Jandy Pool Filter System Parts

Jandy Filter Parts

Your Jandy Pool Filter may require repair or replacement parts if you notice tank cracks, leaks, water pressure problems, or lingering pool debris.

Jandy Sand Filters: Your sand filter’s laterals are the most commonly replaced part on most models. A filter’s laterals face the constant strain of your pump’s water pressure by being encased in hundreds of pounds of wet sand. A common symptom of cracked laterals is sand or other silt at the bottom of your pool. Find the parts listings for popular Jandy Sand Filter Models JS-SM Series and SFTM Series.

Jandy Cartridge Filters: Low water pressure caused by dirty cartridges ranks as the most common problem for cartridge filters. If your filter’s pressure gauge reads 20% or higher than the normal PSI reading, you’ll need to clean the pool filter cartridges. If your filter's water pressure spikes even after a cleaning, your cartridges will need an acid bath deep clean.

If the cartridge filter’s water pressure continues to spike, and you’ve checked all other possibilities, installing a new pool filter cartridge is your last resort. We carry filter cartridges for most Jandy models.

Jandy DE Filters: DE powder on your pool’s floor is a key symptom of torn DE Grids. Use this guide to ensure you find the correct replacements. The Jandy DEL & DEV Series DE filters have replacement grid assemblies should you need to replace a grid, manifold, or other key internal parts.

Is your Jandy Multiport Valve leaking from the waste port? If so, the issue is likely a warped spider gasket or diverter spring issue. You can find replacement filter valve parts here. If you have any trouble identifying your filter’s issues or need to locate the correct part, we are here to help! Submit a support ticket or use our LiveChat.