How to Find Top Caps for Above Ground Pools


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In this guide, we will walk through how to identify your above-ground pool top caps (also called, ledge covers or seat caps), so you can find the correct replacement.

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Step by Step


Step 1

Find the Part Number on your Top Cap - Most top caps have a part number stamped somewhere on the cap itself, usually on the underside. If you find your top cap's part number, enter it into Inyo’s search at the top of the page to see your options. 

Two or three part numbers may be listed on some ledge covers with a color next to each; these numbers are the specific part numbers to the respective colors. If your color is unavailable, try searching one of these other color variant part numbers part Though different colors, the top cap will fit just the same as your old caps.

**If you want all your top caps to match, you can try painting your top caps. Take a look at this guide on how to paint your above ground pool parts**

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Step 2

Use Inyo’s Above Ground Pool Part Finder - If you’re unable to find a part number on your old top cap, try comparing its dimensions and design to our Top Cap Database.  Each cap has several pictures, as well as detailed dimensions for easy matching.

The chart shown on this step lists the 50 most common top caps, but we carry a more comprehensive selection. If you don’t see your top ledge on the chart, click "All Top Caps" at the bottom of the page

Step 3

Identify Your Pool’s Make and Model Using Its Paperwork - When you purchased your brand new pool, it should have come with an installation manual, owner’s manual, and an invoice that lists your pool’s specific make and model. You can check our Above Ground Pool Parts Schematic List with the make and model to find your pool’s parts diagram. These diagrams list all the available parts for your pool model, from top caps, bottom rims, bottom plates, uprights, and top plates.

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Step 4

Contact Inyo’s Parts Department - If the previous steps provided no matches, reach out to Inyo’s above ground pool parts specialists. Our parts team can try to identify the make and model of your pool and its replacement parts.

If you would like us to ID the pool. Please email the following pictures/information to (
  • Pool wall
  • Upright
  • Top rail connection to the upright
  • Including, the size & approximate age of the pool with the name of the pool (if known).

**Our specialists will reply to you as soon as they identify your pool; but during the summer, replies may take 2 to 3 business days..**




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