Energy Efficient A.O. Smith 1 H.P Square Flange Up Rate Motor - UQC1102



Part # UQC1102

By A. O. Smith

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Part # UQC1102

Warranty 1 Year

Alternate Part #'s 11801, EUQC1102, K48K2PA101A2, K48K2PA105, K48K2PA105C1, UQC1102

Product Description

Voltage 115/230, Max Amps 115V = 12.6 230V = 6.3, Single Speed, Square Flange, RPM = 3450, Threaded Shaft, Frame = 48Y Used on the following models: Sta-Rite Max-E-Glas, Max-E-Glas II, Dura-Glas, Dura-Glas II, Dyna-Glas, Dyna-Max Pentair Whisperflow, Pinnacle and Anthony AR2 Series.

Motor Dimensions Motor Dimensions
Motor Image Motor Image

Product Specifications

Motor Name:
1 HP UQC1102 Replacement Pool Motor
1 HP
3450 RPM
115/230 V
12.6/6.3 amp
Service Factor:
Total HP:
1.25 HP
Stock #:
Overload Protector:
Dimension Letter:
11 - 1/4 in.
Commonly Used On:
Sta-Rite Max-E-Glas, Max-E-Glas II, Dura-Glas, Dura-Glas II, Dyna-Glas, Dyna-Max Pentair Whisperflow, Pinnacle and Anthony AR2 Series
Energy Efficient:
Energy Efficient

?     Asked on 3/29/2017 by Gretchen

Hello, I'm looking to replace the capacitor for the motor : STA RITE MODEL P4E6E-151L, I can't seem to locate one. Will this motor work? is it better to replace the whole motor and pump vs. just the capacitor? On a very tight budget & I need to get the pool going. It's been very loud since Sunday. Thank you in advance.

A     Answered on 3/29/2017 by Lennox H.

Hi, Gretchen. Replacing the capacitor will not fix the problem of a loud motor. When the motor becomes very noisy that's an indicator that the motor bearings are failing. The replacement for your model pump would be the QC1102 motor. If you're unable to replace the entire motor you can get the bearings replace.

?     Asked on 2/25/2017 by terry

I want to replace my maxi-glass48y 1hp k48l2pa101 pool pump motor will this work

A     Answered on 2/27/2017 by Andy O.

Hello Terry- Based off the part number you provided (k48l2pa101) the correct motor for your Maxi-glas is the 1.0 HP Full Rate EE Motor (B864SE) - QC1102 and not the Energy Efficient A.O. Smith 1 H.P Square Flange Up Rate Motor - UQC1102. The QC1102 is a Full Rate motor with a total HP of 1.65 whereas the UQC1102 only has a total HP of 1.25. Putting the UQC1102 on your pump without changing the impeller will harm the motor and cause premature failure.

?     Asked on 1/23/2017 by Linda Brandt

I want to replace my Sta-Rite Max-E-Glas II motor P4E62E-187L (1hp). Will the energy efficient model UQC1102 work with my existing pump?

A     Answered on 1/24/2017 by Adam Y.

Good morning Linda, Yes this motor will work. You will also need to replace the shaft seal and o-rings. You can all of them in a kit. The kit is a Gokit38.

?     Asked on 11/27/2016 by Dave D

I'm looking to purchase this motor to replace my USQ1102 motor. What tune up kit do I need? My pump basket doesn't have any name on it. However, there is a partial metal plate attached to the back of the pump that looks like it says Sta-Rite Industries. The number on the plate (the ones I can make out) are 2RA5E-124L. There's s code number 1L92. Thanks.

A     Answered on 11/28/2016 by Adam Y.

Good morning Dave, This is the Gokit Part # you looking for Tune Up Kit Sta Rite Dura Glas & Max E Glas Pump Pre 1998 - GOKIT6

?     Asked on 11/9/2016 by Mike Flaherty

I'm trying to replace a 1 hp pump motor made by ao smith part # 7-193221-02. Serial# CA03-01. Do you have a replacement that is compatable?

A     Answered on 11/10/2016 by Stacey M.

Hello Mike, this motor is for Sta-Rite Max-E-Glas, Max-E-Glas II, Dura-Glas, Dura-Glas II, Dyna-Glas, Dyna-Max Pentair Whisperflow, Pinnacle and Anthony pumps. If you have a Hayward you want to get A.O. Smith 1 HP Energy Efficient Round Flange Up Rate Motor - UCT1102. To get you a pump seal kit we would need to know the type of pump you have which is located on the side of the pump basket.

