How To Operate a Compupool Salt Chlorine Generator

Written by:  Danny Rhodehamel

The Compupool Salt Chlorine Generator is a high-performance salt water chlorination system that lets you enjoy perfectly clear pool water without the use of harsh chemicals. It is a safe, clean, easy alternative to dosing your pool with dangerous and expensive chemicals. The Compupool Salt Chlorine Generator is setup and automatically controlled by its Compupool Control Unit. This guide shows you how to operate and read the touch pad controls and LED lights on the Compupool Control Unit.

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Step 1
CompuPool Salt Generator

ON/OFF – This button turns power to the Control Unit on and off. In an OFF state, all LEDs are off and the display will show the current time and POWER OFF. To turn the Control Unit ON, press the button once. The POWER ON LED and one of the POLARITY 1 or 2 LEDs will illuminate and the display will show time and the % of current Chlorine Output setting. Note that this button only turns on power to the Control Unit. The SET TIMER and OUTPUT functions (described next) may have to be set to pass power to the Cell and generate chlorine.

Step 2
CompuPool Chlorine Generator

SET TIMER – The Control Unit has the option of working off an external timer or off of two internal timers. This function allows you to set two internal timers to generate two chlorination cycles per day. To enter the timer mode, press the SELECT button and hold it for 3 seconds. The Display screen will ask WHAT LANGUAGE? Select a language with the up and down arrows. Then press SELECT again. The Display will now show WHICH TIMER? EXTERNAL. If you want to bypass the internal timers, press SELECT to go to the next setting (SET CLOCK). If you want to set the internal timers, press the down arrow to change the setting to INTERNAL. Pressing the SELECT button again will display ON TIME 1. Select the start time hours for Timer 1 with the up/down arrows. To change AM to PM, you have to keep scrolling through the hours until you get to the AM or PM setting you need. To set the minutes, use the right OUTPUT arrow to move the cursor from under the hours to under the minutes and then change minutes with the up/down arrows. Press the SELECT button to display OFF TIME 1 – set the end time for Timer 1. Set TIME 2 using the same process as above. Then press SELECT once more to SET CLOCK. A final push on SELECT will exit and return your Display to normal operation mode.

Step 3
CompuPool Salt Generator

SET CHLORINE OUTPUT LEVEL –The Chlorine production level can be set from 0% to 100 % in increments of 10%. To set the production level, press the OUTPUT arrows left or right. The % Output level will be shown in the Display. Note, at a Output level of 0% the Cell is turned off and the display will read OUTPUT OFF.

Step 4

SUPERCHLOR - There are occasions when you will need higher than normal amounts of chlorine to be generated - when you have an abnormally high swimmer load, after a heavy rain, or if you have a cloudy water condition. To increase the level of chlorination, simply press the SUPERCHLOR button. This electronically "super chlorinates" the water by increasing output to 100% for a cumulative 24 hours. If, for example, your pump runs 8 hours a day, the Cell will remain in SUPERCHLOR mode for three days before returning to normal operation. Or, if you elect to stop SUPERCHLOR at any time, you can simply push the SUPERCHLOR button again to return to normal operation.

Step 5
Compupool owners manual

WINTER MODE - If you are not using your pool during the winter months, we recommend that you put the chlorinator in WINTER MODE by pressing the WINTER MODE botton. This reduces the output of chlorine by 50% of your current output setting. For example, if your output is set at 80%, pressing the WINTER MODE button will reduce the output to 40%. To return to normal operation in the spring, push the WINTER MODE button again.

Step 6
install compupool

MANUAL OVERRIDE - If the Control Unit is operating between the two internal timers (between OFF TIME 1 and ON TIME 2), it's in IDLE mode and the Cell in OFF. To manually override this function, press the SUPERCHLOR button. The cell will come on in SUPERCHLOR mode.

Step 7

POWER LED - When this LED is illuminated, the Compupool Control Unit has input power. This only indicates that the Control Unit has power. The timer has to be on and the output level must be greater that 0% for the cell to be active and generating chlorine.

Step 8

POLARITY 1 or 2 LEDs - When either is illuminated, it shows which end of the cell is producing chlorine.

Step 9
Compupool salt generator

WATER FAULT LED - When illuminated, the flow switch has detected that no water is flowing and the cell has stopped generating chlorine. The Display will read NO WATER. Check pump operation.

Step 10

ADD SALT LED - When illuminated, the salt level is too low and the cell is generating at low efficiency. Additional salt should be added. See our guide on "How To Add Salt To Your Pool".

Step 11

OVER SALT LED - When illuminated, indicates that the salt level is too high. To get the salt level back to acceptable levels and turn off this LED, purge some water out the WASTE line of your filter and add fresh water to the pool. See our guide on "How To Reduce the Salt Level In Your Pool". If you do not bring the salt level to within the acceptable, the cell will draw more current, run hotter, and fail.sooner than normal.

