1 HP Standard Motor - Full Rate (B2848)



Part # B848

By A. O. Smith

  4.86 Average  



Part # B848

Manufacturer Code B2848

Dimensions 14" L x 9" W x 6.5" D

Alternate Part #'s 1-177080-24, 10-168887-06, 10-168887-86, 10-177080-24, 10-177475-20, 1103665401, 12504, 135106, 164653, 164962, 168453, 168887, 177080, 17708000, 177216, 177475, 182789, 190022, 193986, 2K444, 35-40, 35-5340, 355340, 5KC39UN2522X, 6K421, 7-168453-23, 7-168453-24, 7-168887-06, 7-177080-24, 7-177475-20, 7-177475-28, 717708024, 75234, 8-164653-20, 8-168453-20, 8-168453-23, 8-168453-24, 8-168887-06, 8-177080-24, 8-177080-40, 8-177475-20, 8-177475-28, A100EH, A100EHL, B2848, B746, B848, C1306, C48L2EB101A2, EB848, ESQ1102, MGT605112, P713, S88-381, SQ110, SQ1102, SQD10FL1, V12504

Product Description

A.O. Smith Centurion replacement motor for Pentair WhisperFlo and Challenger full rated pumps. Specifications: HP = 1, RPM = 3450, Voltage = 115/230, Amps = 16.0/8.0, Service Factor = 1.65, Frame = 56Y, Shaft = Threaded. *Please Note: This is the correct replacement motor for the Challenger 1 HP full-rated pump.

Motor Dimensions Motor Dimensions
Motor Image Motor Image

Product Specifications

Motor Name:
1 HP B848 & B2848 Replacement Pool Motor
1 HP
3450 RPM
230/115 V
8/16 amp
Service Factor:
Total HP:
1.65 HP
Stock #:
B848 or B2848
Overload Protector:
Dimension Letter:
12.8 in.
Commonly Used On:
Pentair WhisperFlo and Challenger

?     Asked on 4/24/2017 by Vince Corso

My pump motor capacitor cover has rusted out and the wiring to the capacitor is now tripping the circuit breaker. The motor part number is 355340S. It's a 1 HP Single Phase 230/115V 3450 RPM motor. Can I go with a 1 1/2 HP pump and get more circulation? Do I need anything else besides the pump like gaskets?

A     Answered on 4/26/2017 by Lennox H.

Hi, Vince. Yes, you could replace the motor along with the Impeller and seal or replace the entire pump if you would like to increase the pumps hp. The motor you currently have has a total hp of 1.65. If you are to increase the hp of the pump you will have to go to a 2.2 hp pump or motor.

?     Asked on 4/13/2017 by

my motor just gave out ... can't read info on it ....seems to be part #10-177475.20 I see 1hp for $188 and a 1.5 for $174 should I get the larger one?

A     Answered on 4/13/2017 by Scott W.

I would go with the B854. Both the B854 and B848 have a total horsepower of 1.65 and are basically the same motor, but the B854 is $14 less.

?     Asked on 4/6/2017 by GILBERTO SANCHEZ


A     Answered on 4/6/2017 by Scott W.

That will depend on your pump model so what is your pump model that your motor attaches to?

?     Asked on 4/6/2017 by


A     Answered on 4/6/2017 by Alex V.

Hello, You don't want to go by the HP only. I would recommend following this guide on How to Read a Pool Motor Label. It will demonstrate some of the motor specifications you will need to consider. We offer free ground shipping to Texas.

?     Asked on 3/30/2017 by Mandi Butler

Hi I need to replace A.O. Smith motor Part# O-193986-24 Serial # 18210CH for Plus HP pump model# PHPF1.0 is B2848 the correct replacement motor?

A     Answered on 3/30/2017 by Matt S.

Hello Mandi, yes the B848 is the correct motor replacement. Also, the correct part number begins with a zero. The part number is 0-193986-24.Do not forget to replace the shaft seal during the motor replacement. For the PHPF, you will need to find the pump housing's serial number; a serial number P08FF0001 and later uses the new style, anything before number uses the old style.

?     Asked on 3/8/2017 by jeff

I have a Pentair superflo model SF-N1-1A 1 hp pump that burned out- what is cost of replacement of back end motor

A     Answered on 3/8/2017 by Lennox H.

Hi, Jeff. The replacement motor for the SF-N1-1A model pump is the B853 motor.  For pricing info click this link > Century B853 Motor.

