need to do that? My problem is, now when I try and start the pump, it trips the breaker, immediately. I reset the GFC button but it still trips. They came back out and told us we needed a new breaker…I’m not so sure…Any ideas?

    1. A new breaker is a cheap fix. You could also try wiring the pump to a different breaker to verify. Get the breaker, have them install it (hopefully) for free and take it from there. The guide is all about eliminating possibilities as you troubleshoot; this is your first possibility, eliminate it.

      1. Breaker tripped this am when trying to start pump. first time in 30 years. Had recent rain. Waited till mid afternoon. Success!!! Thanks for all advice. If it keeps happening I’ll call an electrician.

  52. Hey,
    I have a new fiberglass , saltwater system (hayward). The pump is running since end of may and i have noticed 3-4 weeks ago the breaker tripped overnight.. did not care much and turned back on.. 2 says ago i have noticed the pool pump hasnt started in the morning and turned breaker on and this morning ( a day later) did not turn either.. breaker trips overnight. I run the system during the day and doesnt trip when its working.. i sis reset this time the breaker and turned off and on.. we had rain both nights.. i dont find anything suspicious . No noise , everything looks good otherwise… any ideas!!?

    1. My best guess, the breaker is faulty or water is getting into the circuit overnight. You can try switching the circuit to a different breaker to determine if the problem repeats itself.

  53. Earlier this week my pump motor stopped working on us. We live in Florida though so I’m used to the storms tripping the breaker however this time when I reset it–the breaker tripped immediately and then again and again and again. I actually asked a local pool service to come out and take a look at the situation and he told me to replace the unit. The next day before he arrived to change it out I reset the breaker the with the old motor attached and IT WORKED so I called off the new motor. Well it rained again quite heavy and guess what…the motor trips the breaker immediately again. I took the motor cover off and there does not look like there is anything wrong with the connections. I also disconnected the connections completely and tried to reset the breaker and it reset without any problem. So to me that says that the motor is no good anymore right or am I missing something that I need to try? Thanks!

  54. Bought a brand new Waterway pump (old one had shot bearings, etc) which is exactly like the old pump. Hooked everything up and it trips the breaker immediately. No moisture as breaker is inside the house and GFI works as there is power to the hot tub when the pump is not plugged in. Old pump and new pump has same voltage and amp. No clue where to go from here….pls help

  55. I have a three year old Hayward Tristar 1.5 HP two speed pump which is run by a Intermatic P1353ME digital controller. We have had A LOT of rain here in S Florida. It has rained every day for the past two weeks. However, Sunday when I went outside the pump was off. I opened the box and the breaker for the pump was tripped. I tried to reset the breaker, however it just keeps tripping. The digital controller is not getting power as the screen is blank and nothing changes when I reset the breaker. The other two breakers in the box (LED lights and pool heater) are not tripped, and my heater is getting power.
    Is it a bad breaker, a short, or bad motor?

    Thank you for any thoughts you may have!

    1. It could be all of the above. I cover all this in the article but I will give another quick rundown of things to check.

      1) Swich circuit to a different breaker or change breaker. This will determine if the breaker is the issue
      2) If timer is still out after switching breaker, try bypassing the timer to determine if the motor still works.
      3) Find the user manual for timer for troubleshooting steps. If unavailable, contact manufacturer for best troubleshooting path.

  56. Good afternoon.. Pool pump/motor was running perfectly on a timer. Had a pool place come and redo the stairs and the handle going into the pool. As part of that they needed to make sure all these were grounded correctly. After that, the pool pump fails to start consistently and sometimes the breaker is tripped. When i reset it, i hear a hum/buzzing at the breaker and then it goes away. Sometimes pump starts and works without any issues. Yesterday it worked perfectly.

  57. In the past two days, our GFCI on the Hayward Pro Logic panel has started tripping. It hasn’t rained here in weeks so I know it isn’t a moisture issue. When I press the reset button I am able to power up but it trips again. The pump ran for a good 7-8 hours before it tripped this evening. The control box itself seems hotter than usual, any ideas?

  58. We have a saltwater pool and the pump works fine until we turn the pool light on then the breaker trips. As long as the pump is off the light performs fine, only when the pump is running and we try to turn the light on does the breaker trip. Any suggestions? I initially thought there might be a leak into the light housing but I’m not for sure. We have not used the pool while the light is on just in case of electrocution…mom fear!

  59. I have a very unique and odd issue. The GFCI breaker has been tripping for my spa light. The breaker provides power to the pool and spa lights but only trips when I try to turn on the spa light. I removed the spa light and there is no signs of leakage. It’s been sitting on my deck and here is the odd thing. The breaker does not trip at night time (between 9pm and 9am). It only trips during the day!! I have replicated this for 3 straight days. I replaced the breaker and the same thing happens. I tried not running the pump during the day but that didn’t work either. The light works at night but not during the day time. I don’t know what to do to fix this.

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