?     Asked on 8/21/2016 by Alex

Have the AT 251001-01 pump and need to replace the motor. Mine says Type UAC and this reads UAK. Will this fit? What is the difference? Thanks

A     Answered on 8/25/2016 by Lennox H.

Hi Alex, The UAC and UAK refer to the capacitor type but this motor will fit the At251001-01 pump.

?     Asked on 8/17/2016 by

What would be the variable speed motor replacement for Flotec pump with motor model number at251001-01, 1hp, 48y frame, motor number c48j2pa105c1

A     Answered on 8/20/2016 by Lennox H.

Hi, The ECM16SQU VS Motor is the motor that you can use to convert the AT251001-01 pump to a variable speed pump. When replacing the motor we also recommend getting the FloTec Tune Up Kit (GOKIT44).

?     Asked on 7/16/2016 by thomas clancy

need propeller blade that would go with it. cant get blade off

A     Answered on 7/21/2016 by Lennox H.

Hi Thomas, We will need to know the model of the pump housing or the part number that's on the impeller in order to locate the replacement.

?     Asked on 5/22/2016 by

i have a sta-rite model mpra6e-147L motor. what is the replacement motor? one HP type B max amps 15.3/7.6 9 year old in ground pool. thanks Tony

A     Answered on 5/22/2016 by Patrick P.

The direct replacement motor for your sta-rite dyna-glas model mpra6e-147L 1 HP pump would be a USQ1102 Replacement Motor. The motor on this page is the energy efficient version of your USQ1102 so by going with the UQC1102 you will be saving roughly 30% on your operational cost. Either way you go you will need a DynaGlas Shaft Seal Kit when you do the replacement.

?     Asked on 5/3/2016 by Michael lukas

i ordered : Energy efficient A.O Smith 1 HP Square Flange Up Rite Motor to replace my burned up Star-rite dura-glas 1 hp ...what tune up kit do i need ?

A     Answered on 5/4/2016 by Alan M.

Hello Michael, the correct tune up kit for a Sta-Rite Dura Glas pump would be the GOKIT6 for pumps PRE-1998 or the GOKIT54 for pumps 1998-present.

?     Asked on 4/27/2016 by

I have an eusq1102 motor on a pentair pinnacle . Will this motor work?

A     Answered on 4/27/2016 by Lennox H.

Hi, This motor will also work as a replacement for the EUSQ1102 motor. I would also recommend that you get the Pentair/Pacfab Pinnacle Tune Up Kit (GOKIT24).

?     Asked on 3/9/2016 by Joe

Hello, I need to replace my waterfall pump motor model Sta Rite Max-E-Glass II model# P4E6E-187L. I notice when I put this model number in your search feature, it recommends part# UQC1102. When I check the dimensions on the replacement motor it indicated 11" long, my motor is 13". Will this replacement motor still work? Thanks, Joe

A     Answered on 3/10/2016 by Lennox H.

Hi Joe, Actually the A.O. Smith 1.0 HP Motor Full Rated EE (QC1102) would be the correct replacement motor for the Sta Rite Max-E-Glass II P4E6E-187L pump. I would also recommend getting the Sta-Rite Max-E-Glas II / DuraGlas II Tune Up Kit (GOKIT38).

?     Asked on 3/8/2016 by Paul

I have a Sta-Rite Max-E-Pro with motor model K48K2PA105C1. Would the appropriate replacement pump be the USQ1102 or the UQC1102?

A     Answered on 3/9/2016 by Lennox H.

Hi Paul, Either motor can work, however I would recommend the full rate (QC1072) motor. I would also recommend getting the Sta-Rite Max-E-Pro Tune Up Kit.

?     Asked on 2/29/2016 by Maria

Mod#251001 Flotec

A     Answered on 2/29/2016 by Andy O.

Maria, The UQC1102 Energy Efficient A.O. Smith 1 H.P Square Flange Up Rate Motor would be the correct motor replacement. You will also need a shaft seal which is 5250-106.

?     Asked on 2/28/2016 by Maria

I have a flotec pump the motor is leaking water though the bottom and making some weird noise. I'm wondering could it be the motor.

A     Answered on 2/29/2016 by Lennox H.

