How to Find a Replacement Pool Filter Backwash Valve


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This guide will explain how to find the correct replacement backwash valve for your sand or DE filter. We'll discuss how to identify your backwash valve using its model number, the filter's model information, and, if need be, using internal parts to identify.

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Step by Step


Step 1

Check Your Owner’s Manual - The paperwork that came with your brand new filter lists all the specs, plumbing, and replacement part information you should ever need. The main issue is that this paperwork is sometimes lost between installing the filter and when you need to reference a part number. But if you are one of the rare few that can hang onto it, this is the place to start.

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Step 2

Valve Model Number - The valve should have a label or two with its model information besides the owner's manual. For multiport valve users, the large round label on the top of the filter usually contains the valve’s model information or a label part number you can use we’ll discuss that down below

For you, push-pull/slide valve users, the small round sticker at the base of the handle may contain model information. If there is no information on this label, try to find the second/serial number bar code tag on the valve's body.

Each manufacturer has its own model number format. View our Backwash Valve Parts Section. Here is a quick reference model number guide for the more common valve manufacturers:
  • Hayward - SP71, less common SP4 or GM
  • Pentair / Praher - SM10, SM20, TM12, & TM20 (SM = Side Mount and TM = Top Mount,) Begins with 26
  • Jacuzzi - DVK-4, -5, 6, & -7. Or, 8-digit number that begins with 392
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Step 3

Serial Number Label - This sticker is usually in the form of a barcode serial number with some extra model information listed alongside it. These can be found on multiport or slide valves but are more commonly found on the slide models. If there is no model information listed on the label, you can use the serial number to identify the valve make and model. Again, the manufacturer can identify the serial number of your valve if you contact their warranty or customer service lines.

Step 4

Check the Valve’s Internal Part Numbers - If there are no exterior labels to identify the valve, your next best option is to disassemble the valve to find an internal part number.

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Step 5

Identify Your Filter - If the valve model information is completely indecipherable, the next best route would identify the filter the valve is mounted to. Once we identify the make and model, you can then narrow the possible suspects to as little as two or three options. Read the following guide for help identifying your filter: How To Identify the Make and Model of My Pool Filter 

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Step 6

Still not sure? - If you have tried all of the above methods to identify the right valve for your sand, cartridge, or DE filter, the only thing left to do is contact us, INYO Pools. Our technicians with decades of experience have a few other ways to ID your filter and valve. Email pictures of the filter, valve, and equipment pad, and we can find the right part for you.



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