How to clean a green pool

How to Clean a Green Pool?

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    1. Another trick that I learned from some very innovative person.

      You can use PVC with threaded ends, diesel filters and hose clamps to make very inexpensive supplemental filters that you screw into the return jets in the pool. These filters help to capture very small particles, like dirt/sand/dead algae, that might just recirculate through your pool cartridges, especially when vacuuming. The filters help to clean up a very dirty pool very quickly.

      The supplemental filters can be easily cleaned by unscrewing the assembly, removing the filter, which is secured by a hose clamp, turning the filter wrong-side-out and cleaning them with a water hose and even bleach if needed.

      Overall, each filter assembly probably cost less then $10. And they really help keep the pool clean.

      I don’t put a filter on one of the jets, that way it doesn’t restrict water flow too much. The other 3 jets on my pool have the filter assemblies screwed in. The filters usually come with a plastic rim around the top, which you should but off before attaching them to PVC fittings with a hose clamp. Stainless steel clamps are recommended, since they shouldn’t rust.

      You can probably find more info on this by googling or looking on youtube. I can’t recall the web site where I learned about it. I have been using them for a couple of years now.

      Good luck and sparkling pool!!!

  1. Just to say what a fantastic site INYO is, I am half way through a pool build in France, so much of your advice relevant, thank you, Ron

  2. Great read! Cleaning a green pool will take time and hard work but it’s definitely something you can do with the right tools and knowledge. Hiring a professional is always an option but if you want to do it yourself this post gives you all the steps you need in order to get a clean pool. Make sure to keep monitoring your pH levels as they can change often throughout the process.

  3. Wow! So much more than the local professionals told us! We were wondering if we had made a big mistake with a pool in Montana. You’re videos and resources are excellent. We will be purchasing products from you. Thanks for the great website!

  4. Excellent. I’m just learning about pool chemistry for our above ground pool. If only we could get the TF-100 test kit in Europe!

    It must have been satisfying to turn that green swamp into a clear pool again, rather than simply draining and refilling.

  5. The solution appears to be like cogent and intriguing. Terrific Luck! I’ll be sitting down down inside accurately…

  6. What if the walls of the pool are saturated with algae. Is it necessary to drain the pool. Our pool look the same as the pool in the video. Time to evict the algae creature.

  7. Fci is 3, brim is 6, to is 5, alk 180, ph 7.2, th 250,, cya 100. Water cloudy, what chemicals to use?

    1. I suggest using some clarifier to clear up the cloudiness. But the rating you posted are a little confusing, can you confirm some of them?
      BRM (brim) is for Bromine. But it also shows you have chlorine. Which are you using? Is to suppose to say TC for total chlorine?

  8. One thing I kept expecting to see but never appeared was algaecide. Our local shop — 70+ years in the business and extremely successful — includes algaecide in both their closing and opening kits. We’ve had our pool for more than ten years now and have always used these kits. And we’ve never had any problems with algae. So I am curious as to why it was totally omitted from your process.

    1. We used the SLAM method for cleaning up this pool. That method focuses on chlorine being the main factor for killing the bloom. An algaecide is a helpful tool if you choose to use it, but it is not a must. Plus it can add extra work on the backend of clean up because it can cause foaming and raise metal levels in your water

  9. Our pool had a terrible algae bloom a couple of weeks ago, almost out of nowhere. I watched the video and tried the SLAM method, worked perfectly. I combined the instructions with other info I found online about the different types of shock. I started the afternoon of July 1st; and by July 2nd late afternoon the pool was already turning from green to blue/green. By July 5th the pool was clear of algae and ready for swimming. Thanks so much for your tips and videos!

  10. I had my pool water tested and the only thing that was off was the chlorine. The levels were a little high but other than that everything else came back in range. I’ve been shocking the pool, vacuuming the pool and changed out the filter cartridge but the water is still green and cloudy. Ideas?

    1. Like we covered in the video, you just have to keep repeating the process. It is still green because you haven’t killed all the algae yet, i.e. don’t have enough chlorine in the pool. And the cloudiness could be dead algae remnants.

      1. Hey Matt – I have a Hayward ProGrid D.E. 4820 filter system. The SLAM says I should clean the filter daily. Does that mean I should be Backwashing, cleaning and re-charging the DE everyday? Thanks for all the help!