?     Asked on 1/31/2017 by Ken Bui

Hi, What is the difference between B2848 and B2841 pool pump? Thanks, ken

A     Answered on 1/31/2017 by Scott W.

There is not much difference besides the amount of amps each one uses. The B2848 is the standard motor that uses 8 amps at 230 volts and the B2841 is the energy efficient motor that uses 7.4 amps on 230 volts. So with that specific motor there really is not a difference as far as energy saving is concerned.

?     Asked on 1/30/2017 by lance

i have a pentair 7-168453-24 motor thats used as a waterfall pump what would the replacement motor be for that ?

A     Answered on 1/31/2017 by Lennox H.

Hi, Lance. Yes, this B2848 motor is the correct replacement for p/n 7-168453-24.

?     Asked on 1/2/2017 by

I need to change out a Pentair part number 7-168453-24 would this be the replacement motor

A     Answered on 1/3/2017 by Adam Y.

Good afternoon, I am showing a 1 HP Standard Motor - Full Rate (B2848). If you let me know what type of pump this is for I can recommend the proper shaft seal and o-rings.

?     Asked on 9/25/2016 by Inam HaquI

Will any of the motor listed equivalent to 177450-03

A     Answered on 9/26/2016 by Alan M.

The correct replacement motor for motor model #01-177450-03 is the 1 HP Motor EE - Full Rate (B2841, B2841V1).

?     Asked on 9/25/2016 by Inam Haque

Will the motor 177450-02 filt 177450-03

A     Answered on 9/28/2016 by Lennox H.

Hi Inam. Yes, you can use the B2848 standard motor or the B2841 energy efficient motor as a replacement for the 177450-02 or 177450-03 motor.

?     Asked on 9/24/2016 by keith

i have ao smith serial 3# 04511CH part # 0-177896-22 AO SMITH can i replay with this one i am looking at

A     Answered on 9/27/2016 by Lennox H.

Hi Keith. The Century B849 motor is the correct replacement for p/n 0-177896-22. If you replace it with the B2848 motor you will need to change the impeller also because it has a lower total horsepower than your original motor.

?     Asked on 9/19/2016 by Jon

Is this the replacement motor for Pentair WFE-24?? Also looking for replacement impeller

A     Answered on 9/19/2016 by Scott W.

Yes, that would be the correct replacement motor and the impeller is part number 5074-27B.

?     Asked on 9/10/2016 by Rich

looking for a specific motor. Motor MOD P48M2EB7......200/400 volts.....kw .75 HP 1........RPM 3450 .....FR 48Y .........Hz 60........TYPE P A.O. SMITH CORP

A     Answered on 9/11/2016 by Stacey M.

Hello Rich, the one that matches the P48m2eb7 is Motor 1 1/2 Hp Sq Fl 3 Phase (q3152, AP100FH) part 5233-3

?     Asked on 8/19/2016 by Mike

Does this motor have a 1/4' x 20 left hand thread in the shaft end for the impeller retaining screw?

A     Answered on 8/19/2016 by Tim Q.

Hello Mike,This motor does have a threaded shaft and will work for a few different models that take the set screw. I hope this helps answer your question.

?     Asked on 8/18/2016 by tom

What is the average life expectancy of this motor in standard (6hrs/day 7days) operation, and is there a manufacturer's guarantee?

A     Answered on 8/19/2016 by Alan M.

There is not a life expectancy on a motor and the motor comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty.

?     Asked on 8/16/2016 by Donna Mendez

Can I just order the part on top.

A     Answered on 8/17/2016 by Alan M.

The part on the top, under the cover, is a capacitor. We do have capacitors available on our Pump Motor Parts page. You will need to access your current capacitor and determine the part information on it, as they are not all the same. You can always contact us if you have any additional questions.

?     Asked on 8/8/2016 by jeff

I have an old magnetek century centurion SF 7.2/14.4 1 HP motor that needs replaced. Type CX, FR L56J, HZ 60, CAT.B128 PART# 10-164303-22. Will the Part# B848 Manu. code B2848 A.O. Smith replace this old motor?

A     Answered on 8/8/2016 by Scott W.

The replacement motor is part number B128.

?     Asked on 7/20/2016 by

Can. This fit my sta rite 3\4 pump

A     Answered on 7/20/2016 by Scott W.

Yes, that motor will fit but you need to make sure your filter is able to handle the increased flow rate from that motor. The total horsepower on the B848 is 1.65 so it would almost be a full horsepower more than the .75HP

?     Asked on 7/12/2016 by Kelly

I have a pump with howling bearings part# 7-177474-01 frame P56Y I think it is 1 1/2 hp but does not list on label. I am considering adding solar heating panels and want to know if it is advisable or even possible to up-size to a higher hp pump motor?