Hi Maria, That is an indication that the shaft seal failed allowing water to leak into the motor. The weird noise that you're hearing is probably the motor bearing failing due to water leaking into the motor. I would recommend replacing the motor along with the shaft seal. If you can provide with the motor CAT or MOD # and the model of the Flotec pump we can locate the correct parts needed.

?     Asked on 2/18/2016 by Dave

I have a Sta-Rite P4E6E-151L pump and a Magnetek Century Centurion switchless motor Type 1 Hp. What would be a good replacement unit for these. Thanks, Dave

A     Answered on 2/18/2016 by Lennox H.

Hi Dave, Base off of the Sta-Rite model # P4E6E-151L, the A.O. Smith 1.0 HP Square Flange EE Full Rate Motor (QC1102) will be the correct replacement motor. I would also recommend getting the Sta-Rite Max-E-Glas II / DuraGlas II Tune Up Kit (GOKIT38).

?     Asked on 2/5/2016 by Michael Barbour

What is the correct replacement motor for the Sta Rite Dura Glas pump model # P2RA5E-124L?

A     Answered on 2/5/2016 by Alex V.

Thank you for your question. You can either use the USQ1102 or the UQC1102 motor. The difference between the 2 motors is that the UQC1102 is more energy efficient. I would also recommend replacing the shaft seal. The P2RA5E-124L has 2 different shaft seals depending on the age of the pump.

?     Asked on 2/1/2016 by terrye

Which motor is the right one for a Flotec AT251501-01

A     Answered on 2/2/2016 by Andy O.

Terrye- The correct motor for your flotec AT251501-01 would be a Energy Efficient A.O. Smith 1 1/2 H.P Square Flange Up Rate Motor UQC1152. I would also recommend the shaft seal for it which would be 35-423-1096.

?     Asked on 10/4/2015 by joe

What is the correct replacement motor for sta rite maxi glas II 1 hp p4e6e--187L? both regular and energy efficient.

A     Answered on 10/8/2015 by Lennox H.

Hi Joe, The A.O. Smith 1.0 HP Motor Full Rated EE (QC1102) or the A.O. Smith 1 1/2 H.P Square Flange EE Up Rate Motor (UQC1152) would  the correct replacement motors for the Sta-Rite Max Glas II P4E6E-187L Pump.

?     Asked on 8/30/2015 by Chin

Are B8241 different in size and ability than UQC1102? I used to have B8241 (56Y). Will that be a problem if I switch to UQC1102 (48Y)? Thanks,

A     Answered on 9/2/2015 by Lennox H.

Hi Chin, The B2841 is a 1 HP full rated motor which has a total hp of 1.65 and a frame size of 56Y, the UQC1102 is a 1 HP up rated energy efficient motor which has a total hp of 1.25 and a frame size of 48Y. If you currently have the B2841 you would need to change the impeller of the pump and use the motor pad to support the smaller frame size if you want to use the UQC1102. You would also need to make sure that downsizing the motor would not be a problem. 

?     Asked on 8/28/2015 by Dave

Can I buy the starter capacitor for my 1 hp motor ?

A     Answered on 8/31/2015 by Lennox H.

Hi Dave, The 124-149 MFD 125V Start Capacitor (BC-124) would be the correct start capacitor for the UQC1102 motor.

?     Asked on 4/26/2015 by Yvette Shuler

Will this motor fit a Flotec AT251001-01 pool pump?

A     Answered on 4/27/2015 by Andy O.

Yvette- The UQC1102 is the correct motor for your Flotex AT251001. I would also recommend a shaft seal which is part # 5057-07 (37400-0027s).

?     Asked on 2/28/2015 by Chet

Is the UQC1102 the right motor for a Sta Rite model P2RA5F-182L pump and if so, which tune up kit should I buy with the motor? If not, then which motor and tune up kit would be correct?

A     Answered on 3/2/2015 by Robert M.

Hello Chet - The correct replacement motor for the P2RA5F-182L is the UQC1152. The tune up kit for Dura-Glas models manufactured before 1998 is GOKIT6. The tune up kit for models manufactured since 1998 is GOKIT54. If your seal plate has a copper cone it is pre 1998. If it does not, you have a 1998-current model.

?     Asked on 1/11/2015 by kenneth garcia

Is the UQC1102 the correct replacement motor for Sta-rite model k48k2pa105c1 1hp Max-E-Glas?

A     Answered on 1/12/2015 by Robert M.

Hello Kenneth - The UQC1102 would be the correct replacement motor for the K48K2PA105C1 1HP Max-E-Glas.

