Raypak Heater Parts

Raypak: America's Choice in Pool Heating

Raypak is the number 1 brand in pool heating, a brand known for their simple, efficient, and easy-to-maintain design. Raypak heaters have been a favorite of pool owners for decades. But even the best pool heaters experience mechanical failures in their life. Here are a few of the most commonly replaced Raypak pool heater and heat pump parts.


  • Thermostat/Thermistor: Responsible for regulating the temperature
  • Pressure Switch: Monitors water flow and ensures the heater only operates when there is adequate water pressure.
  • Igniter/Pilot Light: For gas pool heaters, the igniter or pilot light may need replacement if it fails to ignite the burners.
  • Burner Assembly: In gas heaters, the burner assembly can accumulate rust or debris, requiring cleaning or replacement.
  • Heat Exchanger: Over time, corrosion or scaling may occur, affecting heat transfer efficiency. In some cases, the heat exchanger may need replacement.
  • Control Board: The control board is the brain of the heater, and malfunctions can lead to operational issues.
  • Fan Motor: The fan motor may fail in pool heat pumps and some pool heaters, especially those with forced draft systems.
  • Pressure Relief Valve: This safety component may need replacement if it starts to leak or fails to operate correctly.
  • Flow Switch: Monitors water flow and ensures the heater only operates when there is sufficient water circulation.

Regular maintenance, cleaning, and following the manufacturer's guidelines can help prevent and mitigate these common problems. You may also refer to our Raypak Heater Fault Code Guide If your Raypak heater flashes error codes.