Jacuzzi / Carvin Replacement Cartridge Selections

Looking for replacement parts for your Jacuzzi or Carvin pool filter? At Inyo Pools, we offer the complete selection of top-quality Jacuzzi and Carvin pool filter replacement parts at competitive prices for popular models such as:

Jacuzzi Laser Sand Filter (Clamp Style)

Jacuzzi Laser Sand Filter (Bolt Style)

Jacuzzi Sherlock Cartridge Filter

Jacuzzi Tri-Clops Cartridge Filter

Jacuzzi CFR & EF Cartridge Filter

Jacuzzi Avalanche D.E. Filter

Jacuzzi Landslide D.E. Filter

Jacuzzi Earthworks DE Filter

Find replacement parts quickly and easily using our Jacuzzi / Carvin pool cartridge finder. Inyo Pools offers a complete selection of Jacuzzi filter parts, including:
  • Filter Cartridges - We offer a variety of filter cartridges to fit Jacuzzi and Carvin pool filters, including both standard and high-capacity options.
  • O-Rings - Essential for creating a watertight seal between the filter housing and the lid.
  • Valves - Controls the flow of water through your pool filter.
  • Drain Plugs - Essential for draining water from your pool filter.
  • Pressure Gauges - Helps you monitor the performance of your pool filter.
  • Tank O-Rings - Creates a watertight seal between the filter tank and the head.
  • Air Relief Valves - Used to release air trapped in the filter tank.
Inyo Pools also has parts for hard-to-find pool filters like:

We also carry the full range of Jacuzzi Multiport Valves and Jacuzzi / Carvin filter valve replacement parts, Jacuzzi 6 Way Dial (DVK6) and Jacuzzi 7 Way Dial (DVK7).
Not sure of your Jacuzzi filter model? Look for a model name and selected size on the filter label. If a model number or size is not shown, take the cartridge out and look for a part number that is molded into the end caps. If you need additional help, use our Live Chat.
Need help identifying or maintaining your Jacuzzi Filter? Read these How-to Guides written by Inyo Pools experts: