How to Install a Century VLink Wireless Interface to a VGreen 165


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If you have a Century V-Green 165 motor installed in your pool system, you can program it manually off the control pad mounted on the top of the motor. For greater convenience, you can install a Century VLink wireless interface to the 165 motor to program the 165 motor from your mobile smartphone. This interface will also allow you to change the operational settings and monitor energy usage in real time from your smartphone. This guide shows you how to install a VLink wireless interface to your VGreen 165 motor.

Things You'll Need


Step by Step


Step 1

VIEW VLINK PACKAGE - The VLink package has everything you need to install a wireless interface between the VGreen 165 motor and a wireless system connected to a smartphone. In the package are the VLink Wireless Adapter, an RS-485 cable, two RS-485 connectors for the ends of the cable, a mounting bracket, and s conduit fitting to provide a waterproof port into the motor.

Step 2

COLLECT TOOLS - a small Phillips head screwdriver, a medium Phillips head screwdriver, a pencil, and a drill with a carbide bit

Step 3

TURN OFF POWER TO MOTOR - Before you start, make sure that the power to the pump is turned OFF. For maximum safety turn off the power at the circuit breaker to the motor.

Step 4

REMOVE TERMINAL COVER - Unscrew the terminal cover and lift it off of the back of the VGreen VS 165 motor.

Step 5

FEED CABLE INTO CONDUIT ADAPTER - Feed the RS-485 cable through the conduit adapter.

Step 6

SCREW ADAPTER INTO CONTROL PORT - The VGreen VS 165 motor has two electrical ports at the back of the motor. The right one provides access for the high voltage power to the motor. The left on provides access for the low voltage control of the motor. This is where the VLink interface will go. Remove the plug in the left port and attach the conduit adapter.

Step 7

INSTALL RS-485 CONNECTOR - Push one of the RS-485 connectors onto the orange terminal socket.

Step 8

CONNECT FOUR CABLE WIRES TO CONNECTOR - Attach the four cable wires to the RS-485 connector. The wire color sequence from left to right is red, white, green and black.

Step 9

TOGGLE #1 DIP SWITCH - Put DIP switch #1 in the "ON" position. The other four switches should be in the "OFF" position.

Step 10

REPLACE TERMINAL COVER - Replace the cover over the electrical terminals. Secure it with the single screw.

Step 11

CONNECT WIRES TO A SECOND RS-485 - We will now attach the second RS-485 connector to the other end of the cable. Hold the connector with the wire terminals facing you. The sequence of the four wires from left to right is red, white, green and black. To attach each wire, insert the wire into the terminal and secure it by tightening the screw above it in a clockwise direction. Pull on each wire to make sure it is securely clamped onto the terminal.

Step 12

CHECK WIRELESS SIGNAL STRENGTH - Check your smartphone to make sure the WI-FI signal at this location is strong enough to connect with the VLink Wireless Adapter.

Step 13

TAKE MOUNTING PLATE OFF OF CONTROL BOX - Remove the mounting plate from the VLink adapter by sliding it up.

Step 14

POSITION MOUNTING BRACKET - Position the mounting bracket where you want to install the VLink Adapter. Make sure the top of the bracket is up and that the bubble in the level on the bracket is centered.

Step 15

MARK HOLES - Using a pencil or sharpie, mark the location of the two mounting holes on the wall.

Step 16

DRILL HOLES - Drill the two holes. If you are drilling into stucco, you will need a special carbide bit.

Step 17

SECURE MOUNTING BRACKET - Secure the mounting bracket on the wall with the two screws.

Step 18

REMOVE TERMINAL COVER ON CONTROL BOX - Unscrew the single screw at the base of the VLink adapter to remove the terminal cover.

Step 19

ATTACH RS-485 CONNECTOR - Push the RS-485 connector at the end of the cable into the RS-485 socket.

Step 20

REPLACE TERMINAL COVER - Replace the terminal cover and secure it with the single screw.

Step 21

TURN POWER ON - Turn on the power to the VS 165 motor. Push the STOP button on the motor control pad to prevent the motor from starting. Power will remain ON for the control panel and link to the VLink Wireless Adapter.

Step 22

OBSERVE STATUS LIGHTS - The middle statue light the should be on steady to indicate that the adapter has power and the right light should be blinking to indicate that you have a link to the motor.

Step 23

SLIDE CONTROL BOX ON MOUNTING BRACKET - Slide the VLink adapter down on the mounting bracket to mount the adapter

Step 24

INSTALLATION IS COMPLETE - You have successfully installed your VLink Wireless interface to you VGreen VS 165 motor. For programming instructions see our guide on "How to Program a VGreen Motor From a Mobile Device Using VLink". If you have any other questions, feel free to call us at 407-834-2200 or visit us at



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