How To Clean A Pool Filter Cartridge


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In this guide, we explain how to clean a pool cartridge filter. This step by step guide will ensure that a routine chore of cleaning the filter is done correctly.

Note: We used a Hayward SwimClear cartridge filter in this guide. However, the general steps can be applied to any cartridge filter.


Step by Step


Step 1

Turn the pool pump off.

Step 2

Open the air relief. This will release the pressure and drain most of the water from the filter.

Step 3

Remove the lid from the tank. This is usually done by loosening a lock ring, clamp, or knob.

Step 4

Remove the cartridge from the filter canister and set it somewhere it can be hosed off.

Step 5

Using the high-pressure setting on a garden hose nozzle, spray off the cartridge from the top down. Do this until the cartridge is free of debris.

Step 6

Put the cartridge back in the filter canister.

Step 7

Place the lid back on the filter and tighten it down.

Step 8

Turn the pump back on. It may need to be primed if it struggles to get started.

"How to Prime a Pool Pump"

Step 9

Keep the air relief valve open until water starts to spray out. Then close the air relief valve. 

The cartridge cleaning process is complete.



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