Finding a Leak in an Above Ground Pool

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  1. What I love most about this article is your sense of humor bc after 3 hours searching, it’s still leaking so I came back to reread your info. (All great) I am still determined!!!

    1. I got lucky and followed the steps first finding the concave washed out divot then after about 3 hours of looking found holes that could have been punched by the tip of a pencil but which allowed about an inch of water out a day. The holes were so small that they could have easily been mistaken for a grain of sand or dirt because they looked dark. Without weights it was difficult to keep my legs from flipping up over my head and getting the water out of my ear after so long under water was a challenge; but the pool is now holding water. Thank you for good advice.

  2. Ha! Well, at least you’ve made me smile a bit as I am beginning to understand the challenge ahead. Good to have some clear expectations, albeit, even if it isn’t good news. Thanks for the advice! Wishing me lots of luck as I go on the hunt. If I’m not too annoyed, I’ll try and remember to give an update! thx!

  3. Well the first paragraph brought me to tears and laughter. I’ve checked my equipment and truly believe it’s my 20 years old liner. Yes I said 20 years. So after all I’ve read at least I got my money out of it.

    1. If you have a leak from a bottom drain, that’s usually a tough fix. Take off the cover and see how tight the screws are that hold the ring. If loose, tighten and recheck for a leak. If tight, you’ll have to change the gaskets which won’t be easy.

      My advice is if you are changing main drain gaskets, drain the pool down to about a 6″ depth first. There are two gaskets. Replace them both. Main drains usually leak because there is dirt in some of the screw holes which are preventing the screws from tightening the ring. Check for this by making sure each screw tightens all the way down. If you have some dirt in the holes, clean them out. It won’t be easy!!

      Once you know all holes are clean and the surface of the main drain is clean, replace the two gaskets and tighten the ring and refill the pool immediately.


      1. Dan it is in the middle of winter Ice and snow …we closed the pool in fall everything was good. We noticed water under cover was getting lower, looked all around pool , no water anywhere so we put water back in pool (at this time 30* out) a couple days later it was down again. Called a pool place and they suggested to keep water in it, at least 2 feet Well we did this. It is now 2 months later and we looked out and the pool is empty, cover has fallen to the bottom on top of the ice and snow. No water hose , frozen in pool. Will the pool fall in?? Please any suggestions? We decided before this happened we were getting new liner so that’s that just affraid will fall in.
        Please help

  4. Is it possible to have a leak between the skimmer box gaskets? The guy that did the plumbing was absolutely hopeless and came back 5 times.. I noticed that the gasket on the outside under the skimmer is pinched and can’t be seen in the centre .. I can’t find any holes as it’s a new pool but I’m seeing wet soil 1 meter kind beside the skimmer box on the ground and not near the pipes underground .. hope that makes sense

  5. I have the same problem and now it is Spring and the pool is gross. Getting in it is not an option.

    My leak is presumed to be about 3 inches of below the skimmer as that is where the water has drained down to. Heavy rainfall brought it above a line I marked and then it came back down again after a day or two. I am thinking of removing the top rails one by one and using a compressor to blow air carefully between the lining and the wall of the pool. I am thinking if there is a small leak that it will presumably blow bubbles out a tiny hole that is somewhere. Thoughts? Crazy?

    1. any luck with the air compressor leak detection ? I also thought this might work but haven’t tried it yet

        1. You seem very knowledgeable. So my leak is coming from under the pool and there is a constant flow of water coming out. What could that be? What should I do to see where it is leaking from?

  6. We just installed our new pool after many days of preparation. After getting about a foot and a half of water in it we discovered a leak. Water was seaping out over the pool ground cover. After trying the food color with no luck I attached a plastic drinking straw to the end of a nozzle with a on the air compressor and worked it Between the liner and ground cover. Guess what? Bubbles came up from under the pool. May not work for all depending on where the leak is it it’s worth a shot!

    1. I love this!!! Thank you!! We just set up the pool and same thing, a little water leaking out. I’m going to tell my husband about this!

  7. I found the leak on the bottom of the pool liner. Just wanting to know if there’s a way of fixing the leak without having to drain the whole pool.

