Liner Guard Floor Padding 28' Round Pool


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Product Description

Liner Guard is an innovative addition to the Yard Guard family of products. The geotextile fabric protects above-ground liners from punctures caused by rocks and tree roots.

Liner Guard provides constant protection:

  • Made of durable one-piece fabric, it allows moisture to pass harmlessly through.
  • One piece construction with no cutting, taping or measuring - just take out of the box and lay over the base.
  • Porous - the fabric allows moisture to pass through.
  • Cushioned feeling - the density of the fabric will not completely compress giving a softer pool bottom.
  • The strong Geotextile fabric composition helps reduce rock, roots, sand, etc. from penetrating which will damage and destroy the liner.
  • Smoother use of pool cleaners.
  • Increases the value of the pool.
  • Fits all standard pool sizes and shapes.
  • It is mold and mildew resistant.
  • Reduces vinyl staining.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Fifteen year warranty.

Screen base, roots or other sharp objects can work their way through your sand base and puncture the liner. Liner Guard helps to protect your liner, cushioning it and creating a softer pool bottom.

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28 ft.

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Asked on 07/18/2011 by Guest

How think is the liner guard?

Inyo Answer

Answered on 07/18/2011 by Product Specialist Patrick P.

The material is about 1/8" thick.

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