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User: Inyopools

Joefl - Check the cable connections at the cell head. They sometimes become corroded or loose. Also See our guide on "How To Isolate and Correct Compupool CPSC Problems" for more information.

User: Joefl

I have comp24 that worked fine for 9 months then the housing that holds the cell started to leak.While it was leaking it wasn't making chlorine.Compupool send me A replacement housing and that stopped the leaking. .But it isn't making chlorine.Any Ideas.??

User: Inyopools

tiffeiffic - If by "cells" you mean the "polarity 1" and the "polarity 2" LED lights, the answer is no. Only one of these lights should be on even during "superchlor".

User: tiffeiffic

is both cells supposed to be lit up when on superclor??

User: Inyopools

andrew - I believe the newer models of the Compupool CPSCs do not show a specific ppm reading for salt level. You might check with Compupool at 888-989-7258 to see if that is true for your model.

User: andrew

I see references to the compupool CPSC unit showing the salt level in the pool, but all I ever see after the salt test is salt level ok. Is there a way to get the unit to display the actual salt level in ppm? -- Thanks, Andrew

User: Inyopools

steele08 - Make sure that your cell is clean and the plates are securely attached. Then check that the cable connections to the cell are tight. You may have to crimp them slightly. If that doesn't work give Compupool a call at 888-989-7258. They should be able to resolve your problem.

User: steele08

I have a CPSC16 and it keeps tripping the reset button any idea why

User: Inyopools

Shalsh - If this is a Compupool SCG, check that the cable connections between the cable and the head of the cell are tight. If that does not correct the problem, call Compupool at 888-989-7258. You may have to replace your PC Board.

User: Shalsh

My control box is reading No salt and no water. Pump is running and I have water flow over the element. Water tested and read high Salt level. Help please.

User: Inyopools

RaynMan - Make sure your water chemistry is balanced particularly pH and Stabilizer. Check your salt level. Then check that the terminals on the head of your SCG cable are tight. You may have to pinch them slightly to get a good contact. Look at the cell. If there is a white buildup on the cell plate, clean the cell. If still no success, give Compupool a call at 888-989-7258.

User: RaynMan

I took a water sample to Leslie's and was told there was "no" chlorine in it. They told me to turn the ComuPool unit off for 30 secs, turn it back on and press the SuperChlor button and run the pump for 24 hours. After 22.5 hours I took another sample to Leslie's, and it still showed no chlorine. I can see a "fog" inside the generator unit while it was operating. Is it time for a new electrode or could there be a problem I'm just overlooking??

User: Inyopools

SCG output - The output of a Compupool SCG is tiny bubbles. If you have a sand filter, these sand like particles could be fine sand that escapes the filter. But that would cease after a short time. Make sure your pool water chemistry is balanced.


Chlorine cell making sand like particles. Unit has been cleaned.

User: Inyopools

"Cover closed" - Please call Compupool on this one at 888-989-7258.


my compu pool screen shows "Cover closed" all the time, and it is always at 50%, it can be manually increased to 100% but usually temporary and it goes back to 50% automatically, anybody has any Idea what is this problem and how can i get rid of (cover closed mood)

User: Inyopools

danny - All six LED lights on is an indication that you have 110V power coming into a unit which is wired for 220V. See our guide on "How To Install an In-Line Salt Chlorine Generator" to check your wiring. Measure your incoming power first with a multimeter.

User: danny

My display on my CPSC24 is stuck on compupool ultrakleen and it won't let me do anything. Does anyone have any ideas?will not cut off.all6 light is on

User: Inyopools

Joe - I just talked to the Compupool Rep and, unfortunately, he said your problem is due to a bad Display PCB which will have to be replaced. Here's the link to that board - Display PCB.

User: Joe

My display on my CPSC24 is stuck on compupool ultrakleen and it won't let me do anything. Does anyone have any ideas?

User: Inyopools

amazinghouse - We would need your specific pool test results to help isolate this problem. A couple of possibilities are a CYA imbalance or a very high phosphate level.

User: amazinghouse

I have a 15000 cu ft pool located in South Florida and have been using a CPSC24 unit with relatively no problems. Recently my pool has been turning green - darker and darker with no obvious explanation. The unit is reading okay with everything: flow, salt level, etc.) I've had the pool water tested by several different pool stores and the results are the same: Plenty of chlorine, plenty of salt, all other items within normal parameters. I've tried adding algae remover, additional chlorine, etc. Nothing seems to work. My pool is now dark green and no one seems to know what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks


Can an external flow switch be used to control the on/off feature of this cell.

