How To Install an AG Oval Pool - Pt 2, Assembling the Strap Assemblies


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This guide is part 2 of a series of guides on what you need to know when installing an Oval Above Ground (AG) Pool.  The Upright on  an Oval Pool  are divided into two groups: the Uprights on the flat sides of the Oval Pool and the Uprights around the curved ends of the Oval Pool This part shows you how to assemble the Strap Assemblies and Uprights required to brace the FLAT side walls of your Oval Above Ground pool. We suggest that you review the previous parts of this series before reading this section. Also, these instructions may vary according to your pool model so consult your owner's manual for any variations.

Step by Step


Step 1

LAY OUT STRAP ASSEMBLY PIECES - Sort out the Strap Assembly pieces. These will include the assembled Uprights and their Bottom Channels, and the Straight Side Bottom Rail Connectors shown here. The Straps that connect to the opposite Channels of the Uprights are shown below.

Step 2

ATTACH CONNECTORS - Attach the Straight Side Bottom Rail Connectors to each Strap End Channel.

Step 3

ATTACH STRAPS TO CHANNELS - Bolt the Strap Units to each Channel of the Straight Side Uprights. Note that there are two different lengths of  Strap. Each Strap is stamped with its part number and length. Check with your installation manual for correct sizes and quantities for your particulat pool.  Also note that in this picture the Channels are layed on their side for easier assembly.

Step 4

ASSEMBLE STRAP UNITS - Bolt the Straps together so that you have continuus rows of strapping between the opposite Uprights as shown.

Step 5

VIEW ASSEMBLED STRAPPING - This picture shows what the fully assembled Strap Assemblies look like. The Straight or Flat Side Uprights, Channels and Straps are fully assembled.

Step 6

GO TO NEXT PART - You are now ready to construct the Base Assemblies. Go to "How To Install an AG Oval Pool -Pt 3 Installing Bottom Rail Assemblies". To return to the Overview, go to "How To Assemble an Above Ground Oval Pool - Overview".



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