How to Find Top & Bottom Plates for Above Ground Pools


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This guide will show you how to find replacement top and bottom plates for your above-ground pool. Top plates are also commonly called base plates or joiner plates, base plates.

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Step by Step


Step 1

Check Your Pool’s Manuals for Part Numbers - When you received your pool, the packaging should have included an owner’s manual, installation manual, and an invoice. In addition, there is usually a parts diagram in the owner’s manual with a listing of part descriptions and numbers. If you can find your manual, you can quickly find the necessary top and bottom plate information.

If there is no available parts diagram in the manuals, you can use the paperwork to help identify the make and model of the pool. With the make and model information, you can then go to our Above Ground Pool Parts Diagram page to find your corresponding parts schematic. To make sure you find the correct schematic for your pool, make sure to confirm your pool size using the invoice or by measuring.

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Step 2

Check Your Plates for a Part Number -  Your top or bottom plates may have their part number stamped or laser etched onto them. If you find the plate’s part number, you can enter it into the Inyo parts Search at the top of the page.

Step 3

Measure & Compare Your Plate to Our Inyo’s Plate Page -  If you cannot identify your pool model or the plate’s part number, you may compare the shape and dimensions of your plates to ones shown on our Above Ground Pool Top and Bottom Plates Database.

First, I would go through the list to find plates that most resemble the shape and configuration of your plate. Have one of your plates on hand (if possible) for easy comparison and measurement. Next, with your selection of similarly shaped top and bottom plates, review the dimension images on the respective product pages, and compare them to your old plate.

Click Here to View Our Above Ground Pool Bottom Plates Section

Step 4

Contact Inyo - If the previous steps have failed, your best chance at identifying the correct top or bottom plate replacement is to contact our above ground pool parts specialists. Our parts specialists have years of experience tracking down and identifying hard-to-find above ground pool parts. If they can’t find it, then I don’t know who else could.

If you would like us to ID the pool. Please email the following pictures/information to (
  • Pool wall
  • Upright
  • Top rail connection to the upright
  • Including, the size & approximate age of the pool with the name of the pool (if known).

Our specialists will reply to you as soon as they identify your pool; but during the summer, replies may take 2 to 3 business days for replies.




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