A     Answered on 7/16/2016 by Lennox H.

Hi Kelly, The part number 7-177474-01 is a 1 HP motor which is the B853. Depending on how many solar panels and the height you can increase the pump motor.

?     Asked on 7/7/2016 by

I have a Centurion Switchless Motor No Switch No Governor 2514514-001. This is the only information I see on the motor and it's hooked to a Pentair Whisperflo. Which one do I buy?

A     Answered on 7/12/2016 by Lennox H.

Hi, Without the part, cat or mod number from off of the motor the only other way to determine which motor you'll need is to provide the part number off of the impeller.

?     Asked on 7/7/2016 by phil lutz

will this motor work with pentair sf-n1-1a/340038 pump? the motor Model # I now have is 196238. And what seal kit if this motor will work please. thanks Phil

A     Answered on 7/12/2016 by Lennox H.

Hi Phil, The B853 motor is the correct replacement motor for the Pentair SF-N1-1A/340038 pump. We do not have a seal kit available for this pump you will have to purchase the Shaft Seal, Diffuser Gasket, Housing O-ring and Strainer O-ring separately.

?     Asked on 7/2/2016 by Troy

Looking for a replacement motor for a Pentair Whisperflow. Unit says it is a 1.5 HP 1.10 SF making it 1.65 HP. The part number appears to be either 7-177475-20 or 7-177475-28. Concerned about my motor burning quickly (5-6 yrs) and want to keep the expense down. Better to get higher or lower SF motor? What do you suggest? Also - I see various "tune-up" kits (gaskets, etc.) but have read some folks report the parts were incorrect in the kit. Need recommendation based on your motor suggestion.

A     Answered on 7/3/2016 by Alex V.

Troy, Based on your motor specs, you will can use the B848 (1HP full rate) or the B854 (1.5HP up rate).  The tune up kit for the WhisperFlo pump is the GOKIT32.

?     Asked on 6/24/2016 by susie

what seal part number for this motor - thank you!

A     Answered on 6/24/2016 by Scott W.

I'll need to know the model of your pump, not your motor, to know which seal kit you'll need.

?     Asked on 6/15/2016 by

Besides the Centurion pool pump B2841, B2848, are there any other parts that replace the 7-177080-24?

A     Answered on 6/21/2016 by Lennox H.

Hi, The B2481 and B2848 are the only single speed replacement for the 7-177080-24 motor.

?     Asked on 6/13/2016 by karen barnes

I have a super pump Hayward by c.o smith and in need of a new pump motor. it is square with capacitor on top. I cannot find the exact same manufact # for a replacement? can you help.

A     Answered on 6/14/2016 by Patrick P.

Hi Karen, could you email us some photo's of your pump as well as a close up photo of your motor label. This would help us identify the correct replacement motor for you.

?     Asked on 6/11/2016 by Frank

Does this motor work with the PAC fan challenger pump? Does it come with a shaft seal?

A     Answered on 6/12/2016 by Matt S.

Yes, this motor is compatible with the Pentair Challenger pump. The shafts seal is not included with this motor; the correct pump shaft seal for the Challenger is the PSR-200

?     Asked on 6/9/2016 by Jeff Mitchell

is this the same as Pentair Part 7-177450-03? How many HP is this motor?

A     Answered on 6/15/2016 by Lennox H.

Hi Jeff, This B848 motor can work as a replacement but the B2841 which is an energy efficient and the exact replacement to your motor has a total hp of 1.65.

?     Asked on 5/29/2016 by sam provost

i need a filter cover for a J O Smith 1 HP centurian pump code j form kjm. it is about 12 years old. is that available

A     Answered on 5/29/2016 by Matt S.

Sam, do you mean the strainer lid of your pump housing If so I need the model number of the pump housing. The pump housing is the plastic hull that the motor connects to.

?     Asked on 5/23/2016 by charles linne

Can this motor be used on a boat lift?

A     Answered on 5/23/2016 by Patrick P.

Charles, Unfortunately this motor is only designed for pool and spa applications.

?     Asked on 5/10/2016 by Tim

Does it work on Jandy pump?

A     Answered on 5/13/2016 by Lennox H.

Hi Tim, This motor can work on a Jandy Pumps.

?     Asked on 4/28/2016 by Gary

Would this pump be a suitable replacement for my Pentair 355022S?

