How to Add Granular Shock to Your Pool


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In this guide and video, we'll show you how to add granular pool shock safely to your pool. Shocking your pool water is a common pool maintenance task, helpful in clearing algae blooms, boosting chlorine levels after a party, or part of a monthly maintenance regimen.

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Step by Step


Step 1

Fill Bucket with Pool Water - Fill a bucket, preferably, 2-gallon or large with pool water.

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Step 2

Pour Shock into Bucket - Snip off a corner from the back of shock, and pour contents into the water-filled bucket. 

Dosing Tips - Most pool shocks have a recommended dose per 10,000 gallons; for example, 1 lb bag for 10,000 Gallons. Be sure the recommended dose

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Step 3

Dissolve Shock - Use a Yardstick, or PVC pipe (the tool used should be non-metallic,) to stir the shock in solution. Agitate water until the shock is dissolved

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Step 4

Pour Bucket Solution into Pool - While pouring the shock solution, walk the length of the pool to help disperse it. To make sure the shock mixes well, make sure our pool pump is running.

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Step 5

Chlorine Residue Left in Bucket - If you notice any chlorine residue in the bucket after pouring out the solution; refill, stir, empty until gone.

Step 6

Aftercare - What to do after shocking your pool?

Swimmers: Wait at least 24 hours before allowing swimmers in the pool after shocking the water.

Storage: Keep the chlorine in a dry well-ventilated area, away from any sources of flame or high heat.

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