  8. I am pretty sure some of the seams on my brand new rectangular intex pool liner are leaking. All of the puddles forming around the middle on one side, and at the end all coincide with seam joints. Since my inspection of the inside of the liner with red food color showed no indication of the color being leached through the seam joints, I was wondering if laying several yards of white muslin flat under the problem areas, then filling the pool to 12 or 18″ then applying lots of blue color or dye in those areas and waiting for a couple of days to empty the pool. Then, carefully inspecting the muslin as I lift the liner looking for blue hot spots where the dye may help indicate where the leak is originating. My only question would be how do you patch a seam? Should I cut a square the entire width of the seam and patch it like a large hole, or should I try using that liquid seal stuff in the quart bottle? I thought I read somewhere that the liquid leak fix isn’t for above ground vinyl liners…only in ground liners. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated

    1. I really don’t think that will tell you much but hey, you never know. Water from leaks can travel away in very strange ways so it’s really hard to determine where a pool is leaking based on the outside of the pool only. You said this is a new Intex pool? I say contact the Walmart you bought it from and get them to send you a new one. They have millions of those landfillers and Walmart will take back or replace just about anything.

  9. after 4 days looking for the leak I followed your instruckions and you said to be patient and most leaks are at side wall bottom I calm down took my time and found the leak at the side wall at the bottom less than 1 hour thank you soooo much your the best!!!!!

  10. I’ve only come to terms that most likely I have a leak.

    The soil next to my pool is SUPER saturated. I tried building it up because it’s the lowest part of my yard.

    It’s only worse now. The level in the pool has dropped consistently.

    Does it make sense to focus my attention on that area of the pool?

    1. It would make common sense to concentrate on that area but we are talking about a leak. And sometimes with water leaks, common sense doesn’t work. Check out my article on how to find a leak in an above ground pool and good luck.

  11. We have a leak, but it only started when we changed our skimmer. So, my husband took it out again and reinstalled it, still a leak. Then he decided to change the jet, still leaking; but the leak stops just below the skimmer. We have no wet areas around the pool, but we have some wrinkles in the liner at the bottom that were not there before – could this be where the leak is?

  12. Could I have a
    Problem with termites or nut grass? I have tiny holes in the bottom of my liner. Also does it matter what thickness the liner is when ordering a new one. We have only had this one two years but we ordered it online instead of buying it at our local pool place.

    1. It might be ants. I have read many articles that say to spray around your pool for ants because that is a huge problem. When they get underneath they like to eat the liner.

  13. We have a softball size sinkhole in our not even year old liner. We have a gorilla pad under the new liner and the pool company cut the old liner and left that as a base too. How could I have another sinkhole? I’ve checked this area for over an hour for a hole of any sorts. I do not see one. Suggestions? The only way to fix it is to drain it and pack the sink, but from reading all over the internet, they say not to drain an existing liner for fear of it shrinking. I’m at wits end w this pool. I’ve talked to 2 pools companies and they botht said to leave it. How bad is this for my new liner?

    1. If the hole is staying the same size then its not doing much at all to the liner. And I don’t recommend you draining it either although it could be drained and repaired and immediately refilled without any issue. You’ll probably have to do it yourself because a pool guy is not gonna want to take the chance on doing it. That may tell you something.

  14. Above ground 24′ pool – square skimmer – water leaking out of the ‘cutout guides’ to use when using a rectangular skimmer. Replaced skimmer gaskets – used food coloring – no leaks found. Taking a guess that leak is high on the wall and water is working its way around the pool between the liner and the outside wall and leaking out at rectangular cutout guides. Looked carefully going around waterline 3x but nada – will continue to look – does it sound like I’m on the right track ?? Thanks for any and all advice.

    1. Is your pool’s water level going down? Do you have a bead channel and beaded liner? If not, you have a high leak. That is kinda rare unless you let dogs swim in the pool or you have kids that bring sharp or gougey things in the pool. look all around the pool. The leak could be anywhere.

  15. Our liner is 5 years old. The liner usually fits snug/tight against the pool wall, but this year it seems to be “bubbling” above the water line as if “loose”, but the liner is very tightly secured under the top rail. What could be causing the liner to seemingly become “loose-looking”? Also, the water level at the skimmer has lowered over the last 3 days by about an inch. Could the bubbling be an indication of a leak somewhere? The pump/filter have bee thoroughly checked, in fact, the filter valve-set was replaced earlier this year and has been functioning beautifully for the last few months. I’m puzzled!

