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Product Description

The Royal Entrance features a clean, beautiful look in an easy-to-install design. Made from rugged polymer, the Royal Entrance has a compartment behind the steps which is easy to fill with sand. The Royal Entrance has skid-resistant steps for sure-footed use and will fit either a 48" or 52" deep pool. New side barriers prevent children from becoming trapped underneath the step and make it compliant with all safety codes. Durable polymer handles make getting into and out of the pool a snap for the young and the old. Please note that these steps are designed for flat bottom pools only.

For pools without decks, add the available ladder attachment kit. The Royal Entrance can hold up to 350 lbs. and measures 43" high x 34" wide x 42" deep. The brackets that attach the Royal Entrance step to the deck measure 24" long. 1 Yr Warranty.

Owners Manual

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43 in.
34 in.
42 in.

Royal Entrance Install Manual (257.79 KB)

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Product FAQs


Q:Can the Royal Entrance Pool steps be used in an above ground pool with the NL102 Peel and Stick Pool Cove (48 inch) in it?

A:Yes you may use the NE103 with the Peel N Stick Pool Cove. You can view our  various pool cove peel and stick products here.


Q:Can the Royal Entrance pool step be bolted into a concrete deck?

A:Yes, the Royal Entrance steps can but the concrete screws are not included in the hardware kit.You would have to buy them at a local hardware store.


Q:For the Royal Entrance Pool Step, if you add sand to this step, will algae form in the pool?

A:Ideally, the sand in the step is kept dry, so algae forming because of the sand will not be a problem.  Ensuring that your pool is properly balanced and all chemicals are in check will limit the growth of algae.We have sold many copies of this step, and have not heard any complaints of algae growth as a result of installation of this step.


Q:Can the Royal Entrance Pool Step fit into Tahitian pool with 54" walls? And what is the maximum height of the deck that the step can fit into?

A:The Royal Entrance Pool step is made for a 48" or 52" Pool.  If you have 54" walls, you will need to use a different step. You can use the Easy Pool Step for 54" walls.


Q:How can I buy just the two straps that go on the handrails and screw into the deck for the Royal Entrance Pool steps?

A:Retail consumers can order directly from the manufacturer, Lumi-O, in instances like this.  Their number is 800-265-1113.  The part number they use on this step is the B-5602.  Please reference it as the Royal Entrance step.


Q:I have an above ground pool surrounded by a deck. I have steps for the pool, but it has no way of attaching them to the deck (like the picture of these steps). Are the arms shown in the picture designed to be screwed directly to the deck? I would like for my steps to be firmly attached.

A:Yes, the Royal Entrance Pool Step does indeed have the capability to attach to the decking that surrounds your above ground pool.  It would require the acquisition of the ladder's attachment kit that would allow it to be firmly screwed into the decking.


Q:I am interested in your Royal Entrance Above Ground Pool steps. What type of material is attached to step to prevent child from getting behind step? Will the water and chemical treatment flow through this material?

A:The safety "fence" that attaches to the step is made of the same polymer as the step.  Essentially, it's a high grade plastic from my understanding.  The area behind the step will not be watertight, so water and chemicals will still be able to flow.


Q:What is the rise and run of each stair?

A:The rise on the step is 11.5" and the run is 34".


Q:My pool is a 18x36 oval pool w/ the banked bottom sides. Will these steps fit my pool?

A:After speaking with the manufacturer, they confirmed that there would be no problem with using the Royal Entrance Above Ground Pool step on a pool with banked bottom sides.


Q:Does this pool step fill with loose sand or sand bags? Can you use something else, like small rocks?

A:For the Royal Entrance Above Ground pool steps, the manufacturer recommends filling the bottom step with loose sand.  The rails are secured to the deck with screws.


Q:My above ground pool has a good deck and also has a sloping bottom. Does this product have an adjustment feature to work on a sloped bottom?

A:No, the Royal Entrance Above Ground Pool steps do not come with an adjustable feature that would allow you to slope the bottom of the steps.


Q:When removing the steps from the pool for the winter, is the fence removable from the step while it is in the pool so it can be lifted out of the pool separate from the steps?