A     Answered on 4/28/2016 by Lennox H.

Hi Gary, This motor will replace the Pentair 355022S OEM motor.

?     Asked on 3/19/2016 by Lou

I am looking to replace my current pool pump motor Century Centurion HP 1.0 (B2848) frame Y56Y. Is there a more efficient alternative replacement motor available in the same exact size. Also, do I need to order anything else in addition to the motor? Just a rookie at this. Many thanks, Lou

A     Answered on 3/21/2016 by Lennox H.

Hi Lou, The B2841 is the energy efficient replacement to the B2848 motor. We also recommend replacing the pump shaft seal and or pump o-rings.

?     Asked on 3/12/2016 by Nick

Will this fit my 7-193993-05? If so other seals do I need.

A     Answered on 3/14/2016 by Lennox H.

Hi Nick, This motor can also be used in place of p/n 7-193993-05, however p/n B841 would be an energy efficient replacement. If you can provide us with the manufacture and model of the pump we can locate the seal for that pump.

?     Asked on 3/2/2016 by gus

is this the correct pump to replace a AO.Smith 193993, Frame Y56Y

A     Answered on 3/2/2016 by Hector F.

Yes this a replacement motor that you can use. You can also use a more energy efficient single speed being the model B841.

?     Asked on 3/1/2016 by Jim

Is this the correct replacement motor for a Pentair WhisperFlo WF-4 and does it come in almond / cream color? The markings on the old pump are as follows: Part 7 -177475-20, FR Y56Y, Type CX, Form KJM Serial CB07-11 1081 pool pump duty mount horiz with vent holes down cust P/N 75234

A     Answered on 3/1/2016 by Lennox H.

Hi Jim, This B2848 motor will be the correct replacement for the Pentair WhisperFlo WF-4 pump. I would also recommend getting the Pentair/Purex Whisperflo Tune Up Kit (GOKIT32) or GOKIT32SALT if you have a saltwater pool.

?     Asked on 2/21/2016 by Roger

My current motor is a Pentair 177475-20 which is supposed to be compatible with this motor. All the specs are the same though this is listed as a 1hp instead of the 1.5hp of the Pentair. Am I correct that the shaft of this will work with the impeller of the Pentair Superflo pump that uses the 1.5hp impeller?

A     Answered on 2/22/2016 by Andy O.

Hello Roger, The B848 1 HP Standard Motor - Full Rate (B2848) will replace your current A.O. Smith motor. The 177475-20 comes up as a 1 hp full-rate or 1.5hp up-rate. This 1 hp full rate has a total HP of 1.65 which makes it identical to a 1hp up-rate. This motor can be used on a superflo with no problems.

?     Asked on 2/17/2016 by Leigh

Hi, I have a AO Smith 1HP motor with part number 0196255-0, this looks like the right on, please advise if this is the correct part, and should i buy the shaft seal kit and gaskets

A     Answered on 2/18/2016 by Lennox H.

Hi Leigh, We would need to know the manufacture and model of the pump housing that this motor connects too in order to get you the shaft seal, o-rings and or gaskets.

?     Asked on 1/25/2016 by Mike H.

Hello- I have a 1.5HP Jandy Stealth pool pump that is starting to make loud noises when on. If I need to replace the pump motor, would this be the correct part? My part # is 7-193993-05. Thanks!

A     Answered on 1/28/2016 by Lennox H.

Hi Mike, The A.O. Smith 1 HP Standard Full Rate Motor (B2848) will be the correct replacement motor for p/n 7-193993-05.

?     Asked on 1/20/2016 by Brandon H.

I am trying to find a replacement for my century centurion ao smith part 0-193986-24. Is this part compatible?

A     Answered on 1/20/2016 by Lennox H.

Hi Brandon, The A.O. Smith 1 HP Standard Full Rate Motor (B2848) is compatible with p/n 0-193986-24.

?     Asked on 12/12/2015 by Nancy

I am trying to replace my US Motors pump B63GZAAP-1013. 1.0HP, 1.65 SF 3450/1725 RPM, 56Y. I understand this is a single speed in comparison, but will this work? Which model is the two speed replacement? Thank you!

A     Answered on 12/14/2015 by Lennox H.

Hi Nancy, The A.O. Smith 1 HP Full Rate Square Flange Dual Speed w/ Digital Controller (B2982T) will be the correct replacement motor.

