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Hayward Heat Pump HeatPro

Hayward Heat Pumps
Item # Mfg Code Item BTU Heat Exchanger Special Feature Price  
HP31204T HP31204T HeatPro Heat Pump 120,000 BTU (Heat/Cool)
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120000 BTU Titanium Heat/Cool $3,699.99 Customize
HP21404TC HP21404TC HeatPro Heat Pump 140,000 BTU (Low Ambient)
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140,000 BTU Titanium Low Ambient Temp $3,699.99 Customize
HP21404t HP21404T HeatPro Heat Pump 140,000 BTU
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Normally $4,199.99!
140,000 BTU Titanium $3,299.99 Customize
HP21254T HP21254T HeatPro Heat Pump 125,000 BTU
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125,000 BTU Titanium $3,209.99 Customize
HP21104T HP21104T HeatPro Heat Pump 110,000 BTU
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110,000 BTU Titanium $2,989.99 Customize
HP21004T HP21004T HeatPro Heat Pump 95,000 BTU
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95,000 BTU Titanium $2,789.99 Customize
HP50TA HP50TA HeatPro Heat Pump 50,000 BTU
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50,000 BTU Titanium $2,149.99 Customize

Hayward Heat Pump - With Scroll Compressor

High-performance, energy efficient Hayward® HeatPro® heat pumps quietly and economically maintain your ideal water temperature at all times. They even let you start your swim season earlier and end it later — all while consuming less energy than natural gas heaters and lowering your operating costs by up to 80 percent.

The Hayward HeatPro Series of heat pumps offers an alternative to your pool heating options. With its unique Titanium Heat Exchanger, HeatPro heat pumps heat pool water more efficiently for a fraction of the cost of gas. Depending upon individual use and application of your pool, a heat pump may be right for you.