A:You are able to remove the handrails from the steps. You can browse the Royal Entrance Above Ground Pool Step manual for a complete rundown on the installation process.


Q:I have a deck around the pool (12' X 20" Weismueller, 52" deep). Will the Royal Entrance Above Ground Pool steps adapt to a deck mount?

A:You should be ok with your deck. However, you can take a look at the Royal Entrance Above Ground Pool step owner's manual to help decide if it would work well with your deck.


Q:What is the height of this step?

A:The height of the step from the floor to the top step is 47".


Q:Can I change the pump and filter in the pool packages?

A:Yes. You would have to select Customize your Dream Pool. Once you select the pool you want, you will select the liner and optional pool accessories. You can select any above ground pump and filter system you like. We also have a variety of steps, ladders and fencing and decks


Q:Can the steps be used in an above ground pool with the NL102 Peel and Stick Pool Cove (48 inch) in it?

A:Yes these steps be used in an above ground pool with the NL102 Peel and Stick Pool Cove.


Q:Will this step / ladder work with a soft side or Intex pool?

A:This particular product will not work with a soft side or Intex pool but we do carry this ladder which is specifcally designed for Soft Sided and Intex pools

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The Most Helpful Review

8 of 9 people found the following review helpful:

   (4 out of 5 Stars) Royal Entrance Pool Step

Reviewed By: from Chicago IL ()

Pros: Wide stairs are great for young children

Cons: Installation was a challenge

Onground assembly was easy, placing unit in the pool was a challenge: The retainer that keeps the sand in the fence needed additional screws to secure it; the fence fit loosely into holes provided and we needed extra rags to keep it in place when under water. In terms of design, it's great for kids, but does not provide much flow-through for pool water, so algae underneath can become a problem if not cleaned regularly. In light of this, our first season with the unit has been a delight!

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The Most Recent Reviews

1 of 1 person found the following review helpful:

   (4 out of 5 Stars) Dog friendly

Reviewed By: from Sacramento ()

Pros: Easy to install, look great

Cons: Unsturdy handrails

Bought these steps so our dogs could enter and exit our pool. Handrails are a little flimsy, I added a couple extra through bolts to secure the upright rails a little more. Other than that, we love them and our dogs do too.
I just hope they last...

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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

   (3 out of 5 Stars) More like inground pool steps

Reviewed By: from GRATON, CA ()

Pros: Sturdy, More like inground pool stairs.

Cons: Not attractive, and MUCH larger than the picture.

This picture does not really give an idea of how HUGE these steps actually are, nor that they look more like 'Tupperware,' according to my friends...therefore the 3star rating. However, I am using these with an Intex Sequoia 16x48 above ground pool with a faux wood surround and with much adjustment they DO work perfectly with the ladder attachment, (sold separately.) Together it is an altogether safer, and far studier ladder/entrance than the flimsy ladder that came with the pool.

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1 of 1 person found the following review helpful:

   (3 out of 5 Stars) So So stairs

Reviewed By: from Scarborough, ME ()

Pros: Solid construction

Cons: poor attachment, wrong parts in Pkg.

Solid stairs with poor set up instructions, rails not like ones shown in ad, supposedly two lengths of rails but not delivered that way. Flimsy attachment. Soft screws, heads reamed out quickly had to replace. Not worth the money charged.

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1 of 1 person found the following review helpful:

   (5 out of 5 Stars) Excellent Steps

Reviewed By: from Bellefonte, PA ()

Pros: light weight, easy to assemble

Cons: should have said in description about 50 lbs. of stone needed

All in all a good product.

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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful:

   (4 out of 5 Stars) Royal Entrance Pool Step

Reviewed By: from Nashville, TN ()

Pros: Nice Steps

Cons: Safety Fence/Sand Weight

The steps are great but the fence underneath the steps cut water circulation in half. I removed the fence which held 50lbs of sand causing the bottom step to float up a little over an inch. Not a big deal, just have to keep an eye on the kids and make sure they are not trying to swim under the steps and get caught.

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