How to Program a Crystal Pure Salt System


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The Crystal Pure Salt System (CPSS) automatically sanitizes your pool by converting the low concentration level of salt in your pool into free chlorine through electrolysis. When the CPSS is shipped to you, it will have a couple of factory presets that you may wish to change before operating your system. This guide will show you how to change these factory presets on your CPSS. It will also walk you through the eight displays and eight LED status indicators that you can reference to check the operation of your Crystal Prue Salt System.


Step by Step


Step 1

1- VIEW CONTROL PANEL – This picture shows the control panel for the Crystal Pure Salt System. For this discussion, the panel can be divided into four areas: 1- Main Switch; 2- Chlorine Output %; 3- System Status 
Display; and 4- LED Lights. Each of these areas is discussed below after the discussion on presets.

Step 2

2- CHANGE FACTORY PRESETS - Your CPSS may be shipped to you preset with metric units of meausre. This guide shows you how to change these to standard units of measure. The CPSS is also shipped with a preset value for a 60,000 gallon size cell. If you bought a smaller cell, you will also have to change this value as shown below.

Step 3

2a- CHANGE TEMPERATURE UNITS - To change the temperature units from Celsius to Fahrenheit, make sure the main switch is on AUTO, press the SYSTEM STATUS BUTTON once to display the temperature; move the main switch from AUTO to SUPER CHLORINATE to back to AUTO. The temperature display will instantly change to degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 4

2b- CHANGE SALT CELL SETTING - The cell type displayed in your CPSS has to match the cell type you installed with this system or the system will not work accurately. To set the correct cell type, push the  SYSTEM STATUS BUTTON 8 times from the beginning of the display sequence; slide the MAIN SWITCH between AUTO and ON (SUPER CHLOR) back and forth until you see the code for your cell size (T-15 for 60K, F3 for 20k and f-15 for 40K) Note, you will see other codes but these are the only three that apply to this CPSS model.

Step 5

2c- CHANGE SALT LEVEL UNITS – To change the instantaneous salt level from the metric measurement of grams/liter to the standard measurement of parts per million (ppm); press the SYSTEM STATUS BUTTON five time from the start of the status sequence; then slide the MAIN SWITCH from AUTO to ON and back to AUTO. The salt level display will instantly change to ppm. In this case, it shows a low salt reading of 1900 ppm.

Step 6

3- VIEW MAIN SWITCH SETTINGS – This slide switch controls the on/off operation of the chlorine generation process.

Step 7

3a-  MAIN SWITCH (OFF) -. In the OFF position, the CPSS is prevented from powering the electrolytic cell. Power is still provided to the CPSS for the LED lights and the display, but no chlorine is generated. In this mode, the POWER LED light will be on and the diagnostic display will show the salt level.

Step 8

3b- MAIN SWITCH (AUTO) - In the AUTO position, the CPSS is in normal operation mode. The CPSS is generating chlorine in accordance with the “Desired Output %” level set. See explanation below. In this mode, the POWER and GENERATING LED lights will be on.

Step 9

3c- MAIN SWITCH (ON/SUPER CHLOR) - In the ON or SUPER CHLOR position, the CPSS is operating in SHOCK mode generating chlorine at 100% level for 24 hours or until the power is turned off. In this mode the POWER, GENERATING, and SUPER CHLORI LED lights will be on. You will use this setting when an extra amount of chlorine is required like when you have an abnormally high number of people in the pool, or heavy rainfall, or cloudy water conditions. You do not have to adjust the Desired & Output Knob. The % level automatically goes to 100% when you set the Main Switch to SUPER CHLORINATE.

Step 10

4 -CHLORINE OUTPUT KNOB - This knob is used to control the amount of chlorine your CPSS will generate when turned on. The output can be adjusted from 5% output to 100% output. This setting is determined by trial and error. Start with 50% and adjust up or down depending on sampled chlorine readings.

Step 11

5 - DIAGNOSTIC DISPLAY - The System Status Display Panel provides eight diagnostic readings that are shown sequentially when the Diagnostic Button is pushed repeatedly. It provides two sets of values depending on whether the CPSS Main Switch is on "AUTO" (generating chlorine) or "OFF" (not generating chlorine).  These values are discussed below.

Step 12

5a- DISPLAY / SALT LEVEL - This is the default value for the Diagnostic Display - the value shown until the diagnostic button is pushed. This value is the memorized salt value.

