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Hayward Navigator


Model # Item Concrete or Vinyl Pool Price  
1005CC Pool Vac Classic
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Concrete $502.99 Description

Inground Pool Cleaners

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Hawyard Navigator and Pool Vac Ultra

Hayward AquaBug, Diver Dave, and Wanda the Whale

Why Purchase a Hayward Navigator?
The Hayward Navigator has its experience behind it. Hayward has perfected its suction pool cleaner. Inyo recommends this suction pool cleaner over the other cleaners due to our customers comments. The Hayward Navigator has gotten the highest rating from our customers. The Hayward Navigator was redesigned and a new body was formed. The Hayward Navigator was turned into the Hayward Pool Vac Ultra. Other then the slick outside design of the Pool Vac Ultra it has the same interior parts as the Hayward Navigator. Since the Pool Vac Ultra is the same price as the Hayward Navigator we recommend purchasing the latest design the Pool Vac Ultra. Both will clean your pool at an equal rate, but we have found that the Pool Vac Ultra will navigate around your swimming pool a little better then then the Hayward Navigator. Purchase a Hayward Navigator or Pool Vac Ultra today.