How To Repair a Hayward Navigator or Pool Vac Ultra Pool Cleaner

Written by:  Danny Rhodehamel

If your automatic pool cleaner is not operating efficiently, it may be time to replace the parts that are designed to wear. If you see significant wear on your cleaners shoes, wings or flaps, replace these parts to improve performance, and to prevent damage to the more costly components.

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Step 1

Turn your Navigator/Pool Vac Ultra pool cleaner over and look at the cleaner's shoes. The picture at left shows an example of badly worn shoes. When the shoe is pushed up against the end of the pod, the shoe should extend above the surface of the pod or the pod will start to rub against the pool floor. This shoe should have been replaced before the surface of the shoe had worn below the surface of the pod.

Step 2

This picture shows a Navigator/Pool Vac Ultra with new shoes. Note how far the shoe extends above the pod surface.

Step 3

Next inspect the Navigator/Pool Vac Ultra's wings for wear and cracks. There is a wear line on each of the wings. When you can no longer see this line, replace the wings. The picture at left shows an example of a badly worn and broken wing. At 1, the wing has worn through by the peg that holds it in. At 2, the hole in the wing has worn to the point of breaking. Not shown - the tip of the wing has worn beyond its replacement line.

Step 4

Now inspect the Navigator/Pool Vac Ultra's flaps (rear and front) for wear and cracks. The picture at left shows an example of a worn rear flap that needs to be replaced.

Step 5

When replacing Navigator/Pool Vac Ultra parts, consider purchasing a pool cleaner tune-up kit. If one set of parts requires replacement, it's probably a good time to replace all of these parts. This kit includes a set of 4 shoes, a set of 2 wings, a set of 2 flaps (front and rear) and a screwdriver and brush to install the parts. When you purchase this kit, check to make sure you purchase the kit with the correct shoes. Shoes for concrete or gunite pools are different than shoes for fiberglass of vinyl pools.

Step 6

For ease in replacing these parts, disconnect the pool cleaner from its hose. Pull the hose straight off to avoid breaking the internal gears.

Step 7

To replace the shoes, first turn the navigator on its back. Then insert a screwdriver between the shoe and the pod to pry the shoe off.

Step 8

Next dip a new shoe in the water for lubrication and press it onto the holes in the pod. Note, the two plugs on the shoe fit into two different size holes, one bigger that the other. This ensures that the shoes are properly attached. Press until you feel it snap into place. Repeat for the other three shoes.

Step 9

To remore the wings, first remove the plug above the wing from the pod.

Step 10

Remove the old wing by bending it slightly and lifting it off their hooks on the pod. Note: If any of the wing hooks are broken, you will have to replace the pod. See other "How To Guides".

Step 11

Place a new wing onto the pod hooks. There are markings for "R" or "L" on the wings and each pod. Make sure these match up.

Step 12

Replace the pod plug and tap then into place with the screwdriver handle. Repeat this process for the other wing.

Step 13

To replace the rear and front flaps, insert the screwdriver between the flap and the lower body, near the pivot point of the flaps. Gently pry the flap pivot point out or the hole in the body and slide the flap out. Repeat to remove the other flap.

Step 14

Note that the new flaps are marked "Rear" and "Front". Make sure to install the proper flap in the front and real of the unit. The rear of the unit has the screen in it. When installing the front flap, be sure that the extended leg of the spring is inserted into the notch on the front of the lower body. Push the flap in place so that the pivot nibs engage the pivot holes in the body. Fold the flap in towards the bottom of the cleaner. There will be some resistance until the flap snap into place. Check that the spring is in place and that the spring action works freely.

Step 15

When installing the rear flap, make sure that the spring leg is placed on the cam on the rear flap adjuster. As the rear flap is pushed into place, it will snap into its normal operating position. Check that both flaps move freely and that they both spring up.

Step 16

Turn the Navigator/Pool Vac Ultra right side up and look at the lower left side of the unit. Look for the blue rear flap adjuster, a round knob about the size of a pencil eraser with an arrow slot. You will see the Roman numerals I, II and II around the adjuster. With a screwdriver turn the slot so that its arrow points to the II. This is the normal operation level for the cleaner. I setting slows the Navigator/Pool Vac Ultra down if it's climbing the walls or sticking in corners; III setting speeds the Navigator/Pool Vac Ultra up if it can't climb the slopes.

Step 17

Use the long-handled brush from the kit to clean the screen at the rear of the Navigator/Pool Vac Ultra. This screen allows water to flow into the Navigator/Pool Vac Ultra's steering mechanism. If the water flow is obstructed, the Navigator/Pool Vac Ultra steering cannot function properly.

