Poolside Chat 65 - What salt system do you suggest for a 60k gallon residential pool?

PSC Ep. 65: What salt system should I use for a 60,000 gallon pool?

In today’s episode of Poolside Chat, Rob and Matt tackle another common swimming pool question: 
  • Do I stack or run parallel, multiple salt cells?

What salt system do you suggest for a 60,000-gallon residential pool?

Manufacturers do make residential pool salt systems designed up to 60,000 gallons. But if you have a 60,000-gallon pool, I wouldn’t recommend one of those because it’s already at full-capacity brand new. It’s going to struggle to keep up with the chlorine demand in the warmer months. Actually, I would recommend going with a two 40,000 gallon units because that will bring you up to 80,000.

Something like the Pureline CrystalPure, Hayward AquaRite, Pentair Intellichlor, any of those are good systems. For any of those three options, buying two units will still cost half as much as a commercial salt system designed for a larger pool. The pool owner that originally asked this question on the forum actually had a really great follow-up question:

He wanted to know if he should install the salt cells one after the other or parallel to each other.

best way to install multiple salt cells on pool

The best method for installation would be to mount the cells parallel to one another. Installing them one after another will prevent the second cell from effectively producing chlorine, this is due to gas bubbles formed in the first cell to disrupt the chlorine production in the second one.

Another benefit parallel plumbing is that it reduces the water flow through each cell and this will prolong the life of the salt cells.

If you have any questions about salt systems or anything else, please leave a question down below in the comments. For all of your pool and small needs, please visit us over at INYOPools.com.

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9 thoughts on “PSC Ep. 65: What salt system should I use for a 60,000 gallon pool?

  1. i have a 58,000 gallon pool and a 4900 gallon catch basin. Do i need to run two salt systems since the overflow wont be running all the time?

    1. You could add another system or supplement the spa with a floating sp chlorinator because it is only 900 gallons over the rating. It’s not ideal, but a heck of a lot cheaper than buying two units.

  2. when you run two salt cells in parallel how do you hook them up electrically? do you splice them together to plug into the controller box or do you have to run two controller boxes?

    1. It would depend on the system. You either need to hook them to two separate control boxes or if it is a model designed to run multiple cells, they can be hooked to the same control box.

      1. Do you have a recommendation on a model that is designed to run multiple cells? I have a 60K gallon inground liner pool that I am wanting to convert using two salt cells ran in parallel.

        1. If you want a salt system that uses one control for multiple cells, you would need a commercial system, which we allude to in the video and article. Commercial systems that use parallel cells start at about $10,000 the last time I checked. A parallel system we used to carry was the Pool Pilot® Professional. You would need to contact the manufacturer for pricing estimates.

          Pentair used to offer the IC80 commercial salt system; it used one cell. But they do not appear to be available any longer. If the IC80 is still available, they would be labeled as TradeGrade and not available through online dealers.

          If you wanted to use multiple control units and cells, you could use any of the three we mention in the article or those listed below.

          POWERCLEAN® Salt Ultra 540 – 52000-240-000
          40,000 Gallons – Wave Series – 52000-140-000

  3. I have a27.5×15 oval inground pool I will like to make it salt water. I need new liner but think to paint it is the epoxy paint ok for salt water

      1. I’m Ron’s Pool Service, Inc. in the biz for 20+ years and have painted a few pools here in South Florida. Looks good for 1 to 3 years, then it will dissolve and come off. Better investment to resurface the pool, lasts 10 times longer.

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