How to test for suction side air leaks

How to test for suction side air leaks

6 thoughts on “How to test for suction side air leaks

  1. I continue to have pressures above 20 psi after cleaning de filter and reassembling filter first cycle is good starts off at 12 psi then after I backwash properly the pressure jumps way up 19 20 psi…. I have a Hayward de 3600 with brand new grates and manifold have replaced manifold o ring spider gasket and diverter o ring have no water leaks. All functions work on vari flo valve . Have great flo on backwash and recirculate but filter settings jump so high so fast??? I have cleaned air breather time and time again only has good pressures after taking filter apart and cleaning and putting back together!! Have been with this pool over 20 years never had this issue?? Can you help?

    1. You may need to perform a rinse cycle immediately after backwashing a few times… just happened to me. The De may have become hard/dirty

  2. We have a suction side leak — bubbles in the filter basket before the impeller, air accumulates in the cartridge filter housing and air bubbles come out of the return. We replaced and lubricated the main o-rings, and used your shaving cream method with no apparent leaks. We also tried putting soap bubbles on all the joints. The weir has been replaced and the water level stays up, so no water leaks. The pressure gauge has been checked. The filter is running at only 4 psi max, and when Polaris is running it’s only 2 psi. We have a Dura-glas self-priming 3/4 hp pump, and a Hayward Star-clear II cartridge filter. No heater or chlorinator. No main drain and just one pipe runs from the skimmer to the pump. The cartridge filter is slightly out of plumb (but don’t know how that could cause this problem). Our pool tech has not been able to solve the problem…can you?

    1. This is a tough one. It sounds like you have been thorough in investigating this problem.

      The only thing that sticks out to me was your mentioning of the Sta-Rite Dura-Glas. It is listed as key 26 on the parts aforelinked parts diagram. You said you changed the main gaskets; I’ll presume you are referring to the lid, housing, and possibly even the shaft seal. But one gasket that could be overlooked is the square flange gasket that seals the seam between the strainer and main pump housing.

      Again, it sounds like you have been on top of this problem, so it is hard to think about anything you could be missing. Have checked that the weir is working correctly?Make sure it is allowing an even flow flow of water into the system and not making any gulping noises?

  3. Just curious if you ever found out what the problem was with your pool? My friend has the exact same problem and sounds like the same plumbing setup.

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