How To Replace a Pentair Lil Shark AG Pool Cleaner Oscillator


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If the Pentair Lil Shark Pool Cleaner Oscillator becomes worn or broken to the point that it effects the operation of your Cleaner, it should be replaced. There are several parts in this Oscillator. This guide shows you how to replace these parts as required.

Step by Step


Step 1

ORDER PARTS - This picture shows you the parts that make up the Pentair Lil Shark AG Pool Cleaner Oscillator Assembly. You may have to purchase one or more of these parts if you Cleaners Oscillator is worn or damaged: 1 - AXEL SHAFT; 2 - IMPACT BUMPERS; 3 - OSCILLATOR KIT (including seals); 4 - OSCILLATOR SEALS.

Step 2

SHUT OFF POWER - Before working on the Lil Shark Cleaner, Make sure the pump is turned off or that the hose is disconnected from the skimmer.

Step 3

TAP OUT AXEL SHAFT - Tip the Cleaner on its side and while supporting the side of the housing, gently tap the Axel Shaft out of the Body. You will need a long punch or a long narrow screwdriver to punch it out all the way.

Step 4

LIFT OUT OSCILLATOR - Once the Axel Shaft is out, lift out the Oscillator Assembly.

Step 5

REMOVE OSCILLATOR SEALS - Slide out the Oscillator Seals on either side of the Oscillator.

Step 6

REMOVE IMPACT BUMPERS - Remove the rubber Impact Bumpers out of the slots in the Cleaner Body. They should pull straight up.

Step 7

INSERT NEW IMPACT BUMPERS - Insert the new Impact Bumpers into the slots of the Cleaner Body.

Step 8

TAP IN AXEL SHAFT PART WAY -With the Cleaner supported on its side, gently tap in the Axel Shaft until the end just protrudes into the well of the Oscillator. This will help you line up the Oscillator before you drive the Axel Shaft completely in place.

Step 9

INSERT NEW OSCILLATOR SEALS - Place the new Oscillator Seals into the slots on either side of the Oscillator.

Step 10

PLACE OSCILLATOR INTO CLEANER - Place the Oscillator into the well of the body. Line up the hole in the Oscillator with the nub of the Axel Shaft.

Step 11

TAP IN AXEL SHAFT - Once the Oscillator is in place, gently tap the Axel Shaft the rest of the way until it is flush on the other side of the Cleaner Body.

Step 12

TEST OSCILLATOR MOVEMENT - Toggle the Oscillator back and forth to make sure it moves freely.



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