Step 13

5b - DISPLAY 1 / TEMPERATURE - When you depress the Diagnostic Button the first time, you will see the pool Temperature. This picture shows a value of 73 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 14

5c - DISPLAY 2 / VOLTAGE - Depressing the Diagnostic Button again (2nd time) will display the Cell Voltage (typically 20.0 to 26.0 volts when chlorine is being generated, otherwise 30V). This picture shows a high operational value of 29.0 with the Switch in AUTO mode. With the Switch set at OFF, the displayed value would read 30.

Step 15

5d - DISPLAY 3 / CURRENT - Depressing the Diagnostic Button again (3rd time) will display the Cell Current (typically 2.00 to 8.00 amps when chlorine is being generated, otherwise 0 amps). This picture shows a low operational value of 1.42 amps with the Switch .in AUTO mode  With the Switch set at OFF, the displayed value will read 0.00.

Step 16

5e - DISPLAY 4 / OUTPUT - Depressing the Diagnostic Button again (4th time) will display the Desired % Output (“5P”—“100P” depending on knob position). This picture shows a displayed value of 62P which matches the Knob setting of about "62".  This value will be the same if the Switch is set at AUTO or OFF. If the Switch is set a Super Chlorinate, the displayed value will read 100P.

Step 17

5f - DISPLAY 5 / INSTANT SALINITY - Depressing the Diagnostic Button again (5th time) will display the Instant Salinity in ppm.  This value will be the same for any position of the Main Switch. This picture shows a low instantaneous salt level of 800 ppm.

Step 18

5g- DISPLAY 6 / PRODUCT NAME - Depressing the Diagnostic Button again (sixth time) will display the product name. In this case, the product name shown is "At-5". This name will be displayed for any setting of the Main Switch.

Step 19

5h - DISPLAY 7 / SW VERSION - Depressing the Diagnostic Button again (seventh time) will display the current software revision loaded. This picture shows a value of "r 646". This value will be displayed for any setting of the Main Switch.

Step 20

5i -  DISPLAY 8 / CELL TYPE - Depressing the Diagnostic Button again (eighth time) will display the type of cell that the system thinks is installed. If the cell type is not entered here correctly, the CPSS will not operate correctly. Refer back to Step 4.

Step 21

5i - DISPLAY 8 / SALT LEVEL - Depressing the Diagnostic Button a ninth time will bring you back to the default display for the salt level.

Step 22

6 - LED LIGHTS - This section of our guide describes the function of each of the 8 LED indicator lights on the CPSS.

Step 23

6a- LED LIGHTS (POWER) - This LED is illuminated when power is provided to the CPSS. It only indicates that the CPSS is under power not that it is generating chlorine.

Step 24

6b- LED LIGHTS (GENERATING) - The POWER and GENERATING LEDs are on steadily during normal operation when the CPSS is generating chlorine. When the GENERATING LED is flashing, the pool water is too hot or cold to operate and the CPSS has stopped producing chlorine.

Step 25

6c- LED LIGHTS (SUPER CHLORINATE) - This LED lights up when the CPSS main switch is set to Super Chlorinate mode and the CPSS is producing at 100% operating level. In this mode the POWER and GENERATING LEDs will also be on and the Display Panel will show "100P" for 100 % until Super Chlorinate is done.

Step 26

6d- LED LIGHTS (REMOTE) - This LED lights up when the CPSS is being controlled by an optional Remote Controller.

Step 27

6e- LED LIGHTS (NO FLOW) - When this LED is illuminated, the flow switch has detected no water flow and the SCG is NOT generating chlorine. A flashing LED indicates that the flow is restored, but there will be a 60 second delay before generation is re-established.

Step 28

6f- LED LIGHTS (CHECK SALT) - When flashing, the salt level is low (below 2500ppm) and salt chlorinator is generating at low efficiency. When illuminated steady, the salt level is too low and salt chlorinator has shut down.

Step 29

6g- LED LIGHTS (HIGH SALT) -  When illuminated, the salt level is too high and THE CPSS has shut down. Significant water might have to be emptied from the pool and the remaining water diluted with fresh water before operation is restored. See our guide on "How To Reduce the Salt Level In Your Pool" for further information.

Step 30

6h- LED LIGHTS (INSPECT CELL) - : If flashing, either the cell efficiency is reduced or it is time for regularly scheduled cell inspection. In either case, inspect the cell and clean if necessary. Pressing the “diagnostic” button next to the display for 3 seconds will stop the flashing LED. When illuminated steady, cell efficiency is greatly reduced and salt chlorinator has stopped producing chlorine. Inspect, clean or replace if necessary.

Step 31

This concludes our guide on programming your CPSS. For further information or clarification, feel free to contact us at Inyopools 407-834-2200.



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