Century’s V-Green Variable Speed Motor: Part 2

Century ECM27CU-5V-Green 270

The  V-Green 270 Variable Speed Motor is the second motor from Century’s latest line of V-Green variable speed motors. The V-Green 270 is known for its versatility and performance and comes with an integrated timer. What makes the V-Green motor so special is the fact it incorporates a programmable timer interface and selector switch with step-by-step on- screen navigational instructions that allow for a faster setup and peace of mind.

What Is An Integrated Timer Interface?

The  reason Century introduced an integrated timer interface is two fold: better flexibility for the pool owner and more energy savings. The motor design, complimented with the integrated timer, givesCentury ECM27CU-6 pool owners the opportunity to control and monitor their energy consumption in areas known to be inefficient. No two pools are the same in terms of size and variables. This is what makes the flexibility of the interface so essential to every pool owner.

The V-Green 270 also has a manual high and manual low override. This allows homeowners to change their motor settings without having to adjust their preferred program settings. This also allows you to control your motor as well as your booster pump and salt chlorine generator, (if you have one). It forgoes the need to purchase an additional, separate timer. Again, saving your money and time. The V-Green 270 is truly geared towards pools with an extensive automatic control system . It streamlines your entire pool system with one controller.

Key Benefits to Timer Interface

  • Auxiliary load circuit with configurable runtime (ie. ability to also control salt chlorine generators, booster pump, etc.)
  • Real-time clock with built-in battery (in case of sudden power outages, it saves your programming)
  • Display with LCD backlight and adjustable contrast
  • On or off-board interface mounting versatility
  • Adjustable freeze protection
  • Power factor correction to lower power consumption
  • On- screen motor status including mode, time remaining, RPM, and energy efficiency


download (1)V-Green Automation

One of the major benefits of the V-Green 270 variable speed motor is it can now be installed in a home where there is already an existing pool automation. With the introduction to the V-Green automation adapter kit, it can also be installed as a stand alone solution.

The adapter kit allows you to  fully integrate your V-Green system and have full control over motor features. Using the Century manual, integration is rather simple. The adapter is sold separately and it includes: automation adapter, digital input cable, lead cable, RS-485 cable, conduit fitting, terminal box cover assembly, plugs, screw driver, and instructions.

If you are looking to replace your single speed motor with something more efficient, you might want to consider the V-Green variable speed motors first.

8 thoughts on “Century’s V-Green Variable Speed Motor: Part 2

  1. Please keep in mind they could be listed under a different manufacturer because many of the pool manufacturers have been consolidating over the years?

    1. Hello Rubin, you are correct the major pool pump motor companies have been united into one large firm called Regal Beloit. The pump motors division is packaged under the A.O. Smith – Century label.

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