How to Find a Replacement Spider Gasket


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In this guide, we'll show you how to find a suitable spider gasket replacement for your leaky filter multiport valve. If your filter's multiport valve is leaking from the backwash port, a bad spider gasket is the most likely culprit. The spoked gasket, called the spider gasket, makes sure your valve routes the router according to the desired setting.

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Step by Step


Step 1

Check Your Owner’s Manual - If you are one of the rare birds that keeps your pool equipment’s manuals, the valve’s parts diagram is listed there for reference.

Step 2

Check Your Valve’s Cover Label for Model Information -  Easiest way to identify your multiport valve is to use its model number to track down a parts diagram. The parts diagram will list all compatible parts that fit your valve, including the all-important spider gasket. The sticker containing the model information is the round label that notes the backwash, rinse, filter, and recirculate settings. 

Each manufacturer has its model number format. Here is a quick reference model number guide for the more common valve manufacturers:

  • Hayward: SP71, less common SP4 or GM
  • Pentair - Praher: SM10, SM20, TM12, & TM20 - SM = Side Mount and TM = Top Mount, Begins with 26
  • Jacuzzi: DVK-4, -5, 6, & -7. Or, 8-digit number that begins with 392
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Step 3

Secondary Model Tag & Serial Number - Some manufacturers list the model information on the valve’s barcode serial sticker. The barcode serial number sticker will identify the valve.  Please write down this serial number, and contact the manufacturer to have them decipher the age and model of the valve. They should also be able to provide you with the part number for your spider gasket.

Step 4

Measure Your Spider Gasket - If the valve’s model information is unavailable, go straight to the source and measure your old spider gasket. You’ll want to measure the overall outside diameter (OD) and inside diameter of the center hole. Also, make a note of the spider gasket’s spoke configuration.

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Step 5

Spider Gasket EZ Find Chart - With your spider gasket measurements and spoke configuration in hand, review the Spider Gasket EZ Find Chart to find a match. The six to eight number under each spider gasket drawing is its part number. Type that part number into Inyo’s search to view more details if you find a match.

Step 6

Still Not Sure? - If you have tried all of the above methods to identify the right spider gasket for your multiport valve, the only thing left to do is contact us, INYOPools. Our technicians with decades of experience have a few other ways to ID your filter and valve. Use our LiveChat feature to speak with one of our technicians one-on-one or email pictures of the valve spider gasket and list its dimensions; we'll do our best to find you the correct part.

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