Jandy Replacement Cartridge Selections



Replacement Jandy Filter Cartridges

Looking for replacement cartridges for your Jandy pool filter? Inyo Pools carries a wide selection of top-quality OEM Jandy pool filter replacement cartridges as well as Pureline aftermarket cartridge replacements at a fraction of the cost. Our Jandy pool filter replacement cartridges are made from top-quality materials and are designed to provide superior filtration performance, ensuring that your pool water stays clean and clear all season long.

We carry replacement cartridges for popular Jandy filter models such as:

In addition, we offer replacement cartridges for a variety of Jandy filter OEM model numbers, including:

We highly recommend Pureline branded pool filter replacement cartridges. Pureline has the quality of an OEM cartridge at a fraction of the price! We offer Pureline replacement cartridge single packs and four packs for the Jandy CV Series and Jandy CL Series.

How to Measure Your Old Cartridge

  1. Measure the length  of the cartridge, including the endcaps
  2. Measure the diameter of the endcap
  3. Measure the inside diameter of the cartridge center hole. (if applicable)

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