    1. Yes it could indicate a leak. It can also indicate a concentration of chlorine on the liner in a local spot. Most of the time, I honestly don’t know why the liner does that.

  16. We had our pool installed at the end of July- 18′ round w/ center drain. We’ve lost 5+ inches weekly since installation- is this normal to have to add so much water weekly? I see no signs outwardly of a leak, the ground around the pool is firm and not soggy or wet. The pool does dip a bit in the middle as you walk from the edge towards the drain. I didn’t think evaporation would cause so much water loss..

  17. My 18′, 48″ above ground pool is leaking. I found a couple leaks by cutting up a plastic shopping bag to make a flat rectangle. Then I used a pool brush that had a handle long enough to reach the bottom to push the plastic sheet against the bottom. I moved it slowly across the bottom and when it went over a leak, it was drawn down into the leak. The slight suction from the leak held the plastic bag against the bottom. It worked fairly well, but I still have another leak somewhere. I can’t reach the middle of the pool, and it is too cold to get into it now.

  18. My above ground pool leaked half way down during the winter and there are no puddles around the bottom of the outside of the pool. Why would that happen?

  19. When I opened my 3 year old above ground pool, the water was lower than normal. There was only 25 inches in it. It is 56 inches high. We got a lit of rain this winter and spring so it was hard to tell if it leaked out. Somehow a bird managed to get under my cover and had drowned…of course. I fill it up ,long story short I have some dripping outside the pool. It’s not really affecting my water level..yet. I used the dye near that spot, and got nothing. I’m very disappointed. Especially only having 3 seasons of use out of it. It is my happy place. I have had Walmart pools, a fraction of the cost, that lasted longer. I’m going to try the pladtic bag mentioned in an earlier comment and be a sand shark and inspect every centimeter. One thing I have noticed is around the edge of the pool the sand has give and I have a little ditch about halfway around pool.. Could this be the culprit? Thanks in advance for any input!

  20. Question: My husband bought a new pool cover last year. We haven’tbeen able to find one that lasts for very long. During the winter, he drains the water off of the top of the cover. Is that a good idea? is it possible that we don’t have a leak at all, and that he is draining water out of the pool? See is firm in believing that the cover is not porous, and I believe that he could have been draining water out of the pool. Our water level is two and a half feet now. Thoughts?

  21. I started opening my pool yesterday. The water left in the pool over the winter (I live in Canada where 25C below 0 is common) was dark green – usually it’s fairly clear when first opened – so I added degreaser and then shock and added fresh water to the proper level (half way up the skimmer). It started to clear but is still murky today. Connected all the hoses and started it up. Everything seemed fine. I turned off the pump overnight. This morning the water level is down 6 inches! Can’t see any hose leaks or any leak from within because the water is still too murky. Around the outside perimeter of the pool I see no wet areas. Any advice? BTW, your article is great.

    1. If the pool level just dropped 6″ after you hooked it up and worked on it, then it’s something you did. Unless it’s a coincidence that a major leak popped up at the same time you started working on it. Not likely.

  22. We have a Summer Waves 18 x 48 above ground pool, this is the 2nd season for it. Filled it up and discovered a leak around the hose drain plug near the bottom! We have even drained it down, dried it and patched it. No good, patched also on the outside. We have tried several different sealants and vinyl trying to patch it. As soonn as we put water in (even after waiting to the next day, it leaks again. We have never used that drain plug, we have a pump we use to drain it. So there hasn’t been any excessive force used on it. Any ideas or suggestions? We can’t afford to keep filling it up!

  23. is there a chemical that you can in the pool that will settle where the leak is I have been at this leak for 2 week now empty the pool 3 times and still no luck lots of water leaking on the grass this is hopeless I have tryed everything . what is this air compressor test all about and how do I do it

  24. Dan, I have a huge oval above ground pool. It’s 15 years old and still has original liner. Just little faded. I was walking around the pool yesterday and saw a little spot of rust on my side near the bottom and a tiny trickle of water was barely running down the side. Doesn’t even make a puddle. Do you think the leak would be close to wear it’s coming out the rust spot?

