How To Install A Plug And Cable On A Pool Or Spa Pump Motor


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Many replacement pumps do not come with a plug and cable. However, it is a very simple process to add one to a pump. In this guide, we explain how to wire a plug and cable to a pool or spa pump.

Note: We use a 115v spa pump in the guide but the general instructions can be applied to most pool and spa pumps. It is important to view the wiring diagram on your motor before connecting the wires from the cable. It is also important to understand the correct gauge wire to use. The amo draw of the motor will determine the wire gauge. Consult an electrician if you are unsure what gauge wire would be required for your pump.


Step by Step


Step 1

SUPPLIES NEEDED - In order to install the plug and cable, we will use needle nose pliers, philiips head screwdriver, cable connector, and a 1/4" nut driver/socket wrench.

Note - When choosing a plug and cable, make sure the gauge of the cable is suitable for the amperage of the motor. We used a 14/3 cable for a 9.5 amp 115v pump.

Step 2

REMOVE END CAP - Using the 1/4 nut driver or socket wrench, loosen the screw on the motor cap and remove the cover.

Step 3

REMOVE CONDUIT PLUG - If there is a conduit plug, remove it using a screwdriver.

Step 4

INSTALL CABLE CONNECTOR - Thread cable connector into the conduit hole.

Step 5

INSERT WIRES - Feed the wires from the cable through the conduit adapter.

Step 6

CHECK WIRING DIAGRAM - Before connecting wires, check the wiring diagram on the motor specification label. 

In our example, we have a 115v motor. The diagram says the "Line" will go to terminal 3. The "Line" is usually black on a 115v cable. The "Neutral" will go to terminal 4. The "Neutral" is usually the white wire on a 115v cable.

Step 7

CONNECT GROUND - Loosen the green screw and connect the green wire from the cable. Tighten the green screw.

Step 8

CONNECT "LINE" - The black wire is considered the "Line" or "Hot Line".  Connect the black line to Terminal 3.

Note: This may be different on your motor. Double-check the wiring diagram.

Step 9

CONNECT "NEUTRAL" - The white wire is considered the "Neutral Line".  Connect the white line to Terminal 4.

Note: This may be different on your motor. Double-check the wiring diagram.

Step 10

TIGHTEN CABLE CONNECTOR - Using a phillips head screwdriver, tighten the screws that clamp down on the cable.

Step 11

REINSTALL CAP - Place the end cap on the back of the motor and tighten the screw.

Step 12

BONDING WIRE - Connect the copper bonding wire to the bonding lug on the motor.

Note: Not all above-ground pools and spas have been bonded. If not, check with your local codes to see if it is required.



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