?     Asked on 11/11/2015 by Justin

I need a replacement for my AO Smith B2853 Part 7-F56AA37A01-04

A     Answered on 11/12/2015 by Charlie R.

Justin,The replacement for motor # 7-F56AA37A01-04 is B853. You can confirm by simply typing the part # into our search engine. Don't forget to purchase a new shaft seal when you replace your motor.

?     Asked on 11/4/2015 by Milton

What pump motor will replace my Magnetek PN 10-165199-10?

A     Answered on 11/5/2015 by Lennox H.

Hi Milton, The A.O. Smith 1 HP EE - Full Rate Motor (B2841) would be the correct replacement motor for the Magnetek P/N 10-165199-10.

?     Asked on 11/2/2015 by lu zuber

I need a replacement for a century by A.O.. Smith B2848 part #7-196261-24 1 hp type cx code j is this the motor. The last time I needed one I had to send back because of shaft lenth

A     Answered on 11/3/2015 by Andy O.

Lu- This motor is going to be an exact replacement for your  B2848 motor that you currently have.

?     Asked on 10/16/2015 by David

Is this the replacement for my current B848, PN: 7-177080-24? Thanks!

A     Answered on 10/19/2015 by Lennox H.

Hi David, The A.O. Smith 1 HP Standard Motor - Full Rate (B2848) will be the correct replacement for the B848/7-177080-24 motor.

?     Asked on 10/13/2015 by Denise

Good morning. I need to replace my current motor which is a Century Centurion 1 HP part number 177450. Please advise what motor you recommend. Thank you.

A     Answered on 10/14/2015 by Lennox H.

Hi Denise, The A.O. Smith 1 HP Motor EE - Full Rate (B2841) would be the correct motor that will replace p/n 177450.

?     Asked on 10/4/2015 by John Livingston

I need a replacement motor. My currently broken motor is a Century Centurion part number 0-177897-22. What motor or motors could replace that?

A     Answered on 10/8/2015 by Lennox H.

Hi John, The A.O. Smith 2 HP, 56Y Frame, Up-Rate Motor (B855) will be the correct replacement motor for p/n  0-177897-22.

?     Asked on 9/20/2015 by Mark

I need replacement motor for pentair part #0-177474-01. It looks to be the B2848. Is this correct and do you have in almond color?

A     Answered on 9/24/2015 by Lennox H.

Hi Mark, The A.O. Smith 3/4 HP Standard Motor - Full Rate (B2847) would be the correct motor that will replace p/n 0-177474-01. The 3/4 HP Full Rate/ 1HP Up Rate Single Speed Motor Almond would be the OEM motor.

?     Asked on 9/15/2015 by Bob

I believe this is the correct replacement for my Magnatetek Century Centurion part # 7-177450-03, all other nomenclature matches, y56y frame, 230/115V. This is paired with a Whisperflow WFE-4 pump. I added solar thermal panels 6 months ago and all has been fine until the motor recently seized, my question is do I need a bigger pump/motor to push the water to the roof, is that possibly why the 10 year old motor failed? Also please recommend the gasket kit for this pump.

A     Answered on 9/15/2015 by Hector F.

This is a correct motor replacement for you. 10 years is a good life span for a motor. On average a total horse power of approximately 1.5 as this motor has, is good enough for a solar system. The seal kit for the Whisperflo on a regular chlorine pool is the gokit32 and the salt water version is the gokit32salt.

?     Asked on 9/3/2015 by Dave Streck

Does this motor come wired 230v, as a standard, from the factory?

A     Answered on 9/7/2015 by Lennox H.

Hi Dave, The 1 HP Standard Motor - Full Rate (B2848) does come set for 230 volt connection from the factory.

?     Asked on 8/31/2015 by Terry

I have a Pentair Whisperflo WF-4, motor #177475, that needs replacing. If I buy the Centurion replacement, what seals,etc, do I need to purchase?

A     Answered on 9/1/2015 by Robert M.

The seal kit for the Whisperflo is GOKIT32. If you have a salt water pool, the part number is GOKIT32SALT.

?     Asked on 8/23/2015 by Dee

Hi ya! I'm going to be replacing a centurion 8-168453-24 1 hp motor. Is there a variable speed pump/motor that would be more efficient? I have a Hayward pro series S220T sand filter rated at 52 GPM. Many thanks...D

A     Answered on 8/24/2015 by Joe S.