  25. Hello Dan, We have a 21′ Round 54″ that I think started leaking very slowly from when we bought it and sit it up in June of 2019. It has only been up maybe 6 weeks. The leak got worse, my husband Dan had put the seals on wrong on the Inlet so maybe it was evaporation at first??? That fixed it, helped but still leaks. It has stopped about 4″ below the Inlet.
    There are dibbits too but we have the 21′ gorilla pad and the 18′ one from the old pool under it. He made a border and put ground cloth down with small stones so it is near impossible to check the outside. He tried but it is wet likely because of the weed cloth. So I am thinking the leak is where it stopped draining but you said the upper wall is unlikely. There is about 6000 gal of water left of the 10,000 gal that it holds.
    I thought of trying the Air Compressor method but with no water there it would be hard to tell if there is a leak at each section. Maybe feel for air coming out for the upper part and it may reveal something for the underwater part?? Also the thin back method of moving it along the bottom.
    I called a repair person but $50.00 Service call alone and my husband is close to retirement from a Foundry he has been at for 47 years. We live week to week. He got this for me, I am 72 and have had pools of some sort most of my adult life. It brings me Peace. Your page is wonderful! Thank you! Any ideas?

  26. I forgot ask what I originally posted about. What is your opinion on “Pool Fix a Leak” or “Lo-Chlor Leak Sealer”, “Jack’s Magic The Purple Stuff”, there are different ones? Thank you again.

  27. Dan the real pool guy really doesn’t install pools well at all I had my brand new pool Installed 4 months ago by Dan and has been leaking for over a month. Really quick to blame the pool owner. Bad install from the beginning. Be aware

  28. Hi dan, I put up an 18” above ground Intex pool. Puddles of water are forming beneath the pool. I saw little droplets of water on the outside of one of the seams next the where the puddles were. Should I try putting a patches down this seam? Is it worth doing the dye test?
    The puddles only form during the day after people have been in the pool and they are not there overnight? Please help!

  29. Hello Dan, I live in a Philadelphia rowhouse. My neighbor outback has an above ground 18’ pool. His property’s elevation is at least 1’ above mine. It is landlocked back there with cyclone fences separating properties. All properties are supposed to have drains. He is a new neighbor & doesn’t do as much pool maintenance as the prior homeowner of 35 yrs. Today, I noticed many, many white stones from his yard had cascaded down the slope into my yard. Happened overnight. My question: If pool liners have un-repaired leaks, can those leaks rip & tear open? Am apprehensive about suddenly getting 1000’s of gallons of water in my yard and prolly my house. Thank you for any information.

  30. I have an 18 round above ground pool.The winter cover is still on and the pool only has 2 feet of water in it..The 2 feet of water is still remains the same.
    Would the leak be in the liner itself and with losing that much water over the winter I must definitely have a leak somewhere in the liner?

  31. Hello, Your blog has been super informative during our DIY pool install. We followed your guidance on the linear the pool looks amazing until we started filling it and saw water!!!! The water is near a post and we can’t find a leak so far – it has been two days since we started filling it. The pool company suggest we wait two more day to see if the water is from the pressure the pool is creating on the earth. The dirt pad is new. To prep the pad, a tree was removed and other foliage. Then the dirt was compacted, during the compacting, it was watered and compacted again. Do you think the wet dirt coming from the post is related to the compacting process?

  32. I just set up a 21′ pool everythig went great liner was good started filling it up and no leaks until I got to the skimmer. I put the skimmer on then I realized that I did not attach the back part just the wide mouth part so I pulled it off and of course the liner stretch and when I went to re mount it the orginal holes where lower. But I thought the gasket would be cover it. Well filled it up and I got to leaks one at the post to the right of the skimmer and one at the post to the left. Inside I could see it dripping in the track. So I lowered the lever today to see if it stops. just not sure what todo the outlet is also next to the skimmer so could they both be leaking on the inside? I look at the liner under water and could not find any problems. I was going to pull face plate off the skimmer and silicone it. I have spent 4K on this pool and now I am freaking out that if i just let the thing leak the uprights will start to drop. Not sure what to do HELP!!!


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