How To Install an AG Oval Pool - Pt 6, Preparing for Liner


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This guide is part 6 of a series of guides on what you need to know when installing an Oval Above Ground (AG) Pool. It covers the steps you have to complete after you have erected the Pool Wall and before you can install the Pool Liner. We suggest that you review the previous parts of this series before reading this section. Also, these instructions may vary according to your pool model so consult your owner's manual for any variations.

Step by Step


Step 1

BUILD COVE - Build a 6-8" high cove along the inside edge of the pool wall 22.07

Step 2

PACK COVE - Pack down the cove with a tamp. Be careful not to scratch the pool Wall. 22.28

Step 3

SMOOTH SAND - Smooth out the sand base using a wide rake. 22.37

Step 4

INSTALL BEADED LINER TRACK - If you are using a Beaded Liner, push the Beaded Liner Track over the top of the pool Wall. 23.15

Step 5

INSTALL SHORT STABILIZER RAILS - Place an 8" Stabilizer Rails over the top of the Beaded Liner Track at each Straight Side Upright. 23.38

Step 6

INSTALL STRAIGHT SIDE TOP PLATES - Place a Straight Side Top Plate over each Stabilizer Rail and Straight Side Upright, and secure it to the Upright with #10 screws..

Step 7

INSTALL STRAIGHT SIDE STABILIZER RAILS - Push the 33" Straight Side Stabilizer Rails onto the Beaded Liner Track between each set of *" Stabilizer Rails. 24.14

Step 8

INSTALL CURVE SIDE STABILIZER RAILS - Push the Curved Stabilizer Rails onto the Beaded Liner Track around each end of the pool. The Curved Stabilizer Rails will telescope into each other about 1" to form a continuous rail along both curved sides.  Once all the Stabilizer Rails are on, you can remove the landscape rails and tape used initially to hold up the wall. 24.31

Step 9

INSTALL CURVED TOP PLATES - Install the Curved Side Top Plates by snapping them over the Curved Stabilizing Rail at each Upright, and securing them to the Uprights with a set of #10 screws.  25.03

Step 10

CHECK VERTICALS - Make sure the Curved Side Uprights are straight up and down using a Carpenter's Level.  25.15

Step 11

WET DOWN BASE - Spray down the sand base before compacting it.  25.25

Step 12

PACK BOTTOM - Pack down the inside bottom of the pool with a tamp. This will help reduce footprints in the bottom of the pool. 25.32

Step 13

SWEEP BASE - Lightly sweep the base to remove any lines caused by tamping. 26.00

Step 14

GO TO NEXT PART - You are now ready to install the Pool Liner. Go to "How To Install an AG Oval Pool - Pt 7, Installing Liner". To return to the Overview, go to "How To Assemble an Above Ground Oval Pool - Overview".



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