How to Find Top & Bottom Rims for Above Ground Pools


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In this guide, we will walk through how to find replacement top and bottom rims for your above ground pool. The top and bottom rims of an above ground pool are also referred to as wall channels, inner stabilizers, top & bottom rails,  or top & bottom rims; we’ll be referring to these names throughout.

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Step by Step


Step 1

Identify Your Pool’s Make & Model or Rim Part Number Using Its Paperwork - When your pool was purchased the packaging should have included an owner’s manual, installation manual, and an invoice that lists the make and model of the pool. With the make and model information, you can find your pool on Inyo’s Above Ground Pool Parts Schematic List. These schematics list all of the available parts for the pool, including top ledges, top rails, uprights, and base plates.

Your owner’s manual may include a parts schematic and replacement part number list. These schematics will list all the compatible part numbers for your pool size. You may pick the rim part numbers from the diagram, then enter them into our parts search at the top of the screen.

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Step 2

Check Your Rims for a Part Number - This step is specific to pools with resin rims because the manufacturer may stamp them with a part number. The part number is usually found on the underside or near one of the ends.

Unfortunately, manufacturers do not usually stamp the steel wall channels. You can still check the rims for an identification number, but don’t fret if you cannot find it.

Step 3

Use Your Pool Rim’s Dimensions to Find a Match - There are scores of parts to choose from our Above Ground Pool Bottom Rails and Stabilizers, but you can easily find a match using the three rim dimensions illustrated in this picture.

  • A: Measure the outside curve of the rail, tip to tip
  • B: Measure the straight line distance between the ends, inside tip to inside tip.
  • C: Measure the rim’s width
After clicking the link in this step, you will need to select pool shape, size, and rim material (steel or resin) o to see the list of possible rim matches.

Tip: Use a tailor’s tape instead of a tape measure to get a more accurate measurement

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Step 4

Contact Inyo’s Parts Department - If you cannot find the right rims for your above ground pool, contact our above ground pool parts specialists. Our parts team can try to identify the make and model of your pool and its replacement parts.

If you would like us to ID the pool. Please email the following pictures/information to (

  • Pool wall
  • Upright
  • Top rail connection to the upright
  • Including, the size & approximate age of the pool with the name of the pool (if known).

**Our specialists will reply to you as soon as they identify your pool; but during the summer, replies may take 2 to 3 business days..**

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