How to Replace a PL1152 or PL2152 Pool Pump Motor


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This guide provides a step-by-step procedure for replacing a PureLine PL1152 or PL2152 motor with a Century UST1152 or USQ1152 motor.  

Step by Step


Step 1

TURN OFF POWER - Before you start, make sure that the power to the pump is turned OFF. For maximum safety turn off the power at the circuit breaker to the motor.

Step 2

SEPARATE MOTOR FROM PUMP - The pump we'll need to be separated in half at the seal plate and housing. Remove the bolts, clamp, or nut that secure the motor to the front housing. Slide the motor back away from the housing.

Step 3

DISCONNECT BONDING WIRE - Unfasten the heavy copper bonding wire from the bonding lug on the pool pump motor.

Step 4

REMOVE COVER - Loosen the two screws on the back of the cover and remove the cover.

Step 5

DISCHARGE CAPACITOR - The motor capacitors can hold a charge. We recommend discharging them by using an insulated screwdriver and laying the metal shaft across the two terminals of the capacitor.

Step 6

DISCONNECT POWER WIRES - Disconnect the three wires coming into the motor through the conduit.

Step 7

PULL WIRES - Pull the three wires you disconnected in step 6 out of the motor.

Step 8

REMOVE CONDUIT ADAPTER - Unthread the conduit adapter.

Step 9

MOVE MOTOR ASSEMBLY - The motor assembly can be moved to an area where it is easier to continue the process.

Step 10

REMOVE THE DIFFUSER - Pull the diffuser away from the assembly. Some diffusers may be secured to the plate by screws. If that is the case, remove the screws and then remove the diffuser.

Step 11

PREPARE TO REMOVE IMPELLER - To remove the impeller you will twist the impeller off in a counter-clockwise motion. The impeller cannot be freed from the motor shaft without first securing the motor shaft. Move to the back electrical end of the motor.

Step 12

STABILIZE MOTOR SHAFT - At the back of the motor, stabilize the shaft with a flat head screwdriver.

Step 13

REMOVE IMPELLER - At the impeller end, twist off the impeller in a counter-clockwise motion. You may have to use a strap wrench to free up the impeller.

Step 14

REMOVE SEAL PLATE - Lift off the seal plate.

Step 15

REMOVE MOTOR MOUNTING PLATE - Remove the four bolts from the motor mounting plate and then remove the plate from the motor.

Step 16

At this point, the parts removed from the PureLine motor can be installed on the replacement Century motor.

Step 17

INSTALL MOTOR MOUNTING PLATE - Secure the motor mounting plate with the bolts from step 15.

Step 18

INSTALL SEAL PLATE - Press the seal plate onto the motor mounting plate.

Step 19

REMOVE MOTOR COVER - Loosen the screw(s) at the back of the motor and remove the cap.

Step 20

SECURE MOTOR SHAFT - To secure the shaft from rotating, slide a 7/16" wrench behind the thermal protector until it engages with the flat end of the motor shaft.

Step 21

TWIST IMPELLER ONTO MOTOR SHAFT - Place the impeller onto the motor shaft and spin it on with a clockwise motion. Do not overtighten. Just firm it up.

Step 22

PLACE DIFFUSER OVER IMPELLER - Place the diffuser over the impeller and press it into the seal plate.

Step 23

INSTALL CONDUIT ADAPTER - Thread in conduit adapter in the hole next to the wiring terminal.

Step 24

Move the motor back to the pump location so it can be wired and connected to the pump housing.

Step 25

WIRING FOR 230V - Insert the three power wires through the electrical conduit. Connect the Black wire (hot) to terminal L1; Red wire (hot) to terminal L2; and green ground wire to the green ground screw.

If you are unsure about the supply voltage, check out our blog titled "Is My Pool Pump 115v or 230V".

Step 26

WIRING FOR 115V - The motor comes from the factory set on 230v and will need to be switched to 115v. Rotate the black dial so it reads 115v. Insert the three power wires through the electrical conduit. Black wire (hot) to terminal L1; White wire (neutral) to terminal L2; and green ground wire to the ground screw.

If you are unsure about the supply voltage, check out our blog titled "Is My Pool Pump 115v or 230V".

Note - Do not switch the motor to 115v unless you are positive the incoming power is 115v. The motor will be ruined if it is converted to 115v and 230v is applied.

Step 27

REINSTALL MOTOR COVER - Slide the cover back onto the motor and tighten the 2 screws.

Step 28

ATTACH BONDING WIRE - Attach the bonding wire onto the motor's bonding lug.

Step 29

CONNECT MOTOR TO PUMP HOUSING - Push the motor assembly into the pump housing and connect the 4 bolts that were removed in step 2.

Step 30

INSTALLATION COMPLETE - At this point, the pump can be primed and the power can be turned back on.



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