How To Repair Rusty Above Ground Pool Walls


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It is very common for rust to occur on an above ground pool wall. If not repaired, the rust can puncture the liner or worse, weaken the wall to the point of collapse. In this guide, we explain how to repair the rust and extend the life of the pool wall.

Note: The techniques used in this video/guide are good for patching minor above ground pool wall rust. These techniques are meant to stop rust damage from spreading and prolong the life of your above ground pool.


Step by Step


Step 1

Tools Needed - The following tools and materials are recommended to complete the pool wall repair. Tools) Power Drill, Metal Drill Bits, Wire Brush, Metal Shears, Rivet Gun, Angle Grinder, Level / Straight Edge, and File. Materials) Sheet Metal, Rivets, Self-Etching Primer, and All-Purpose Silicone Caulk.

Step 2

Wire Brush - Use a wire brush to remove surface rust from the above ground pool wall.

Wire brushing the pool wall will expose holes and weak points that need repair.

Step 3

Mark Problem Area - Use a level or straight edge to mark around the problem area.

Step 4

Angle Grinder - Following the marked lines, use an angle grinder to cut out the section of the rusty pool wall.

Step 5

File - File down the edges to remove any metal burrs.

Step 6

Self Etching Primer - Spray self-etching primer over the surrounding area where the damaged piece of pool wall was removed.

Step 7

Sheet Metal - Cut a piece of sheet metal large enough to cover the hole in the wall. We recommend cutting the metal 3"- 4" larger than the hole size. That way it has enough room to overlap.

Step 8

Caulk - Apply all-purpose silicone caulk around the edge of the hole.

Step 9

Press Plate - Press the plate over the hole on the inside of the wall and drill a hole through the plate and wall.

Step 10

Install Rivet - Insert a rivet into the newly drilled hole and compress it with a rivet gun. 

Drill holes in the other three corners of the sheet and install rivets.

Step 11

Drill Perimeter Holes - Once the plate is secured, drill holes around the perimeter of the sheet, spacing them out 1".

Step 12

Install Perimeter Rivets - Install rivets along the perimeter of the plate.

Step 13

Outside Pool Wall - Move to the outside of the pool wall. Drill holes along the edge of the cut-out hole, with 1" spacing.

Step 14

Install Rivets  - Move back to the inside of the pool wall and install rivets into the newly drilled holes.

Step 15

More Self Etching Primer - Spray self etching primer over the entirety of the installed sheet metal.

Step 16

Wall Foam - For added protection against puncture holes, install wall foam before installing the pool liner.



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