  11. The target levels for free chlorine shown on your chart are much higher than other sources suggest. For example, All Clear lists a level of 1-1.5 as ideal, and Taylor Technologies lists 2 to 4 as ideal. What am I missing?

  12. Hi INTO POOLS team. I would like to say thanks for your advises as they work very very perfect.

    Keep on doing a good job.

  13. We were thinking of buying a fixer upper for our 1st home. The pool has been neglected for years and looks just like your pool. It has an enclosure ,albeit holes in the screen, so I’m hoping there won’t be as much debris. How much does a service like this cost? Since its a fixer upper we will have a lot of other projects and to have even a cost range would really help me make the best decision. Thanks in advance

  14. Updated- Will you help me figure out how to SLAM my pool correctly? I have done the testing with the
    TF100 Kit. Should I brush the pool and clean the filter everyday until it is clear again? I am using the poolmath app. How often should I test the Chlorine level and is the CYA level too low for SLAMing? Thanks

    FC – 12
    CH -50PPM
    TA -80
    CYA – 30

    1. Maintain your shock levels until the water is clear or hazy clear. The haziness is just dead algae remnants. I would test your chlorine at least once a day to make sure your water is maintaining is chlorine levels. Your CYA levels are fine.

  15. Just opened my pool to green water and these values
    Ammonia 4+
    Free chlorine .37
    TC 1.61
    Combined chlorine 1.24
    Ph 7.6
    Total alkalinity 134
    Calcium 225
    Cyanuric acid 0
    Phosphates 3719
    It is chlorine 18×36 inground pool with zeolite medium, how do you recommend getting balanced.

  16. Hi Matthew.
    I have an outdoor residential in ground 15,500 gallon pool.
    Today using my Taylor Technologies 2006 test kit
    8.2 ppm free chlorine
    .4 ppm combined chlorine
    pH 7.4
    100 alkalinity
    Calcium Hardness 150 and 170, tested 2 times
    50 ppm cyanuric acid
    A week ago the outdoor pool with oak trees and pine trees hanging over it was green. I removed all the debris. I put in 4 gallons of 10% liquid chlorine. The next day I used Biodex Swimming Pool Phosphate Remover. The chlorine was 1.0 so I put in 2 more gallons of liquid chlorine. Each day I brushed the sides, had my pool running 24/7, and the manual pool sweep on.
    Then I found INYO and the SLAM technique.
    Yesterday I cleaned the large pool filters. There are four in the canister. They were green with algae. I sprayed them with water for three hours to get as much algae off but inside the folds I could see green algae. It seemed an impossible task. I hard sprayed the filters with water until the water ran clear and put the system back together.
    There is still green on the bottom and on the sides of the pool after I brush that I cannot remove like it is a green stain. The water is clear.

    Question: Should I use the SLAM technique?

    This video, explanation, and resources are amazing.

    Thank You.

    1. Yes, the SLAM technique can be used in almost any application; but for super entrenched stains I suggest either a chlorine or acid wash. This will require you to drain your pool though, so it is a last resort

  17. Our pool is turning blue now but we have a lot of algae stain on the pool floor. We brushed but the stains stay. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

    1. Try double or triple dosing the water with pool shock, then continue the brush. The overdose of pool shock will kill any organic material in the pool, the brush is there to loosen it from the surface.

  18. Help I was taking care of my daughter’s pool while they were on vacation and didn’t run filter first 3 days because it had been raining and now it is green, they come home sunday, what should I do to get it somewhat clear for them

  19. I been having issues with my new pool turning green. I will get it then a few weeks later it will be green again. This time it’s like a pond lol. But after watching your video it really help me to understand how to shock my pool and keep it in shock mode til I stop losing my chlorine at nite. I been having headaches all summer so far thinking I should of never got a pool but this video really helped. Thanks a million!!!

  20. I have an above ground pool 8.5 by 5.5 foot. I had some green and cloudiness. We bought a floater and put a tablet in it. How long before we will see a difference and can test and swum?

    1. I suggest re-reading the article or reviewing the video because every question you just asked is in the article. Plus, one puck in one floater is not going to be enough to clear up everything.

  21. Can you shock a saltwater pool with chlorine like you would a regular pool , as demonstrated here? We have a Hayward Aquatrol system.

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