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Part # PE24VA

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Part # PE24VA

Product Description

Designed with quality in mind, Intermatic's 24-volt valve actuators provide reliable control of 2-way and 3-way diverter valves for pool/spa combinations and water features. The water flow can be altered for specific applications through the adjustable cam, which rotates diverter valves to multiple degree settings. The cam settings can be easily adjusted by simply removing the lid.

These valve actuators are compatible with all pool/spa valves currently offered in the industry and will retro fit into all pool/spa control systems.


Automates compatible diverter valves for pool/spa combos Adjustable cam rotates diverter valves to multiple degree settings Designed to operate most 2-way and 3-way diverter valves offered within the pool industry Retro fits into all pool/spa controls on the market For maximum convenience in pool/spa automation, PE24VA valve actuators can be used in conjunction with PAV Series diverter valves.

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?     Asked on 7/16/2018 by

The spa jets stopped working after repeated pushing of the on/off button. How do i resolve this issue?

A     Answered on 7/17/2018 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi. Use the Intermatic  PE24VA Valve Actuator Manual to troubleshoot the valve if it's not. functioning properly. 

?     Asked on 6/4/2018 by MIke

I have an intermatic PE24VA valve for my solar system. I am looking to replace the mico-switches on it. Can you send me a quote for those switches please?

A     Answered on 6/4/2018 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi, Mike. Unfortunately, we're unable to provide you with replacement parts for this Intermatic Valve Actuator. 

?     Asked on 4/13/2017 by

does this valve actuator have a reversing switch? Joe

A     Answered on 4/14/2017 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi. This actuator does have a toggle switch that indicates Auto On 1, OFF, and Auto On 2 but not a reversing switch. You can manually operate the valve while it's in the Off position without power or adjusting the toggle switch from position 1 to position 2 or vice versa with power.

?     Asked on 6/20/2016 by shelia

what is the return policy and can I change myself.

A     Answered on 6/20/2016 by InyoPools Product Specialist Alan M.

Hello Shelia, here is a link to our return policy. Also, please review our "How To Replace an Actuator Valve" how to guide to determine if you feel comfortable tackling this task. Thank you!

?     Asked on 5/11/2015 by Zachary

I have a Raypak PS165VSP variable speed pool pump. Does the controller on this pump have the capability of controlling 24vac Intermatic Valve Actuator?

A     Answered on 5/12/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

The actuator would not be controlled by the pump but rather through and automated control system. If you have an automated control system like the Jandy Aqualink, Hayward ProLogic, Pentair EasyTouch or Pentair Intellitouch then this valve actuator would be controlled by the automated control system.

?     Asked on 9/21/2012 by Guest

Is the PE24VA 24V AC or DC?

A     Answered on 9/21/2012 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

The PE24VA is 24V AC.

?     Asked on 9/15/2008 by Guest

How is it possible that this valve actuator will fit on any 2 or 3 way valve?

A     Answered on 9/15/2008 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

The most common valves in the industry are Jandy, Compool, Pentair,Hayward, and Intermatic.  These mfg'rs make up 99% of the valves on the market.  All of these mfg'rs use the same bolt pattern on their valves.  Since they use a common bolt pattern, the valve accuators are interchangeable.  Click here to view all our  valve actuators


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