Swimming Pool Filter - Sand - Top Mount Valve 14" Tank - S144T



Model # S144T

By Hayward Pool Products

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Model # S144T

Warranty 1 Year

Product Description

Hayward sand filters are the very latest in pool filter technology. Molded of durable, corrosion-proof polymeric material, they feature attractive, unitized tank construction for years of trouble-free operation with only minimal care. Pro Series sets a new standard for performance, value and dependability. 


  • Above Ground pools
  • Water features--(fish ponds, fountains, water gardens)


  • Flange clamp design allows 360 degree rotation of valve to simplify plumbing
  • Integral top diffuser ensures even distribution of water over the top of the sand media bed. Full-size internal piping provides smooth, free-flowing performance
  • Unitized, corrosion-proof filter tank molded of rugged, colorfast polymeric material for dependable, all-weather performance
  • 4-position Hayward Vari-Flo control valve with easy-to-use lever-action handle lets you dial any of the 4 valve/filter functions. Integral sight glass lets you see when backwash cycle is completed
  • Efficient, multi-lateral underdrain assembly, with 360 degree slotted, self-cleaning laterals, gives totally balanced flow and backwashing
  • Integral molded drain plug for easy draining of tank, without the loss of sand 

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Product Specifications

Plumbing Size:
1 1/2 in.
50 lbs.
Flow Rating:
25 GPM
Filtration Area:
1.07 sq. ft.
Valve Location:
Valve Type:
Multiport Valve:
Turnover 8 Hrs.:
12000 gal.
Turnover 10 Hrs.:
15000 gal.
Sand Required:
50 lbs.

?     Asked on 9/9/2018 by Brian

Is there an optimal operating pressure for S144T, S164T models. I forgot to note the start up reading so I'm a bit mystified as to when to backwash.

A     Answered on 9/18/2018 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi, Brian. Unfortunately, there is not an optimal operating pressure for filters. As long as it does not exceed the max operating pressure. You can backwash the filter not, then notate the pressure reading. 

?     Asked on 8/29/2018 by

replaced gasket or seal the sand thing that sits in the middle of filter tr6ying to fix problem of filter blowing sand in pool while running filter i would like to know why it does this and can it be fixed .

A     Answered on 8/29/2018 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi. Check out our Sand in Your Pool Blog for troubleshooting tips. 

?     Asked on 6/17/2018 by Tiffani

What is the best type of sand to use in this filter?

A     Answered on 6/17/2018 by InyoPools Product Specialist Alex V.

Tiffani, You only want to use 20 grade filter sand. 

?     Asked on 3/28/2018 by Pam

I have a S144T Hayward sand filter, I have misplaced the drain cap

A     Answered on 3/29/2018 by InyoPools Product Specialist Hector F.

Please click here to view the parts diagram for your filter. The drain cap and gasket are listed at key 10. 

?     Asked on 3/2/2018 by RICHARD

Is this filter a good choice for an enclosed pool with small activity in the summer. Also,is this a low maintenance filter?

A     Answered on 3/2/2018 by InyoPools Product Specialist Hector F.

This system is designed for very small above ground pools, ponds, water features or fountains. 

?     Asked on 3/2/2017 by Peter Rapisaldo

I have an above ground pool 16' X 28' X 48" What are my sand filter options? What is the difference between Hayward and other brands you may offer? Please provide filter only option and one that is complete (with pump)

A     Answered on 3/2/2017 by InyoPools Product Specialist Megan C.

Your pool is approximately 10,600 gallons I recommend the Sand Filter W/Top Mount Valve 20" Tank - S210T. The filter will provide a turnover of 21,120 gallons of water in 8-hours and has a flow rating of 44 gallons per minute. If you are seeking the pump filter combo the Hayward S210T Filter w/ 1.5 HP Matrix Pump - S210T93S will be your ideal package.

?     Asked on 8/2/2016 by Zac

I'm looking for a sand filter for 16x32 swim area 15000 gals

A     Answered on 8/9/2016 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi Zac, We will also need to know the gpm rating that you pump is putting out in order to recommend what size filter you will need.

?     Asked on 7/25/2016 by Florence Sacco

when vaccuuming an above ground 27' round Pool what setting should the filter be on

A     Answered on 7/28/2016 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi Florence, The filter can be in either the "Filter" or "Waste" position when vacuuming your pool. When in filter mode the debris will go into the filter then you will have to backwash it out or when in the waste mode the debris will go out of the backwash port but you will need to keep an eye on the pool water level.

?     Asked on 6/6/2016 by

I have A S166T sand filter the problem is my return flow decreases rapitly I've checked for cracks in the down spout Cleared the bottom legs changed the sand and still the same when I backwash the backwash presure is strong ant ideas

A     Answered on 6/12/2016 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi, It sounds like something could be clogging you return line, try blowing out your line to see if that solve your problem. With the sand in the filter being new I don't think the filter is the problem.

?     Asked on 8/31/2015 by James

I have a 12x24 above ground oval pool with a 1HP hi/lo switchable speed. Right now I have the s166t sand filter plumbed with 1.5" pvc pipe . From what I think I can replace this with the s144t??