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User: Inyopools

nastaran - Not sure what you are referring to when you say plc controller. If you are suggesting a digital control board, the Navigator is entirely mechanical. It has no digital control system. You may have something jammed in one of the control mechanisms. Try taking the hose off of the suction port and connecting it to a return port. This will push water backwards through the cleaner and might dislodge any debris struck in the system. If this doesn't work, you will have to take the cleaner apart. See your guide on "How To Service the Inside of a Hayward Navigator Suction Cleaner" for detailed instructions.

User: nastaran

Thank you for guiding me.i have another question.if there is no problem in bearing, is it possible the plc controller have problem.becuase it move at first in 5 second then stop and dont move.

User: Inyopools

nastaran - Sounds like the cleaner's bearings may be binding, a common problem as the cleaners get older. Look at our guide on "How To Service the Inside of a Hayward Navigator Suction Cleaner" for instructions on finding and replacing theses bearings. There are two sets: the A Frame Bearings (Step 5); and the Turbine Bearings (Step 10).

User: nastaran

Hellow.i have a hayward sweeper to clean the pool but it dont work correctly.when i turn on it it move toward and backward for 10 second and stop and dont move.please guide me to find and correct its problem.thank you

User: Mike

I was tired of replacing Pod springs by having to purchase the whole
pod assembly, now I just go to Ace hardware and buy the stainless springs which work perfectly and only .85 cents each

User: Inyopools

jcrply - Click on the picture for Step 7 to expand it. The pic shows where the spring attaches to the shoe foot. I had another customer comment on how to get the spring in. Had some difficulty. He had to angle it in and work with it a while. Put the spring into the hole first before placing it on the nub of the shoe.

User: jcrply

One of the pods on my Hayward Pool Vac Ultra has lost one spring. A local pool store gave me a spring (They keep a "graveyard" of old vacs and parts!). However, so far I have been unable to install the spring. Can you please give me some instructions on getting the spring on? Thanks.

User: Inyopools

LuisVinOC - If, as you describe your cleaner is holding to the bottom of your pool by suction, it sounds like the suction on your suction port is too high. Try reducing the pressure on that line. If that doesn't solve your problem, see our guide on "How To Service the Inside of a Hayward Navigator Suction Cleaner".

User: LuisVinOC

Hi there - My Ultra seems to be sucking itself to the bottom of the pool. When held just under the surface, all parts move fine and there's strong suction. The I've followed your guide for tearing down and rebuilding and the bearings seem good. The pods are also new. Could it be the flaps?

User: Inyopools

step 17 - Yes, the Rear Screen can be replaced. See Step 9 in our guide on "How To Service the Inside of a Hayward Navigator Suction Cleaner".

User: step 17

Could the sreen at the rear be replaced and how to replace it?

User: Inyopools

granty - Unfortunately we do not see that part by itself. If you have a local pool store, some customers have found that spring in the store's discard pile.

User: granty

have lost a spring off one of the legs to the foot, where can I get a new one. am having trouble

User: Inyopools

Cris - If one of your pods is sticking, it's usually due to a bad bearing. Your cleaner has two sets of bearings, one in the A-frame and one with the main turbine. I don't know which of these you changed, but take a look at Steps 5 and 10 of our guide on "How To Service the Inside of a Hayward Navigator Suction Cleaner" for instructions on locating and replacing these bearings

User: Cris

My Navigator is having issues with one pod. The pod moves sometimes, but then it seems to get stuck and stop moving causing the vac to go in circles. The gear box and bearing were already changed. Any suggestions on what could be the problem? If I push the pod towards the vac it works again for a little then stuck again. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

User: Inyopools

Rebecca - If the feet aren't moving, check the bearings on the A-frame and the main turbine. See steps 5 and 10 of our guide on "How To Service the Inside of a Hayward Navigator Suction Cleaner".

User: Rebecca

my vacuum is sucking fine, but the feet wont move?? help!

User: Inyopools

Luis - You may have debris stuck in the turning mechanism. Try blowing it out by temporarily moving your suction hose from the suction port and placing it on one of your return ports. This will reverse the flow of water through the cleaner and may dislodge any debris in the mechanism. If this doesn't work, see our guide on "How To Service the Inside of a Hayward Navigator Suction Cleaner" for further instructions.

User: Luis

Hi I have a pool vac and is now in trouble. The cleaner works normally only when they get to a corner of the pool or near a stepping stone for him and no longer works. What is the problema?

User: Inyopools

fabio - You may have to change the bearings on the A-Frame or the bearings on the turbine. Or there may be debris caught in the gears. See our guide on "How To Service the Inside of a Hayward Navigator Suction Cleaner" for further instructions.

User: fabio

Hello I have my pool vac ultra moves only by turning and then it goes very very slowly, also the tube is twisted. I changed my shoes. but nothing has changed. could you help me understand what the piece to change?

User: Inyopools

jessme - Click on the picture for Step 7 to expand it. The pic shows where the spring attaches to the shoe foot. I had another customer comment on how to get the spring in. Had some difficulty. He had to angle it in and work with it a while.

