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Summer fun is one of the main reasons you decided to get a pool so don't forget the pool toys! Your swimming pool is a great arena for all-out playtime for both kids and adults. Sure, you can go with the classic beach ball but there are many other options for those who like to play hard. pool toys and pool games also offer a chance for the whole family to have fun and get exercise at the same time - and how often does that happen?

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Pool Toys

A mask, snorkel, battery-operated tropical fish - and a little imagination - can turn your pool into a coral reef adventure. Check out our RC Swimming Fish which comes with a remote control or the Rainbow Reef Turtle whose head bobs and moves like a real sea turtle. The explorer in the family will also love the Rainbow Reef Dolphin which swims underwater with life-like motion.

RC Swimming Fish Rainbow Reef Turtle Rainbow Reef Dolphin

Inflatable pool toys are made in all shapes and sizes to fit every personality in your pool and provide hours of entertainment for younger children. Consider the Big Sea-Saw Rocker, Habitat Maze Water Park Slide or the UFO Spaceship with its own squirt gun. The Shock Rocker is a family favorite which seats four and has handles that allow you to rock the boat (or just hold on while someone else does).

Big Sea-Saw Rocker Habitat Maze Water Park Slide UFO Spaceship Shock Rocker

Kids love to have their own space so some of our most popular pool toys are the floating habitats, the Cube and the Sphere. These inflatable forts give kids a great place to hang out and play with friends. For the rare child who actually misses being in school for the summer, the Pool Bus Habitat will make them feel right at home. The Boathouse is another fun hang-out with some great extras - an inflatable boat, ring buoys and a roof that can detach and be used as a raft.

Pool Games & Sports

Adults and kids alike will have a great time splashing, dunking and spiking with our pool basketball, volleyball and football pool games. There are pool games for both casual fun and serious sports fanatics. Floating basketball pool games like Hot Hoops or the All Pro require almost no installation - just snap it together, put it in the pool and let the hoops competition begin. For more of an official pool game, you can install a backboard and basket like our Pool Jam Basketball on the top rail of an above ground pool. Regulation size games such as the Swim-N-Dunk are available for in-ground pools and mount into the concrete deck around the pool.

Volleyball is a classic beach sport and now you can bring it home to your pool for more fun in the sun. For above ground pools, the Pool Jam Volleyball/Basketball Combo attaches to the top rail and provides two pool games in one, a great value! There's also a Pool Jam Combo for in-ground pools with supports which are placed on the deck and weighted with water or sand. The Swim-N-Spike volleyball pool game is more of a permanent installation with stainless steel posts that are mounted to the pool deck. The net is removable so it will not obstruct the pool when the pool game is not in use.

Pool Jam Volleyball/Basketball Combo Pool Jam Combo Swim-N-Spike Poolshot Aqua Toss

Football fans can bring their favorite pool game into the water with the Poolshot Aqua Toss. This pool game has a backboard with three target holes and cushioned footballs for scoring touchdowns, field goals and safeties. The Aqua Toss can be used on any pool, either above ground or in-ground, that has six square feet of deck space. The base is designed to be filled with water for stability and is easily drained for storage during the winter.

For a portable bundle of fun, pack up one or both of our Pool Party Packs and head to the pool, beach or lake. Pack 1 comes with two trampoline bats, balls, a football and a fling (similar to a Frisbee). Pack 2 has two jai alai baskets, balls, two footballs and a fling. These are also great for the backyard or playground so take them wherever you go.

Pool Noodles

Pool Noodles are extremely popular with both children and adults. Flexible and buoyant, pool noodles are long foam tubes that were originally designed for fun and floatation but evolved into having many practical uses. Our customers have used them for insulation around windows, protective bumpers on bed rails in hospitals and nursing homes, as markers for crab traps, levelers for child car seats and in water fitness classes. Teachers have used them for arts and crafts classes and perhaps our favorite, making mock lightsabers.

pool noodles pool noodles
Regular Noodle Solid Round Noodle

Pool Noodles come in different shapes, sizes and colors. The Regular Noodle and Big Boss Noodle have hollow cores while the Solid Round Noodle is - you guessed it - solid with no hole through the center. Since they are flexible, you can bend pool noodles into different shapes and connect them with Noodle Connectors or make a seat with our Noodle Fun Chair accessory. For sheer silliness, get a case of Squirty Head Noodles which have a squeezable whale or goldfish head on one end. When squeezed, water is sucked up through the noodle and squirts out of the head - great for keeping kids occupied for hours, and maybe a few adults as well.

Our number one pool noodle question is if a case of all one color can be purchased. We'd love to say yes but pool noodles are packaged randomly by the manufacturer and a single color cannot be guaranteed. Click here for our Pool Noodles

Great new pool toys and pool games come out each pool season and we'll be sure to have all the best on our web site. Keep in mind that many of these are seasonal items and once they're gone, they usually aren't available again until the following season. It's a good idea to purchase them in the spring or early summer to be sure you'll have your favorites for the entire pool season.