User: Inyopools

Annel - If all your LED lights are on, this is usually an indication that you have 110V power coming into the unit and the unit is configured for 220V. Verify that your supply voltage is 110V and convert the unit's wiring from 220V to 110V. If this is not the solution to your problem, see our guide on "How To Isolate and Correct Compupool CPSC Problems" for further information.

User: Annel

my system is freeze and the lights are all on, how I doing to.

User: Inyopools

Rals - Yes, increasing the speed of your VS pump may solve your problem. Chlorine Salt Generators generally have to have a minimum GPM flow to operate. Also, it wasn't clear if you just added salt. If the salt isn't completely dissolved, the water fault light will go on

User: Rals

The water fault led is on. I changed the pool filter and using your on line directions cleaned the unit plates. Turned everything on and everything appeared to work. The test showed that salt was at 2500ppm and the add salt LED went on. Unit was generating Cl but after 5 min the water fault LED came on again and unit stopped generating CL. I do have a variable speed motor. Will increasing speed help?

User: Inyopools

Norm - [Response to first question om 8/12] I just check with Compupool. They confirmed that you will need an external timer to coordinate the operation of the CPSC salt generator with the pump. The CPSC cannot control the pump and it cannot operate without the pump being on. Typically the pump and the CPSC unit are wired together on the output terminals of the external timer so that they both go on and off together. If you ran the pump continuously, you could selectively run the CPSC in two different shorter cycles within the 24 hour day using the two internal timers. But most people would not want to run their pumps more than 6-10 hours a day.

User: Norm

I have a variable speed pump that has a built in timer. The pool service company wants to install an external timer for the Compu pool unit. When I followed the directions for setting the timer nothing happens. It does not give an option for timers. My pool service company says it won't work with a variable speed pump. Shouldn't the Compupool unit at least show me the option to use the internal timer?


Norm - The CPSC series has two internal timer functions to allow two filtration cycles per day. However, they generally do not have the capability to turn the pump on and off. You will need an external timer to control the pump.

User: Norm

I have a Compu Pool unit. I have had it for two years. Today my pool service company (that owns the unit)told me I need to have a separate external timer for the Compu Pool unit. I thought it had an internal timer.

User: Inyopools

novaman - The SCG has to go in after the heater and as the last unit in the return line. See our guide on "How To Install an In-Line Salt Chlorine Generator". It has your same setup with a heater. The SCG replaces the old Chlorinator and is cut into the discharge pipe of the heater.

User: novaman

I just pursched a comp u pool cpsc 24 for my in ground pool.How do I install it with a heater ?? Not sure with lines to use.
Thanks ):

User: Inyopools

Alarnalilly - Over time the power sockets in the cord head may corrode and melt and start to push away from the cell. See our guide on "How To Clean a Corroded Salt Chlorine Generator Cord Head" for information on correcting this situation.

User: Atarnalilly

After calling in to correct the Non-Gen error (codes did not work) so I removed the power cap and found the two outlying connectors have melted. What could have caused this and is it covered by warranty? If so what should I do?

User: Inyopools

confused - Most people run their SCG as long as the pump is running so the SCG is generally run off the pump timer- generally for 8-10 hours. The % chlorine setting varies according to the season, use of the pool and size of the pool. If you are running the pool during the winter, you will set the % lower that when you run in the hotter summer. Larger pools require more chlorine so can run at a higher % than smaller pools. If the pool has heavy use, you generally put the % higher. I would set the SCG % at 50% for a couple of days and see if that is generating enough chlorine for your pool, then adjust as required. Make sure your pool chemistry is correct. If your SCG reads temperature, it will be actual water temperature. If your SCG is reading 4400 ppm and the store test shows 2900, your SCG may need to be recalibrated. Give your manufacturer a call for re-calibration instructions.

User: confused

I am in the dark about how long the timer should be set. Where does it say how long session one or two should be. How far apart should they be set? What is the normal setting for % of chlorine? Is the temperature reading a setting or should it be reading the actual water temperature?
The salt level as tested at the store and the machine are both different. Which do I follow? The store test 2900 and my machine says 4400. Please help.

User: john italy

Thanks for your comments; as I use skype for my phone and skype cannot access an 800 number, grateful if you would provide the full USA telephone number to call from overseas.

I have tried to contact Compu Pool Australia, but the responsible person there is not very helpful/knowledgeable and is very slow in responding.

Thanks again.

User: Inyopools

John, Italy - There are several possibilities for a "Water Fault" indicator: 1- Check your salt level. It has to be above 2500 ppm. 2- Check water flow. Are slimmer and pump baskets clogged?. 3- Tighten cable connection by gently crimping the female end of the cable at the cell. If you still have a problem, give Compupool a call at 1-800-989-7258 x225.

User: Inyopools

dalila1004 - You may have a defective unit. If you have a Compupool Salt Chlorine Generator, give Compupool at call at 1-888-989-7258 x225. They should be able to help you.

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