Hello dee the ECM16SQU 1.65 HP Variable Speed Pool Pump Motor Square Flange would be your variable speed option

?     Asked on 8/22/2015 by Scott

I need to buy a replacement motor for my Jandy Stealth SHPF 1.0. I know the B2848 is correct as that's what I have now, but in reading previous Q&A there are seals/gaskets/o-rings that need to be replaced when swapping out the motor. It seems like I need a Jandy GoKit based on responses to prior questions but I did not see a Jandy GoKit listed on the site. Can you post links to all of the recommended replacement seals/gaskets/o-rings for my pump when a motor is replaced? Thanks

A     Answered on 8/25/2015 by Charlie R.

Scott,Unfortunately, the Jandy Stealths do not have a tune up kit. You have to purchase all the seals separately. The mfg recommends replacing at least your shaft seal whenever you replace your motor. You can find all your Jandy SHPF replacement parts here.

?     Asked on 8/18/2015 by Brian

I have a WhisperFlo WF-24 pump with a one-hp motor that the previous owner installed. The motor has always operated so hot that I couldn't touch it, and the motor has just burned out. Is this the correct motor as replacement?

A     Answered on 8/20/2015 by Lennox H.

Hi Brian, The A.O. Smith 1 HP, 56Y Frame, Up-Rate Motor (B2853) will be the correct replacement motor for your Whisperflo WF-24 Pump. I would also recommend getting the Pentair/Purex Whisperflo Tune Up Kit.

?     Asked on 8/9/2015 by Bert

This seems to be the proper motor for a Pentair Challenger 1 HP. However, it is a "56 frame", while the one that just died is a 48 frame SQ1102(we bought the house 3 years ago, the pool is about 13 years old, I guess the motor was replaced already). Would this 56-frame motor fit, or should I just replace with the exact same motor (SQ1102)? Thanks. your site is awesome, by the way....

A     Answered on 8/11/2015 by Hector F.

Usually the 56 frame style motors were originally used on the Challenger models so I would go with the B848. Functionally though, they both can work.

?     Asked on 6/17/2015 by

I have an Pentair Intelliflo VF so what parts would I have to swap out(Impeller, diffuser,kit,) to do a motor replacement with this one please? Also, what is the impeller screw I need for this and is it the same size as the Intelliflo impeller screw? Thx.

A     Answered on 6/17/2015 by Hector F.

The impeller part number that you would need is 5074-27c and the diffuser part number you'd need is 5074-13a. The impeller screws are exatly the same being part number 5074-14.

?     Asked on 6/16/2015 by ron

my 5 yr old Pentair dynamo motor runs hot, sometimes almost too hot to touch. Is this normal or is the motor on it's last leg?

A     Answered on 6/16/2015 by Dennis R.

Ron - Motors do run hot especially in a hot climate. But there are conditions that make them run hotter than they should. See our guide on "How To Troubleshoot a Pool Pump Motor - Motor Overheated" for more information

?     Asked on 6/11/2015 by

I have a very old, 30+ years, Anthony Antho-Sweep A.O. Smith pump, model number (best I can read it) C48K2EBJ02, Frame 48Y. Would this pump work as a replacement. I know this one is a 56Y frame but I'm reading in some places these might be usable to replace a 48Y?

A     Answered on 6/11/2015 by Patrick P.

The motors can be 56Y and 48Y swapped with no problem. The difference between the 56Y and the 48Y motor is the width of the barrel, the 56Y motor is wider then the 48Y motor. Sometimes when going from a 48Y to a 56Y, the base has to be cut to fit the larger motor.

?     Asked on 6/9/2015 by Lee

How do you remove the black fan that moves the water from the pump

A     Answered on 6/9/2015 by Joe S.

Hi Lee attached is a how to for the impeller

?     Asked on 5/30/2015 by Tom

I see that this is a replacement for the Centurion 7-177475-20 motor, which I have on an Ultra-Flow pump, and is a 1 hp rated motor replacing a 1.5 uprated motor. What would happen if I put the 1.5 full rated (B2854) motor on my pump?

A     Answered on 5/31/2015 by Alex V.

Tom, Aside fromt he higher horse power motor costing more to operate, you will not see any added benefit unless the impeller is upgraded as well.

?     Asked on 5/16/2015 by

I have the whisperflo wf-26 pump with pentair motor 7-177475-20. Is this the correct replacement? Thanks

A     Answered on 5/16/2015 by Andy O.

The B848 1 HP full rate motor for your WF-26 pump. We would also suggest the replacing the Shaft seal on your WF-26 pump as many times if you use your old shaft seal you will have leaking which will cause damage to the new motor. A leaking shaft seal will also void the motor's warranty.