User: jessme

My pool vac ultra was going in one way circles twisting up the hose. I finally noticed one of the springs in the feet was missing. My pool store saves used parts and gave me one at no cost. How do I reinstall it?? Thanks!

User: Inyopools

dancepidemic - That may be your problem. I would also check the bearings on the main turbine. They often go bad and will also shut down the cleaner. See out guide on "How To Service the Inside of a Hayward Navigator Suction Cleaner" for the location of the main turbine.

User: dancepidemic

Thanks! It will work for a few mins and then stop. The suction is fine. I took it out and took off the bottom piece and it seems like one of the bearings is pretty tough to turn. Would this keep it from moving all together? Or would that just stop one side?

User: Inyopools

dancepidemic - There should be no correlation between your pool vac ultra and a salt water pool. Check the changes you made to your system when adding the new SCG to see if they created new problems - leaks, blockages, valve settings.

User: dancepidemic

My pool vac ultra will work for about 5 mins and then stop. We recently made a change to a salt water pool and it stopped soon thereafter. Are theses two things related?

User: Inyopools

Tamra Lynn Smith - You don't say what RPM your VS pump running at when using cleaner. In order to have enough suction to drive your cleaner you have to set you pump to run at least 2200 RPM or higher. If you are running at that speed and your cleaner still does not work, check for suction leaks around the newly installed pump.

User: Tamra Lynn Smith

Help me please???? We had a hayward vacuum and the thing didn't work very good. Last year we replaced it with a new one. I wasn't going to buy a another Hayward because I didn't think the first one worked that hot. It worked with the old pump but not that good. We replaced the pool pump system and put a new variable speed pump and ever since then, my vacuum just sits. It has suction, the parts move and everything looks right but again just sits. I've tried adjusting the valve handles to increase or decrease suction but no help? The shoes are good? Any suggestions ?

User: Inyopools

shoe prong - Try drilling the prong out. Use a drill that is smaller than the prong hole to avoid making the hole larger. Drill about half way into the prong, then use the embedded drill to pull the prong out. If the prong is glued in, drill all the way down through the prong to create a hole in the center of the prong, then try scraping the edges of the remaining part of the prong into the hole.


My shoe's came off but the 2 prongs that hold them in are still in their holes, how do I get them out?


Great video, I am now confident to troubleshoot and replace parts as necessary.



User: Inyopools

mark - Yes, a Hayward Ultra will work on a pebble tec surface. Be sure to get the model with the foot pads for concrete.

User: mark

Looking at the Hayward Ultra for my pool, which is pebble tec. Will this vac work on pebble tec? Any other thoughts/issues i should know? Have never used an automatic pool vac before.

User: Inyopools

Joe - You may have to replace the bearings on the main turbine. See our guide on "How To Replace the Navigator Pool Cleaner Main Turbine Bearings". Then check to see if there is any blockage in the internal mechanisms. See our guide on "How To Service the Inside of a Hayward Navigator Suction Cleaner".

User: Joe

Hi Dear,
I have an ultra vac which I had replaced the A Frame kit which make it work for a few days , but now it just stop, eventhough I can feel the suction when I check the suction hole underneath the Vac, any idea what may be the issue?

User: Inyopools

oldschoola - You may be able to move the pods/feet out of the water but in operation they may still bind up and stop. To correct this problem you may have to replace the bearings on the main turbine. See our guide on "How To Replace the Navigator Pool Cleaner Main Turbine Bearings". Also you may not have enough suction to move the cleaner. Try shutting down the main drain or the skimmer to put more suction on the cleaner suction port.

User: oldschoola

i have a pool vac ultra. And if i have it in my hand the feet and everything move, i stuck my finger in it and i feel the rudder inside spinning. but when i place it on the floor of my pool it doesn't move at all. any ideas? i feel it sucking pretty good too.

User: Inyopools

jhaughn - I couldn't find your model numbers, but I have a couple of old Navigators myself and they take the shoes listed on our parts page. Most of the changes to the Navigators have been external to the covers. The basic operating pieces like the shoes have not changed.

User: jhaughn

We have and older Navigator, Model 905VUHB and another # 2F43010
Are the shoes listed on your page for repairing the Navigator, the ones that would fit this model?

Your help appreciated

J. Haughn

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Tips & Warnings

Check the hose periodically to ensure that there are no leaks in it.

DO NOT use the Navigator to clear excessive amounts of leaves and debris from the bottom of the pool - for example when it's first opened in the spring. Clean the pool manually and then use the Navigator/Pool Vac Ultra to maintain it.

DO NOT coil the hose when storing it. If the hose maintains a bend from coiling it will not allow the Navigator/Pool Vac Ultra to work properly and must be replaced.

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