How To Install an AG Oval Pool - Pt 9, Installing Skimmer and Return


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This guide is part 9 of a series of guides on what you need to know when installing an Oval Above Ground (AG) Pool. It shows you how to install a Skimmer and Return Port on the side of an Above Ground Pool. We suggest that you review the previous parts of this series before reading this section. Also, these instructions may vary according to your pool model so consult your owner's manual for any variations.

Step by Step


Step 1

CHECK SKIMMER PARTS RECEIVED - Check that you have all the parts required to install the Skimmer.  These parts will include: the Skimmer itself, the Wall Gasket, the Face Plate, and the screws to mount the Skimmer.

Step 2

CHECK RETURN PORT PARTS RECEIVED - Check that you have all the parts required to install the Return Port. These parts will include: the Return Port, an inner Gasket, an Outer Gasket, and a Retaining Nut.

Step 3

ADD WATER TO POOL - Continue filling the pool until the water level is about 4" from the bottom of the rectangular Skimmer hole at the top of the Wall. If you mount the Skimmer before filling the pool to this level, the weight of the Skimmer will buckle the Wall under the Skimmer hole.

Step 4

PLACE WALL GASKET - The Wall Gasket is double layered with a slot on the outside edge. Place the gasket around the Skimmer hole so that one layer is on the inside Wall (between the Wall and the Liner) and the other layer is on the outside of the Wall.

Step 5

PRE-MOUNT SKIMMER - Place and hold the Skimmer on the outside of the Wall and over the hole.

Step 6

SECURE SKIMMER - Have another person place the Face Place on the inside of the Wall and when it is lined up with the hole, poke a screw into a corner hole of the Face Plate, through the liner and inside gasket, through the screw hole in the Wall, through the outside gasket and into the hole in the corner of the Skimmer. Repeat for the other three corners and firm up the screws. Use a hand screwdriver for this operation not a power drill. If you cross thread these screws into the Skimmer, you will not get a tight fit and the Skimmer will leak and corrode your pool Wall.

Step 7

FINSIH MOUNTING SKIMMER - Complete mounting the Skimmer by screwing in all the inner screws around the Face Plate.

Step 8

CUT OPENING IN LINER - After the Skimmer is fully mounted, cut a small x in the Liner inside the Face Plate. Work this cut out to the inside edge of the Face Plate and cut out the section of the Liner inside the Face Plate. Be careful not to cut the Gasket.

Step 9

CONNECT TO PUMP - Connect the Skimmer to your Pool Pump using the flexible hose provided with the Pool Pump.

Step 10

PRE-MOUNT RETURN PORT - Place the Inner Gasket onto the pipe of the Return Port. From the inside of the pool, push the end of the Return Port into the circular hole in the Wall. This will push a portion of the Liner outside the Wall. Cut an x to the threads of the Return Port. Do not cut further or you risk making the hole larger than the gaskets.

Step 11

SECURE RETURN PORT - Push the pipe of the Return Port through the hole. Place the Outer Gasket on the pipe and secure the Return Port onto the Wall with the Retainer Nut. Uses channel lock pliers to firm up the Retainer Nut but do not over tighten.

Step 12

CONNECT TO FILTER - Connect the Return Port to your Pool Filter using the flexible hose provided with the Filter.

Step 13

ADD WATER - Finish filling your Pool so that the water level is half way up the Skimmer hole.

Step 14

POOL INSTALL COMPLETE - Your Above Ground Oval Pool installation is complete. Place your pool ladder inside your pool and climb in!  To return to the Overview, go to "How To Assemble an Above Ground Oval Pool - Overview".



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