Which Aqua Trol is Right For Me

Which Hayward AquaTrol Is for Me?

The AquaTrol is an above ground pool salt chlorine generator that can chlorinate a pool up to 18,000 gallons. The AquaTrol design is a modified version of hayward’s ultra popular and dependable AquaRite inground pool system. Above ground pools have varying installation quirks  which mean the Aquatrol must be equally as versatile in its application. To be effective, a salt generator must be able to accommodate different pipe types, pool sizes, and deck obstructions.

The Aquatrol is available in four variations: AQ-TROL-RJ, AQ-TROL-RJ-TL, AQ-TROL-HP, AQ-TROL-HP-TL. These model variations allow the homeowner to find the best choice for their application. Likely, those model numbers look like gobbledygook to you, but after this blog, all will be understood.

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HP or RJ

The Aquatrol offers two ways to mount the cell to your plumbing lines: Return Jet (RJ) or Hose/Pipe (HP). The RJ-style is designed with adapters for flex hose commonly used on above ground pools. The RJ is mounted vertically under the return jet with an elbow hooking into the return line. Because of the unique vertical installation the RJ style does not require a flow switch; this is because the vertical mount helps vent any gas that may be created during the salt cell’s operation. Since the RJ model does not need a flow switch this system is roughly $150 less than the HP model and would be my recommendation based on the cost savings.

Aqua Trol RJ Installation

The HP style is designed to be installed directly into 1-¼”, 1-½” or 2” pvc pipe or pool hose. The HP model  can be installed in either the vertical or horizontal position; though Hayward prefers the HP be installed horizontally. The package also includes the flow switch to protect the cell and detect proper waterflow. If installing horizontally, the flow switch is a MUST to keep your salt generator working properly.

Aqua Trol HP Installation

In my opinion both the RJ and HP model are equal in quality, it really comes down to which mounting style is easier for your particular configuration. If you can go with either mounting style then I would suggest the RJ model because of the big cost savings.

Power Plug Typetwist lock plug

The Aquatrol power plug is available in two styles: Standard Three-Prong and Twist-Lock. Standard three prong is your run-of-the-mill plug found on heavy duty extension cords or power hungry household appliances. Most households will only have the three prong plug on the premises making it the default choice.

The Twist Lock plug is not as popular and is more commonly found in the Northeastern United States where occasionally local code mandates this plug. The twist lock plug is a very useful plug, built with circuit continuity in mind. The curved prongs including one with a distinctive hook are inserted into a power receptacle then twisted to lock the plug in place. This design prevents the plug from accidental removal from someone tripping over the cord or plug becoming loose and falling out.

Hopefully, that helps explain the differences between the four Aquatrol unit but if you have any more questions about the Aquatrol or anything else pool related, do not hesitate to email or call 877-372-6038

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35 thoughts on “Which Hayward AquaTrol Is for Me?

  1. Why my Aquatrol RJ control doesn’t display flow alarm when my pump is off ?
    I ‘m sure that is already work yet.

    1. The AquaTrol’s RJ models do not have a flow sensor because of the way it mounts vertically on the wall under the return jet. The mounting position ensures the cell is always filled with water and that any gases created by the cell’s electrolyte are able to escape up and through the return line.

  2. After extensive research I picked up the aquatrol for an above ground pool. What I CAN’T find anywhere (and Hayward has been exactly 0 help) is whether the pump HAS to be plugged into the unit? CT has odd code restrictions- my pool pump and chlorination until are plugged into different outlets, quite a distance apart. If I can’t run the pump separately from the unit I’ll have to return it or get started in a massive electrical overhaul. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers!

  3. I have a AquaTrol but it did not came with a flow switch…. can I install it with one or a need to get one.

    1. I wasn’t sure about this so I tried to dive into Google and manuals for a clear answer, and wouldn’t you know it there isn’t one. Well, at least not one I could find. I am leaning towards saying that it will not work. I base my reasoning on this, the RJ would need to be programmed to bypass the flow sensor alerts. Unless you have a way in the settings to undo that bypass, the new sensor may not be recognized.

      Have you tried reaching out to the manufacturer Hayward?

  4. I have an Aqua Trol with a T-5 cell for my 15k gallon cement built in pool. I know the Trol is for above ground pools, but it has worked fine for 5 years now. It is time to change the cell. I’m thinking about changing the system to a Aqua Rite with a T-9 cell or a Blue Works BLH-20. What do you recommend? The Blue Works is considerably cheaper.

    1. I would avoid the AquaRite because they seem to be money pits. If you went over to our Troubleshooting your Hayward AquaRite article, you could see the seemingly neverending issues commenters have. The controls are not built to last, the boards fry often, and components like the current limiter cheap. I’ve not heard of BlueWorks, but their design looks similar to the Hayward. First, I would make sure it is not a private-labeled version of the AquaRite. Then try to find as many reviews as you can.

      My pick for salt systems is the Intellichlor. The design of the Intellichlor units allow to be much more durable. My mother in law had an AquaRite for years, and it was constantly in need of servicing. I convinced her to switch to the Intellichlor, and it has been smooth sailing for the last couple of years.

  5. I have an Aqua Trol system and was given a T15 cell. Can I use it with this system in an above ground pool?

    1. No. The Aquatrol can’t be set to accept to the TCELL15, the volts and amperage it requires will give the AquaTrol unusual readings. At best, the control will come on, then proceed to flash a bunch of lights and errors.

  6. I have the RJ currently with the T cell 3. The is not function for me to select the different cells. Do I have to stick with the 3 or can I change it to one of the other options (5,9,15)?

  7. Hi,
    After extensive research as a new pool buyer, I bought the AquaTrol component. We decided to put the pool semi in ground and that’s where my problem comes in. I explained to the pool company I ordered everything from what my application was going to be. They didn’t offer me any other option expect for the RJ model. I am not able to mount it vertically on the side of the pool because of the pool being semi in ground. Basically the AquaTrol would be covered it dirt. What should I do?
    Thank you

  8. Hi,
    I have a Hayward Aqua Trol RJ with T cell 5, my cell is damaged and I need to replace it. The Hardware Revision is r1.47. Could you please tell me with which cell I can replace it and the price of this product.

  9. I bought a 19×33 above ground pool and the RJ option was sold to me without discussing other options. I’m planning my pool equipment pad and electrical requirements to be about 16 ft from the pool, closer to the house. So I’m noticing the RJ option has to hang off the side of the pool which will pose a problem as the cord for it won’t reach the control box closer to the house. Can the cell be setup vertically but 16 ft away where all the equipment and electrical plans to be instead of hanging off side of the pool? or should I plan to relocate some electrical closer to the pool for the control box so the cord to the RJ cell can reach the control box? Or I’m going to have to upgrade to HP option I imagine. Any advice would be appreciated.

  10. The only light on my aqua troll above ground pools Chlorinator is the on and off light. None of the other LEDs are lighted. What do I need to do? Thank you!

  11. I have a AquaTrol system and recently installed a inground pool, can I use the AquaTrol control unit and just upgrade The T-cell 3 to a T-cell 9 or 15 it a 22,000 inground pool?

  12. does this unit have a plug for the pump so it can act as a timer? another site lists it as a feature for the tl model. is this info correct? do both have this feature?

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