How Does a Swimming Pool Work?

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  1. This is a great article about how pools work. My brother put in a pool at his home this year. He likes swimming in it after work each day. Also, his kids invite their friends over to swim. How deep are most pools?

  2. I have 2 holes in the skimmer. One is the suction but I don’t bknow what the bother one is for. It doesn’t have any suction so what doors it do???

    1. The second hole is the equalizer line; it is meant to help prevent the pump from running dry. If the water level drop below the skimmer opening, the equalizer line draws in water to keep the skimmer filled and the pump supplied with water.

      pool skimmer equalizer line

  3. My built in pool has been losing water though the drain and skimmer. I know this because i blocked one at a time and the water has maintained the same level once both were blocked. I lose 3-4 inches of water per day without any filtration running. Could I have a sump pump that I do not know about? Or another problem?

    1. It sounds like the leak in either both pipes or in a connection where both pipes meet. There would not be a hidden sump pump on a pool system.

      If you are losing 4 inches of water a day, I would have someone come out and take a look at the pool asap.

      1. How do we find the leak and get it fixed? Does it involve tearing up the surroundings, then having to build them back, or are the pipes installed so they can be reached without doing surgery on the pool itself or the surface around it?

    2. Am have this exact problem now. What was your final solution to determine where your leak was coming from and how? Thank you

  4. The door to my skimmer stays laying flat so debris can just escape, will replacing the door fix the issue or is it something else?

  5. Hello, my pool has filled up too high. The water is over the filler float and the float seems work properly as there is no water flowing in and when i push it down you and hear it run and then stop when I release. Do I still have a float problem? Thanks

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