A     Answered on 9/4/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi James, I would not recommend downsizing your filter from the S166T to the S144T model sand filter. You're going to have to clean out the filter more and the filtering ability will also be less.

?     Asked on 7/24/2015 by Tonya Johann

Would this filter work with a 18 round 54 deep above ground pool

A     Answered on 7/24/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Hector F.

Yes this filter can turn over the amount of water in that pool in approximately 8 hours. Please be sure that the pump does not exceed the gallons per minute rating for this filter being 25.

?     Asked on 7/12/2015 by steve

when i get a sand filter is it ready to hook up

A     Answered on 7/13/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi Steve, You will have to assemble the lateral and add the sand to the filter, once that is complete the filter is ready to use. You can find installation and set-up instructions in the Hayward S144T, S164T Owner's Manual.

?     Asked on 7/10/2015 by Gary Martin

Can I use the sand filter system for my aprox. 300 gal. pond with fish? I can not get rid of the green. Gary V

A     Answered on 7/10/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Hi Gary, yes I would feel comfortable suggesting this filter your 300 gallon pond application.

?     Asked on 7/6/2015 by GARY KALUZNY


A     Answered on 7/8/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi Gary, If you have the Hayward S144T Sand Filter, you can find the replacement tank and valve via the Hayward Pro Top Mount Sand Filter 14" Parts List. If you want to replace the entire filter would recommend the 16" Tank Sand Filter with Top Mount Valve (S166T) or the 18" Tank Sand Filter with Top Mount Valve (S180T) it will allow you to backwash less provide better water flow.

?     Asked on 6/23/2015 by nANCY


A     Answered on 6/24/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi Nancy, That is an indicator of either the Lateral (SX200SN) or the Center Pipe w/Hub & Lateral Assy (SX144DA) needs to be replaced.

?     Asked on 6/22/2015 by

What would be the correct size filter and pump for my 14x10 pool?

A     Answered on 6/23/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

The Hayward S144T Top Mount Sand Filter can be suitable for your 14x10 pool depending on the size pump you have. I would not recommend using a pump that exceeds 3/4hp or a flow rate of 40 GPM.

?     Asked on 6/21/2015 by George

is the sight glass, hard to get, at local pool suppliers In my area. Which is Glace Bay,NS

A     Answered on 6/21/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Hector F.

Being a Hayward Pool Product, locating these parts across the United States should not be to difficult. Canada is likely a different story. Unfortunately we do not have access to local retailers in your area as far as their inventory is concerned. I would advise to do some more research and contact a few pool retailers in your area and or even contact Hayward so they may advise of any retailers in your area that supply their products. Here is their conatct number (866) 772-2100.

?     Asked on 6/20/2015 by george

What is the small glass object that is screwed on to the pool filter?

A     Answered on 6/21/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Alex V.

George, It is a sight glass. It allows you to monitor the water during backwashing.

?     Asked on 6/4/2015 by

Which sand filter will I need for above ground pool 24x48

A     Answered on 6/7/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Alex V.

Hello, For a 24' round above ground pool, I would recommend an 18" sand filter.

?     Asked on 6/2/2015 by Shellbert

Why are we getting sand in our pool?? It's an in ground pool.

A     Answered on 6/2/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Hi Shellbert, We have a great Article On Why am I Getting Sand in My Pool which will explain the common factors which cause this issue.

?     Asked on 3/5/2015 by

how big of a filter do I need for a 18" 48 ' deep pool?

A     Answered on 3/5/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Wes B.

For a pool your size my recommendation would be part number (s244t)  the s144t is for above ground pools less then 8,000 gal.

?     Asked on 5/1/2013 by Guest

Is the multi-port valve sold separately by itself for Hayward Sand Filter model # S144T?

A     Answered on 5/1/2013 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Yes, the multi-port valve is sold separately as a replacement part, which is part # SP0714T.

?     Asked on 5/1/2013 by Guest

Does the Hayward Sand Filter, model # S144T, come with the multi-port valve?

A     Answered on 5/1/2013 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Yes, Hayward Sand Filter model # S144T, does come with the multi-port valve.

?     Asked on 3/1/2012 by Guest

How often do I have to replace the sand in my filter? What is normal operating pressure?

A     Answered on 3/1/2012 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

On a "fresh start-up" a filter would operate anywhere between 10-20 psi. As a general rule of thumb you only want to backwash when the pressure increases 8-10 psi. You want to make certain that the pump is being turned off whenever you move the handle on the valve. Once backwashing is complete (3-5 minutes), you can switch to the rinse option to re-settle the sand bed. Sand will typically last 5-7 years. Premature backwashing will wear down the size of the sand which will cause difficulties such as cloudy water and higher operating pressures.

?     Asked on 1/27/2012 by Guest

When should I change the sand in my filter?

A     Answered on 1/27/2012 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

You should change the sand in your filter every 5-7 years. You can generally tell that it is time if your pool water is not as clear as it normally is or when you notice the interval between backwashes is shorter. You can use > this guide to walk you through it.


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