?     Asked on 1/12/2012 by Guest

Why should I purchase a Tune Up Kit?

A     Answered on 1/12/2012 by Patrick P.

A Tune Up Kit includes all of the essential replacement seals and gaskets for the pump. The seals and gaskets should be replaced when installing a new motor on your pump. New seals will prevent the pump from leaking water or losing the prime. A Tune Up Kit will protect your motor and ensure that the pump is working efficiently.

?     Asked on 1/12/2012 by Guest

Why do I need to purchase a new shaft seal?

A     Answered on 1/12/2012 by Patrick P.

We strongly recommend replacing the shaft seal. The purpose of a shaft seal is to prevent water from running down the shaft of the motor and into the motor housing. Water will damage the bearings and cause the motor to fail. A new shaft seal should be installed whenever a motor is replaced. The motor manufacturer can deny the warranty if the motor fails to due to water damage from a faulty shaft seal. To find your shaft seal you will need to visit our Pool Pump Parts Page or the Spa Pump Parts Page and select your make and model.

?     Asked on 1/11/2012 by Guest

What is Service Factor?

A     Answered on 1/11/2012 by Patrick P.

Service Factor(SF) is a multiplier that when multiplied by the horsepower of the motor indicates the total permissible horsepower loading that may be carried when the motor is operating at rated voltage and frequency. The most important thing to remember when replacing a motor is that the replacement motor's horsepower times its service factor must be equal to or greater than the original motor's horsepower times its service factor. The Service Factor rating can be found on the motor label. See Step 4 of our How to Read a Pool Motor Label guide.


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 (5 out of 5 stars)  Perfect Replacement

from Homosassa, FL ()

Pros: Perfect fit for old motor

Cons: Removing old impeller - no way to grasp motor shaft

I paid a little more to get a more efficient motor. Ordered on a Saturday & delivered Tues. After some difficulty in removing the impeller from the shaft of the old motor (there is no good way to grasp the motor shaft and I gingerly used a pipe wrench to dislodge the impeller), installation was a snap following the instructions available on INYO's web site. I recommend purchasing the GO-KIT tune up package as the shaft seal showed wear after 8 years & the gaskets tend to dry out and stretch. The new motor was up and running quietly in about 2 hours start to finish.

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The Most Recent Reviews

 (4 out of 5 stars)  Energy Efficient Motor

from Fernandina Beach, FL ()

Pros: easy to install

Cons: no "real" installation instructions

Although there weren't any "installation instructions" included (we found a couple of videos) - that's the reason for only "4 stars", it was still fairly easy to install. It's nice to have a quiet sounding motor running again!

Was this review helpful to you? 

 (5 out of 5 stars)  

from Folsom, CA ()

Pros: Easy to install

Cons: None

Easy to install and works great! I did use the video tutorial available from Inyopool and one I found on youtube.

Was this review helpful to you? 

 (4 out of 5 stars)  Really quiet pool pump


After installing the pump I was amazed how quiet it was compared to my old pump. Very happy customer.

Was this review helpful to you? 

1     0

 (4 out of 5 stars)  Quiet Pump Motor

from Asheville NC ()

Pros: Quiet

Cons: Original motor defective from this mfg but warranty honored

This is the second pump motor I installed as the original pmp motor (same brand and model) had the bearings wear out prematurely and may have been defective from the factory initially. However, the replacement pump provided under warranty is extremely quiet and there were no problems installing it after replacing the shaft seal. Rob from Inyopools was extremely helpful in getting the mfg to replace the defective pump motor as it was within the one year warranty.

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 (5 out of 5 stars)  Easy to Install

from Tampa, FL ()

Save some money and install it yourself. There are a couple of videos on the internet that will explain exactly how to put in a pool motor. I had this one installed in about an hour.

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2     0

 (5 out of 5 stars)  High Efficiency pump motor

from Palm Coast, FL ()

Did not have to pay extra for express shipping. Noticed my old pump motor was having trouble on Saturday and had the new pump motor installed by Tuesday. Packaged well and right out of the box you can see that this is a SUPERIOR PRODUCT. Motor wired up exactly as the old one and the motor mounted correctly to the pump housing. Feels more powerful although the rpm is the same. I will have to see what impact it may have on the power bill.

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 (5 out of 5 stars)  

from citrus heights, CA ()

great replacement pump worked perfectly

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