?     Asked on 5/11/2015 by Dennis

My pump motor has part #7-168453. It shows to be a 1 1/2 HP Centurion, type CX, code J. Is this the correct replacement motor?

A     Answered on 5/11/2015 by Patrick P.

Hi Dennis, Yes this would be the correct replacement for your 7-168453 motor. The reason this motor shows 1 HP and yours shows 1-1/2 HP is that this motor is a full rate motor and your motor is an uprate motor and a 1 HP full rate motor is identical to a 1-1/2 HP uprate motor. So you should be all set with going with this B848 motor.

?     Asked on 5/4/2015 by Mark

Does this motor ship with capacitor installed or does that have to be purchased separately ?

A     Answered on 5/4/2015 by Robert M.

Hello Mark - The motor ships with the capacitor already installed.

?     Asked on 4/28/2015 by Jeff

my 1hp Magnetek motor (8-177080-24 230/155volt Y56Y SF1.65) made a scrapping high pitched noise the other day that only Rosanne Barr would have appreciated...so i turned it off. The next day there was just a humming sound. A buddy and i opened the motor, cleaned it, replaced the bearings and now ready to reattach it to the pump but want to get the correct seals and gaskets. The pump is cast iron with what looks like engraved on the strainer body, C3-29D on its lid and 01-63DA on the pump.

A     Answered on 4/28/2015 by Patrick P.

Hi Jeff, I can confirm that this is the proper replacement motor for your Magnetek 8-177080-24 motor. For the seals and gaskets I would need to know your pool pump manufacture name and model # as I was unable to cross reference any of the part #'s you supplied. Based on the part #'s you supplied I believe this is most likely a Sta-Rite pump, model names for Sta-Rite would be Max-E-Glas, Max-E-Glas II, Dura-Glas, Dura-Glas II, C Series, CC series, etc.. Also is the strainer housing plastic, cast iron or bronze? Please email us back with this information and/or any pictures of your pump, as this will help us determine the needed seals and gaskets.

?     Asked on 4/26/2015 by Craig

My part # is 7-193993-05 is this the right motor for replacement? my pump model is SHPF 1.0

A     Answered on 4/27/2015 by Patrick P.

Hi Craig, Yes this would be the correct replacement motor for your 7-193993-05 motor being used on your Jandy SHPF 1.0 pump. We would also suggest the replacing the Shaft seal on your Jandy SHPF 1.0 pump as many times if you use your old shaft seal you will have leaking which will cause damage to the new motor. A leaking shaft seal will also void the motor's warranty.

?     Asked on 2/23/2015 by

I have a Jandy pool pump system. The pump motor is making noises. It is an A.O. Smith 1.5HP part number 7-193986-24. Also, what seals would you recommend replacing?

A     Answered on 2/24/2015 by Robert M.

The correct replacement for your motor is model B854. The seals would depend on your Jandy model (Plus HP, Max HP, Stealth, WTFR, or Flo Pro). You can find the replacement seals on those part pages. I would recommend replacing the shaft seal, diffuser o-ring, and backplate o-ring.

?     Asked on 1/19/2015 by Wade

I am shopping for a new pool pump motor (mine is starting to make noise). I now have a Pentair 0-177450-3 1HP motor and looking to replace it with the B848 motor. Will I have to have a different shaft seal for my Whisperflo WFE-4 pool pump?

A     Answered on 1/19/2015 by Robert M.

Hello Wade - You could replace your current motor with the B848. The shaft seal would be the same regardless of the motor.

?     Asked on 1/7/2015 by

What is the difference between the B2841 and B2848 motors?

A     Answered on 1/7/2015 by Brian M.

The difference between the B848 and the B841 is the amps it takes to run them. They are both Energy Efficient motors and both have a Total Horse Power ( horse power times service factor ) of 1.65 hp. The B841 is just slightly more efficient by running at an amp usage of 7.4-7.8 at 115v or 14.8 at  230v. The B848 will run at 8 amps at 115v and 16 amps at 230v.

?     Asked on 1/7/2015 by Wade

Is the B848 pool pump motor suitable for outdoor pool pumps?

A     Answered on 1/7/2015 by Brian M.

Yes, this motor will work just fine for either indoor or outdoor applications. The motor is determined by the wet end that it is being attached too. A motor cover is recommended for outdoor use to protect from rain, sprinklers and the runoff from the roof,  rusting the motor prematurely.

?     Asked on 1/5/2015 by Wade

Will this motor (B2848) fit a Whisperflo model WFE-4 pool pump?

