How To Find the Right Capacitor For Your Pool Pump Motor


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In this guide, we'll give you a step-by-step guide on the easiest ways to find the correct replacement capacitor for your specific pool pump motor. For example, does your pool pump motor only hum when you turn it on? If so, your motor most likely needs a new capacitor. Or, does the motor trip the breaker after only a few minutes of run time? If that's the case, you guessed it; you need a new capacitor.

Step by Step


Step 1

Shut Off Power to the Pump - Shut down the pump's electrical circuit by flipping it's breaker at the circuit box. This is important to prevent the motor from turning one while, we're working on it.

Step 2

Read the Capacitor's Label - The capacitor barrel label has the component's part number; along with its voltage and microfarad (MFD, μF) ratings.

If your capacitor's part number is visible, type it into Inyo's parts search at the top of this page to find it. To make certain you have found a match, compare the listed voltage and MFD ratings listed in the product specifications.

Example Capacitor Part # Formats:
  • Run Capacitor - 2444, TRC50, PRC30A, 5VR0303, & 628318-307
  • Start Capacitor - PMJ-124, BC189, & 15769525

Click Here to View Our Start Capacitors
Click Here to View Our Run Capacitors

Step 3

Read the Capacitor's Label (Cont.) - If the capacitor's part number is illegible, match the label's listed voltage and MFD ratings to find its replacement.

First, we can determine which capacitor type we need by its color. Start capacitors are brown or black, and the run capacitors are silver. Click one of the links below to view the corresponding capacitor specs chart.

Click Here to View Our Start Capacitors
Click Here to View Our Run Capacitors

Start capacitor ratings list their voltage and microfarad in ranges; for example, the BC-124 ratings are 110-125 V and 124-149 MFD

Run Capacitor ratings are listed as a single voltage and MFD rating; for example, the 628318-307 lists 370 V and 25 MFD.

Step 4

Use the Motor Label to ID the Capacitor - If the capacitor's label is unavailable, we can find its replacement by identifying your specific pool pump motor.

How to ID your Motor:
  1. Find your pool pump motor's Part (P/N), Model (MOD), or Catalog (CAT) on its main label.
  2. Type the motor number into our search at the top of the page
  3. Review the Search Result, comparing the Listed Voltage (V), Amps (A), and Total HP.
  4. Click the motor's Parts Diagram at the bottom of its product page.
  5. Select the capacitor from the motor's parts listing.

Total HP Note: Calculate the motor's Total HP by multiplying the listed Horsepower (HP) and Service Factor (SF). This allows you to match motors listed uprated or full-rated.

Step 5

Use the Motor Label to ID the Capacitor (Cont.) - For example, if we have a UST1152 motor, we would click the UST Motor Series Diagram, and pick the capacitor listed for the UST1152

Click Here to Find Your Pump Motor’s Parts Diagram

Step 6

“I Still Can't Find the Right Capacitor” - That's simple – send pictures of your motor label through a tech support ticket. One of our technicians will review the photos and try to fit them for you.

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