Raypak’s Internet Warranty Policy

5 thoughts on “Raypak’s Internet Warranty Policy

  1. I have a 52 wall 18×33 above ground 6ft deep end pool , my question is why don’t they have pretty liners for us with deep ends ? Should I get a larger liner like a 54 wall ?
    thank you dorothy Kolb

  2. I manage a plumbing Dept for a contracting company and we run across Raypak boilers more often than I imagined we would. Where would I look to find training to properly diagnose Raypak boilers?

    1. Raypak has training materials on their website and youtube page. But if you are looking for a certification, the best thing to do is to reach our to Raypak directly for training courses or materials.

  3. I purchased a pool heater that lasted a whopping 2 years. I have tried for 3 months to get a resolution or even an acceptable response to this issue. No luck!!! I run a plumbing company. I know how long a burner system should last. Your product failed miserably. If I do not get a favorable response soon , I will contact the better business bureau as well as the local news to share my story. My feeling from three months of nothing is that your desire to help has left me with this as my choice. I anticipate hearing from someone!

    1. Hello Mike – we’re sorry to hear your heater has stopped working after only 2-years, and we would love to try to help you out as best we can. You did not leave contact phone number or email for us to reach out to, but you can give our customer service manager a call at 407-834-2200 ext. 704, his name is Joe.

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