A     Answered on 1/5/2015 by Charlie R.

Yes, the B848 motor will fit the Pentair Whisperflo WFE-4 pump.

?     Asked on 12/8/2014 by norm

Will this replace a 208-230-115 volt motor?

A     Answered on 12/9/2014 by Brian M.

The specs for motor B848 are indeed compatible with a 230 / 115 volt motor.

?     Asked on 10/27/2014 by terry jones

The current pump motor I have is the AO Smith 7-177475-28 1HP. As I understand it, the B2848 can be used as a replacement. Can you please verify before I complete my order?

A     Answered on 10/28/2014 by Robert M.

Hello Terry - The B2848 (B848) is the correct replacement motor for the 1HP part number 7-177475-28.

?     Asked on 6/25/2014 by Guest

I have a Centurion Switchless Motor B668 HP 3/4. What one do you recommend?

A     Answered on 6/25/2014 by Patrick P.

We do still carry the B668 pool motor and this would be the motor we would suggest.

?     Asked on 2/16/2012 by Guest

I just finished replacing the shaft seal on my booster pump. As soon as I turned the pump on water was leaking from the shaft seal. Is it defective or am I doing something wrong?

A     Answered on 2/16/2012 by Patrick P.

Depending on the model, the installation of a booster pump shaft seal can be slightly different than a pool pump shaft seal. Some booster pump and pool pump shaft seals require that a silicone sealant be used on the outer areas of the metal seat of the shaft seal. The seal will need to be lightly hammered into the body of the pump. You can use a 1 inch PVC coupling or a piece of 1 1/4 inch PVC pipe and a rubber mallet. This procedure will apply to any pool pump or booster pump using a >PS-1000 style shaft seal.

?     Asked on 1/19/2012 by Guest

I'm trying to replace the motor on my pool pump but all these numbers and abbreviations on the motor label are really confusing me. What do they mean?

A     Answered on 1/19/2012 by Patrick P.

Replacing a pool pump motor is not as difficult as it seems. You can try looking here. If you need help figuring out what the information on your label means. If you are still having difficulty figuring it out you can call us at our toll free number or you can send us a photo of your motor label here.

?     Asked on 1/12/2012 by Guest

Why should I purchase a Tune Up Kit?

A     Answered on 1/12/2012 by Patrick P.

A Tune Up Kit includes all of the essential replacement seals and gaskets for the pump. The seals and gaskets should be replaced when installing a new motor on your pump. New seals will prevent the pump from leaking water or losing the prime. A Tune Up Kit will protect your motor and ensure that the pump is working efficiently.

?     Asked on 1/12/2012 by Guest

Why do I need to purchase a new shaft seal?

A     Answered on 1/12/2012 by Patrick P.

We strongly recommend replacing the shaft seal. The purpose of a shaft seal is to prevent water from running down the shaft of the motor and into the motor housing. Water will damage the bearings and cause the motor to fail. A new shaft seal should be installed whenever a motor is replaced. The motor manufacturer can deny the warranty if the motor fails to due to water damage from a faulty shaft seal. To find your shaft seal you will need to visit our Pool Pump Parts Page or the Spa Pump Parts Page and select your make and model.

?     Asked on 1/11/2012 by Guest

What is Service Factor?

A     Answered on 1/11/2012 by Patrick P.

Service Factor(SF) is a multiplier that when multiplied by the horsepower of the motor indicates the total permissible horsepower loading that may be carried when the motor is operating at rated voltage and frequency. The most important thing to remember when replacing a motor is that the replacement motor's horsepower times its service factor must be equal to or greater than the original motor's horsepower times its service factor. The Service Factor rating can be found on the motor label. See Step 4 of our How to Read a Pool Motor Label guide.


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Best of all is the wonderful customer service help provided by Inyopools. The product was here in the time specified and the price was considerably less than the 5 other companies I checked with first. The product was as specified and ordered and hasn't given me any problems to date. It was installed about a month ago.

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This motor was a perfect replacement for my old one. Installation was simple and it worked perfectly straight away. Very quiet.

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Easy to install, better electrical connections than my last GE motor. Wrench holds on the shaft rather than a screwdriver slot

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I received all the items I placed and no issues installing it. Helpful hints are informative as well.

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It was a direct replacement for the OEM that came with the filter. I installed it in about 20 minutes.

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Motor came well packaged, very satisfied with the ease of installation. Quality and performance looks good, curious to see how long it last

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