How To Clean A Gear Box On A Hayward Navigator, Pool Vac Ultra, BluCon


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Is your Hayward Navigator, Pool Vac Ultra, or Blucon pool cleaner running in a straight line, getting stuck in corners, and not covering the entire pool? The issue could be the internal gear box. The following guide will explain how to disassemble the cleaner and clean the gear box.


Step by Step


Step 1

With the cleaner upside down, remove the four screws that secure the lower body. Then loosen the screw that secures the throat. This screw will not come all the way out because it is clamped on the backside.

Step 2

Lift the bottom assembly away from the cleaner and set it to the side.

Step 3

Remove the four screws from the bumper plate and remove the bumper plate.

Step 4

Remove the two screws from the lower middle body.

Step 5

Flip the cleaner back over and remove the lower middle body.

Step 6

Locate the gear box on the lower middle body and remove the gear box. The gear box should pull out of the body easily.

Step 7

At this point, you can test the gear box by blowing into the small opening near the bottom. You should hear a whistling sound and the gears moving inside. If you do not hear anything, proceed to the next step.

Step 8

Remove the red spindle, washer, and lid to the gear box.

Step 9

Pull the 8 gears out of the gear box.

Step 10

Inspect the gears and look for any debris that could be stuck in the teeth. Wash out the gears with the hose or faucet and make sure the gears are free of all debris.

Step 11

Begin placing the gears back in the gear box. Start with the fan looking gear. With the flat side of the gear facing down, place it on the rod that has the two round protruding pieces at the bottom.

Step 12

Find the gear that has a small cylinder shaped piece on one side. Place that on the opposite rod from the fan. Make sure the side with the cylinder piece is facing down.

Step 13

Take the four remaining gears that look similar and place them on the rods in an alternating pattern. Start with the initial rod that has the fan gear.

Step 14

Lastly, take the gear that has the square piece on one side and place that on the opposite rod from the last gear.

Step 15

Place gear box lid back on the gear box. Then add the washer and red spindle.

Step 16

Press the gear box into the lower middle body. The gear box will only fit into the lower middle body one way because of the tab on the gear box.

Step 17

Place the black turbine assembly into the lower middle body. There will be an "R" on one side of the turbine assembly. That should match up with the "R" on the lower middle body.

Step 18

Take the top of the cleaner and place it on the lower middle body. Guide the filter screen from the top into the tracks on the lower middle body.

Step 19

Turn the top assembly upside down and reinstall twp screws into the middle holes of the lower middle body.

Step 20

Place the bumper on the lower middle body and reinstall the four remaining body screws.

Step 21

Finally, place the lower body onto the cleaner and tighten the five screws.



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