Pentair Filter Parts: Select Your Filter Model

Pentair Filter Parts

Looking for replacement parts for your Pentair pool filter? At Inyo Pools, we offer the complete selection of top-quality Pentair pool filter replacement parts at competitive prices for popular models such as:

Our selection of Pentair pool filter replacement parts includes the most commonly replaced parts, such as:

  • Filter Cartridges: The filter cartridge is the heart of your pool filter, and we carry a wide range of Pentair filter cartridges to fit any model.
  • O-Rings: O-Rings are essential for creating a watertight seal between the filter housing and the lid. We carry O-Rings for all Pentair filter models.
  • Pressure Gauges: Pressure gauges help you monitor the performance of your pool filter, and we offer a variety of Pentair pressure gauges to fit any model.
  • Valves: Valves control the flow of water through your pool filter, and we carry a range of Pentair valves to fit any model.
  • And More…

If you are a pool owner looking for replacement cartridges for any Pentair filter, find them quickly and easily using our Pentair pool cartridge finder

Not sure of your Pentair filter model? Look for a model name and selected size on the filter label. If a model number or size is not shown, take the cartridge out and look for a part number that is molded into the end caps. If you need additional help, use our Live Chat.

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